How to Install Whatsapp on Android Tablet WiFi without SIM : Simple and Easy

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If you have recently bought a new android based tablet with WiFi functionality but no cellular support then you might be looking for a way to Install World’s popular instant messaging app “Whatsapp” on your Android Tablet but unfortunately Whatsapp is not designed for Tablets without SIM Card functionality therefore you will not find Whatsapp anywhere on Google Playstore while accessing the playstore from your Android Tablet which is quite frustrating especially when you have got the WiFi Internet Connectivity on your tablet and still unable to run whatsapp on your device.

You also have faced messages like “Tablets are currently not supported” while trying to Install whatsapp via Google Playstore but that doesn’t mean that you can’t run whatsapp on your tablet.So Here we have a found a simple work around method which will not only let you install whatsapp on your Tablet but also provide whatsapp authorization thus connecting you to millions of whatsapp users worldwide.

How to Install Whatsapp on Android Tablet WiFi Without SIM

Note – As per the Official Whatsapp Website Instructions Tablet devices are not supported by whatsapp which means that you can’t install whatsapp on your Tablet if you are trying to download the application from Whatsapp Official Website or Google Playstore.

How to Install Whatsapp on Android Tablet Wifi Only Models – Steps to Follow :

As discussed above we can’t install whatsapp directly from the Official Whatsapp store or Google playstore therefore in order to get whatsapp working on the tablet we first need to download Whatsapp APK file manually and thereafter installing it on the device followed by the Whatsapp authorization process.Lets get started with the following step by step procedures.

Step – 1 : Installing Whatsapp on Tablet

  • Move the downloaded APK file to your Android Tablet memory.
  • Install Whatsapp from the APK file that you have moved to your android tablet.

Note –  Make sure you have turned on the feature “Allow Installation of non-market Apps” and if you haven’t turned it on just Go to Menu -> Settings -> Applications -> Check mark Unknown sources

How to Install Whatsapp on Android Tablet WiFi Without SIM

  • That’s all and you have successfully Installed Whatsapp on your Tablet.

Step – 2 : Authorzing Whatsapp with a Mobile Number

As you know that whatsapp requires a phone number for its registration and for verifying the phone number Whatsapp uses two different verification process either via SMS or through Voice call but you can’t verify it via the SMS verification process simply so you need to follow the second verification option that is Voice call.

  • After Installing Whatsapp Successfully Open Whatsapp for the first time.
  • It will then ask you for a mobile number that you want to associate with Whatsapp

Note – Whatsapp works only for one device for each registered number therefore if you are already having the same mobile number registered with your whatsapp on your smartphone which you are trying to use it on your android  tablet then it will cause issues and you won’t be able to use whatsapp simultaneously from both the devices which in turns block your access and ask you for re-verIfication of your mobile number.Therefore try to use a fresh number that has not been previously registered with whatsapp.

  • After entering the mobile number it will show you a message “we have sent an sms at your number, we will automatically detect that and let you know when we are done”
  • Delete the Message received on your mobile and let whatsapp detect the message for 5 minutes and after that it will show you with a message that sms not detected and provide you with a option to “Verify by call”
  • Just select the “Verify by call” option and let whatsapp call onto your mobile number
  • In the voice call you will hear the 6 digit Verfication code so listen it carefully and note it down.
  • Enter this Verification code on your whatsapp installed on your Android Tablet.
  • That’s all and you are all done you can now enjoy chatting with your friends or family members on whatsapp.

Alternatively :

You can also try the method listed on Android Pit Official Website to Get Whatsapp Installed on your Android Tablet.

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