Windows 8 Restart and Shutdown Problems : FIXED

If you have recently purchased the new Microsoft Windows 8 and are happy with its performance then you might Experience some weird Windows 8 Restart and Shutdown Problems.You may experience Windows 8 starting itself after the Login screen appears on display.You may also experience computer hang during the shutdown and reboot process. These problems are found to be offently associated with the new Microsoft Windows 8 feature HYBRID SHUTDOWN . Hybrid shutdown is introduced in Microsoft Windows 8 for the first time that is not included in the previous versions of Microsoft Windows. It is a new boot mode also known as HYBRID BOOT. Microsoft Windows 8 uses combination of hibernation with normal boot process which increasingly boosts up the the booting process and thereby decreasing the total start up time of Windows.Unlike the normal boot process that loads up all the drivers and initializes the devices and thus starting the session manager to initialize registry and other drivers and after that service manager executes all the services and then we obtain the login screen that takes up a lot of time therefore instead of this normal boot Windows 8 HYBRID BOOT mode decreases the start up time by hibernating the kernel session instead of terminating the kernel session. Hibernation mode keeps all the applications in running form and then they are suspended and written with all other information in the hibernation file that amazingly boosts the start up speed by resuming the hibernated session

Fix windows 8 restart and shutdown problems

  • Open Power settings in Windows by typing power in Windows 8 Start screen or alternative you can type power in search results from the desktop by going to the right corner of the screen and choosing the search option as shown in the figure belowwindows 8 restart and shutdown problems
  • In the Start screen when you will type power you will see power settings on the lefthand side. Now below power options you will see Change What the power buttons do options.SELECT the Change What the power buttons do option.

* Also you can type powercfg.cpl in RUN Box to open the same windows and then selecting the option Change What the power buttons do

  • Now a new window will open showing you different options like Sleep , Hibernate etc. SCROLL DOWN TO BOTTOM you will see Turn on fast startup(recommended) option with a check mark in the box.
  • Uncheck the Turn on fast start up option which disables that mode.You can see a Final screenshot below after you uncheck the Turn on fast start up 8 restart and shutdown problems
  • Restart your Windows and you are done.You have Successfully fixed Windows 8 restart and shutdown problems.

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