How to Install Bluestacks Without Graphics Card – FIXED

How to Install Bluestacks without Graphics Card – Bluestacks App Player is a great innovation in the Software field that has impressed millions of worldwide audience and to be honest it really deserves it.It has gained immense popularity and appreciation since its release and most surprisingly this App Player is still in beta testing phase and we can’t even imagine right now how may users will be using Bluestacks App Player in future after its final release and this would certainly be a golden moment for all the developers of Bluestacks as well its users but still there are some users who are not aware about Bluestacks Till date so if you are one of them here below is a short brief description about Bluestacks App Player that will help you get more familiar with Bluestacks.

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Bluestacks in simple words is an Android Emulator which basically creates a virtual environment for all the Android Apps and games thereby enabling them to run on Windows PC or MaxOSX thinking the Bluestacks App Player to be an Android Device.BlueStacks App Player lets you run your favorite mobile apps fast and full screen in your browser and on PC or Mac.The Best part of using bluestacks is that it integrates seamlessly with your Windows and all the android apps that you will install in your Bluestacks App Player without facing any issues at all.How to Install Bluestacks without Graphics Card

Though no doubt there are few other similar android emulators are also in the market but trust me Bluestacks App Player is thus far the best as far as your system fully supports it and available absolutely free of cost for lifetime.

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I have followed Bluestacks since its release and during this period till now I have received hundreds of mails in regards to the two top most common issues faced by while Using Bluestacks App out of which first one is Requirement of Graphics Card for Installing Bluestacks and second one is requirement of 2GB Memory at least which is not possible to have in every system. I have already discussed some issues related to bluestacks with their proper solution like Graphic Card Error 2500, Runtime download data error etc.Just follow the given guide to learn How to Install Bluestacks without graphics card.

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How to Install Bluestacks Without Graphics Card – Steps to Proceed

With regards to Graphics Card Issue while using bluestacks you may face two types of error either the Error during Installation period like BlueStacks currently doesn’t recognize your graphics card. It is possible your Graphics Drivers may need to be updated. Please update them and try installing again (If installed from Offline Bluestacks Installer) or Error 25000 BlueStacks currently doesn’t recognize your graphics card. It is possible your Graphics Drivers may need to be updated. Please update them and try installing again (If Installed from Bluestacks Split Installer) but don’t worry both of them means the same.

  • After Installing Orca just go to the Bluestacks Offline Installer.msi file and Perform a Right Click on the Installer -> Select Edit with Orca

Install Bluestacks without Graphics Card - 1

  • Go to LaunchCondition > Select “Installed OR PhysicalMemory >=1024” condition > Press Delete > Select OK.

Install Bluestacks without Graphics Card - 2

Note – This will allow you to Install Bluestacks in systems with 1GB of RAM thereby passing the 2GB RAM verification test.

  • Go to InstallExecuteSequence > Click on “CheckMsiSignature> Hit Delete > Click OK

Install Bluestacks without Graphics Card - 3

  • Go to Property > Double click on the TRUE value of GLMODE > Change its value to FALSE > Hit Enter

Install Bluestacks without Graphics Card - 4

  • Click on the Save button icon and that’s it you are all done.

Install Bluestacks without Graphics Card - 5

  • Start Installing Bluestacks again from the saved Bluestacks offline installer and you will no longer face the same error.

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29 thoughts on “How to Install Bluestacks Without Graphics Card – FIXED

  1. yo bro it works thank u very very very very much so glad to use it

  2. Hey Mr. Pankaj Kumar i have installed bluestacks in my windows 8 pc by following your steps. After it bluestacks is continuously intializing. What to do?

  3. nisha rathor says:

    I installed bluestack using above instructions, still I got message that bluestack is not recognizing my graphic card, while bluestack installed successfully, it is continuously initializing, what to do?

  4. Excellent guide, thank you it works

  5. Mr. Pankaj Kumar i have installed bluestacks in my windows 7 laptop with 1GB RAM only .. I followed your steps. But After It, bluestacks just continuously initializing. What to do? Its been an hour since it started initializing…

    • Can you please tell me your complete system specifications as that would help me to suggest you the most appropriate solution…Thanks

  6. Zy x Riaru says:

    PLEASE HELP!! I have installed bluestacks yet the app finder doesn’t seem to work!!!I can’t download anything.. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled bluestacks for a many times already but there’s still no difference!!! I want to play on bluestacks so bad even if i only have 1 gb ram… PLS HELP THANKS!!!!

    • If the app finder within Bluestacks is not working no need to worry you can alternatively download the app or games apk files directly on your system and install them after which they will be automatically shown in Bluestacks Apps installed list…Thanks

  7. thanks, i was frustrated trying out differnt sites and nothing was working on my windows 7 pc it was continuously showing a 25000 graphics error i just downloaded orca but my offline bluestacks installer file was not the one shown here but just a bluestacks thin installer exe file and so there was no option of ediitng it through orca so i just tried it through the installer and it worked perfectly smooth and fine!!!i m so happy i have all the priveleges of bluestacks perfectly running with latest version of whtsapp and all features with autosyncing option of email and pc!!i wasnt able to get all of this before on my windows xp pc….so wht more can i ask for!!thank u very much really!!! will contact u in future if i rquire any kind of any technical help!!!

  8. It was very usefull, thanks a lot

  9. Hey bro!
    Glad to use ur trick .. This wored for me definitely. But After that another problem with my pc. Bluestacks Initializing screen is freezed/// Its just loading and loading and loading.. Please help me. This site was most useful to me.
    I hope i get help soon .
    Thanks .Keep it up 😉

  10. hey bro,
    I tried downloading the bluestack offline msi installer from the link you posted but it redirects to a exe file which imo is not supported by orca. Please udate the link for a msi file . I am looking for this for long time… I will be really thankful….

    Thanks in Advance

    • Hi Siddharth…Please Check your Mail…I have shared you the link for latest Bluestacks MOD App player and hopefully that should work out for…I couldn’t share the link here…Sorry for the Inconvenience caused….Thanks

  11. Hey, could you provide me to the link of msi package

  12. Followed all steps but its just continuing initializing for couple of hours, seems freezed. Windows XP 2GB RAM and 128MB Onboard Graphics Card, help me please?

    • 128 MB on board graphics is way too low for running Bluestacks…I want recommend you to use this PC configuration to run Bluestacks because even if you are able to run Bluestacks on your system you won’t be able to do anything within Bluestacks…

  13. Very good
    Pankaj Kumar

  14. Abhinav Bhardwaj says:

    It’s saying ( is currupt or missing

  15. I have da same problem it’s showing “Initializing” specs are … Windows 7 ddr2 3Gb ram ..256mb inboard graphics and processor dual core @2 GHz 32bit

    • Well your spec seems very old considering what are required for proper functioning of Bluestacks and that’s causing the issue. Nothing can be done regarding the same except upgrading your system hardware.

  16. Hey whats up?,
    Hey bro i have a quetion that can i install bluestacks in my dell inspiron 14R? With 6 GB of RAM and i dont know what is graphic card. I want to play clash of clans on my laptop. Then say how can i install bluestacks in my laptop???

    • Hi Ojas,

      Yeah you can easily install Bluestacks on your laptop without any tweaking. Just download latest version of Bluestacks from and start playing your favorite android games. For any further concern Please let me know. Thanks!

  17. Pankaj Khanna says:


    I am trying to install this on my VMware Virtual Machine Win7, getting “Graphic Card Error 25000”
    Let me what changes required on this.

    I have full setup of BlueStacks2_native.exe on this i am trying to install

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