Dragon Ball: The Breakers Guide for Escaping the Raider as a Survivor

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It’s not an objective opinion, but I definitely think playing Survivor in Dragon Ball: The Breakers is significantly harder than playing the Raider. Playing the Raider means you have more agency over the game’s pacing and you get to play proactively rather than reactively.

When you’re a Survivor, though, you have to base your gameplan off of what the Raider is doing. You’re trying to win, but you’re also trying to “not lose,” and that’s harder to do when you’re a Survivor.

So, I took the time to collect some of my favorite gameplay tips for getting out of the Raider’s crosshairs and winning the round!

Don’t rely on your character’s speed or attacks

First thing’s first: you aren’t going to go faster than a Raider once the early game is over. You can get some extra speed by using a Bulma Bike capsule, especially if it has been maxed out in the Hyperbolic Gym, but otherwise, teamwork is more important than just running.

Speaking of teamwork, combat movement like side dashing and backdashing is powerful mostly for stalling. Like I said, it’s hard to run from the Raider, but you can definitely waste their time by evading and dodging while waiting for your teammates to show up.

In most cases, your attacks are straight-up going to get beaten by the raider’s attacks. Your hitboxes won’t compare to theirs, especially in a 1v1 scenario. Don’t fight the raider solo!

Grapple is effective in short bursts for escaping the Raider when you’re getting aimed at. It’s the closest you can get to reaching their speed, but only for a short time (obviously). Kaioken is a strong attack but requires three full seconds of charge-up time. The Rocket perk is strong if you’re “landing” it as an attack, but that’s hard to do.

Look behind you

It might seem like a simple tip, but everyone in my lobbies seems to ignore it, so I’m putting it here regardless. When you’re flying, make sure to angle the camera so you can see behind you and watch the Raider that’s chasing you.

If you’re looking past them, you won’t be able to dodge attacks, see them charge anything up, or even see if they turn the corner.

The real reason you want to do this, though? You can use the Grapple ability behind the hunter which can be absolutely massive for making an escape. When you fly away from the hunter, you can fly towards the edge and grapple back to the center giving you a map control advantage.

Dodge based on distance

In all situations, make note and keep a mental reminder for the distance that a Raider needs to hit you. Buu and Frieza are very hard to avoid, but some other characters have ki blasts that are easier to get away from. Moving in a parabola helps, but because the hunter is always faster, you only have a little bit of time to escape.

That’s only if they’re smart enough to stop blasting for a second, though. They can easily catch up if they stop attacking, so the extra layer of strategy comes from trying to bait them into max-range attacks. This gives you a dodge but also lets you get completely out of range.

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