Clash of Clans Black Screen Bluestacks Error : FIXED

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular game of all the android games available out there in Google Playstore, a complete mixture of strategic planning and competitive fast-paced combats where you need to build your village, train your troops and battle with millions of other players around you fighting for victory that will keep you entertained and thrilled whenever you play it. Its the addictive gameplay of Clash of Clans that attracted millions of users worldwide and thus after gaining so much popularity people started looking out for ways to play Clash of Clans on their and they did succeeded in finding a way to play clash of clans on their PC via Bluestacks android emulator but now there are several users found reporting an issue while playing clash of clans through bluestacks that is a complete black screen where there is no display but they cab listen or hear the sounds so for users facing the same issue here below is a simple tutorial to help you out.

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In order to fix this black screen flashing issue while playing Clash of Clans on Bluestacks App Player you need to go through different fixes because there is no single fix for this issue as i have observed from different user experiences over the Internet. For some users simple reinstall of Bluestacks fixed the issues whereas for some other users updating their Graphics card driver or changing Nvidia Control Panel 3D Settings fixed the issue therefore if you are the one facing the same Clash of Clans Black Screen Bluestacks Error  then don’t worry just apply the below given fixes one by one until your error is resolved.

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How to fix Clash of Clans Black Screen Bluestacks Error : Steps to Follow

Changing Nvidia Control Panel 3D Settings (Worked for Most of the Users)

If your having an Nvidia Graphics card or Nvidia Graphics chipset then the below given fix will definitely resolve your issue.

  • Go to your Nvidia Control Panel and to open your Nvidia Control Panel Just do a right click on your desktop screen and select Nvidia Control Panel.

How to Fix Clash of Clans Black Screen Bluestacks Error - Open Nvidia Control Panel

  • Navigate to Manage 3D Settings -> Program Settings -> Here Click on Add button -> Add Bluestacks Frontend as shown below in the image.

How to Fix Clash of Clans Black Screen Bluestacks Error - Add Bluestacks Frontend

  • Scroll down to settings and select Threaded Optimization -> Select the Option Turn off as show below in the image.

How to Fix Clash of Clans Black Screen Bluestacks Error - Turn Off Threaded Optimization

  • That’s it now go to the tray icon and Quit Bluestacks from there and Restart Bluestacks and you will no longer face the same Black Screen error anymore.

Updating your Graphics Driver (For all Nvidia, AMD and Intel Users)

Keeping all your system drivers up to date is one of the best way to fix most of your system errors therefore in case of Clash of Clans Black screen Bluestacks error the issue looks more related to graphics driver problem therefore here you can fix it by Updating your Nvidia, ATI, AMD and Intel graphics drivers.

Uninstall and Reinstall Bluestacks App Players

If all the above given fixes doesn’t resolve your issue then the last option that you are left with is to uninstall your existing bluestacks app player and do a fresh installation of Updated Bluestacs App Player. This has fixed the issue for most of the users and often resulted in improved performance.

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  1. I dont have any graphics card. But i want to play clash of clans. >:(

    Any solution?

    1. Try Installing Bluestacks via the below suggested method..Hope it helps

      How to Install Bluestacks without Graphics Card

  2. i am getting patches in clash of clans in bluestacks
    No images are shown correctly

  3. my bluestack run clash of clan but not in proper graphics… im using a laptop 2G ram can u help me?

    1. Can you please tell me which Graphics chipset is installed on your laptop ?

  4. i am getting patches in clash of clans in bluestacks
    No images are shown correctly

  5. i have done all of the above yet still have the crash, i have even tried rooting bluestacks 2,and old bluestacks,and tried each version of bluestacks,and bluestacks2 that i could find,any suggestions?

  6. When i install blustack in my win 7 64bit operating system there is no problem.But it says to update google play service to sign in to coc .I updated it…But alas!when I update google play service coc turned into black screen and doesnt start me solve out this problem please.

    1. Hi Rabbi..Can you please tell your system hardware specifications so that we can check whether its a hardware related issue or internal software issue. Thanks!

  7. i dont have total black screen I just have black bars above my elexer pumps,gold mines,barracks..also cannot see what iam typing in clan or global..thats the only thing that’s wrong with mine…running win 7 64 with 2 gig RAM with an ATI graphics card


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