iPhone X Is Getting Discontinued This Year According To Reports

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The iPhone X is the only bezel-less iPhone by Apple and paying a premium for it is what consumers have to do in order to get it. After the iPhone X Plus Rumors came out, reports said that Apple would reduce the price of the iPhone X, as they have done after releasing Plus models of iPhones. But according to these latest reports (by KGI securities) Apple is going to discontinue all iPhone X models and have other devices to take its place.

People would consider the reason to be that the iPhone X is a failed product and did not perform good in the markets. But that is not at all the reason. It actually makes complete sense. Previous reports indicated that Apple would have three iPhone X model. Two premium models with one being the current 5.8-inch iPhone X and the other being the iPhone X Plus with a 6.5-inch display and improved specifications like a better battery. The prices for these would be starting at roughly $1000.

The other non premium model would be a mid range iPhone, rumored to be called the iPhone 9, with a 6.1″ LCD Panel with its price bring closer to $799 levels like the iPhone 8 Plus. As you can probably see, this does create problems because if Apple drops the original iPhone X’s price by $150, it would put Apple at last years awkward position where it’s previous generation premium iPhone model was priced higher than its newer generation but non premium iPhone model.

So why doesn’t Apple just keep the current iPhone X model, launch the iPhone X Plus and not launch the mid range 6.1-inch LCD Display iPhone X?

The answer is that the current iPhone X is just too expensive. And the main component driving the iPhone Xs price so high is its OLED screen, compared to its previous models featuring a LCD Panel.Apple’s new goal with the 6.1″ iPhone model is to keep costs down. They’ll be doing it by using a LCD Panel as used in the previous iPhone models to keep costs down.

Hence, the iPhone X does not fit into the 2018 iPhone lineup. The iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8 will be fulfilling the need for not buying older iPhone models, because of Apple’s A11 Bionic Proccessor. The two new iPhone X like models will be Apple’s futuristic bezel-less display iPhone models.

So what exactly was the current iPhone X’s role? It’s role was to lay the groundwork for the next iPhones which will be released. It’s also important to note that this report may not be true, but KGI Securities has a very good reputation and many past reports have been right.

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