How to Fix VLC does not support UNDF Format : Best Fix

VLC is regarded as one of the best audio video player for Windows platform supporting all the major file formats including MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, MP3, OGG and many more . VLC has always been the first choice as a media player for most of the users ranging from novice users to advanced users. What is good about VLC is that it is an open-source application which means that you can use all of its features at absolutely free of cost without spending a single penny from your pocket. I have been personally using VLC for past 3 years and this is the best media player that i have used thus far out of all other media players. It is very lightweight application as compared to other media player apps and thus doesn’t affect your system performance. As i said above it supports various file formats and can effectively run most of theΒ  media formats available currenlty but still few users were found reporting an issue with VLC that is facing “No suitable decoder module : VLC does not support the audio or video format “undf”. Unfortunately there is no way for you to fix this.” while playing media files though this error varies from user to user depending upon the file format they are trying to run.

Note – Basically such error often results because of incomplete file or corrupted file or due to some internal issues within the file and if there exists some real issue within your media file then there’s no way that you can fix this error or play this file format with any media player but there are some cases also where despite of correct media file free from errors VLC does not support UNDF format error occurs and these can be fixed with some simple ways that are mentioned below. Therefore if you pretty sure about your file then only you should proceed with the following given fixes else there’s no meaning of trying to run corrupted media files.

How to fix VLC does not support UNDF format

How to fix VLC does not support UNDF format : Best Fix

In order to fix VLC does not support UNDF format you have to first understand what actually does undf file format means so that you can have a better overview about your issue and can proceed with appropriate fixes.

What is UNDF file format ?

.undf file format describes those files that doesn’t posses definite file format representing an issue within the file i.e errors or corrupted file.

Why VLC gives VLC does not support UNDF format error ?

If the file is okay then the only possible reason for facing such error is the non-availability of appropriate codes required to play that media file.

Fix VLC does not support UNDF format error : Steps to Follow

To fix VLC does not support UNDF format error you have to first install all the appropriate audio and video codes on your system in order to support all the file formats efficiently. Therefore here below is Combined Community codec pack that provides you with all the necessary audio or video codes that are required to play almost every media file format available currently.

About Combined Community Codec Pack :

Combined Community Codec Pack is an all in one codec pack containing the following codecs: CoreWavPack, FFDShow Tryout, FLV Splitter, Haali Media Splitter, MPEG-2 Decoder, VSFilter. All these codecs were carefully chosen by CCCP Project so that this combination pack will offer a flawless playback of video and audio files. To ensure that this pack will work properly and that there won’t be any conflicts between the codecs, you will need to run the CCCP Insurgent utility which will detect all the existing codecs within your system and thus informing you about all the codecs that may act as a conflict with other codecs. Overall Combined Community Codec Pack is a simple yet efficient codec pack suitable for all the users.

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  22. After update VLC Player. it works.

  23. Worked Great, but only for Windows Media Player.

  24. Worked with only windows media player…but Thanks Dude… I installed several fake players..when VLC did not work… but this helped a lot…

  25. I didn’t download the CCCP. All i did was updated the VLC player to the latest version and problem solved ^^.

    • Patricia Hall says:

      Thanks for this comment because I have been avoiding updating my VLC since 2013 and I had a feeling that if I got the latest version it would also work and it did! Thank you for inspiring me!

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  30. Thank you. Didnt expect it to work, but it did in a way.

    VLC(mine is rather old, version 1.1.5 The Luggage) still shows error, but the content plays with the MPC that came along with the CCCP.

    It might as well work with the MPC alone, but still having an additional pack of codecs like the CCCP would come in handy.

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  38. Good one and one more tip from my side, uninstall old VLC player and install the new version (2.2.1). Done. Cheers,

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    do you have any other suggestions?

    • It has worked for others perfectly…I don’t know why isn’t working for you..I am clueless as well..Sorry πŸ™

    • update VLC player and try again. It worked for me.Steps i followed
      a. Downloaded the codec pack and installed it
      b. Updated VLC player to the latest version

      Worked like charm.

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  46. Just upgrade to lastest VLC version

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  52. Yes, update your player first.

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  55. All you have to do is upgrade your VLC player by downloading teh new version (v 2.2.2)
    I did this and it worked, took me about 2 mins to do it.

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    Thank you Pankaj. It is working just perfectly.

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  60. I installed CCCP but no use. getting same error again. Tried reinstalling PC.
    OS : windows 8.1

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  62. Was trying to watch the 2nd Season of Tokyo Ghoul and there was no audio on VLC. I downloaded what you linked and just opened it on Media Player Classic Home Cinema and it worked a charm. Thanks!

  63. I have managed to install the latest version of VLC player, thanks

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    Thanks for the fix. However, I uninstalled and re-installed VLC and it worked like a charm! I did download and install the CODECs as guided earlier, however that didn’t seem to fix the UNDF format error. A re-install helped and everything is good and pure again πŸ˜€

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  75. yes it worked for the video which VLC could not able to play(VLC giving undf error)

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    Downloading Latest VlC version 2.2.4 will also solve the problem…

  81. Update your VLC and it will work.

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  83. You are a champ my man!! My weekend has been saved! It didn’t work with my vlc player probably cuz its to old. Worked like a charm though with media player classic

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