How to Remove UpdatusUser folder Windows 8.1/8/7/XP

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Well yesterday I thought of cleaning my system space and while I was deleting unnecessary files I found a strange folder “UpdatusUser” in the Users folder and I was bit surprised to see that because I have never seen that folder neither in the laptop on which i was working nor on my other desktop computer inspite of running same Windows 8.1 OS. I checked the size of UpdatusUser folder and it wasn’t much just around 300mb but still I wanted to remove UpdatusUser folder and i was a bit afraid of deleting that thinking it might cause some system issues so i checked about this UpdatusUser folder over internet and managed to get an overview about what is UpdatusUser folder and how to remove UpdatusUser folder without affecting your system which I am going to share here to help you out if you are also wondering about this UpdatusUser folder.

What is UpdatusUser folder ?

Usually this UpdatusUser folder is found in systems having NVIDIA Graphics drivers installed especially in laptops using Nvidia Optimus technology. UpdatusUser folder is automatically created during Nvidia graphics driver installer and it is user for the updation of graphics driver whenever new drivers are available. A whole new user control is created and thus this separate UpdatusUser folder is shown in the Users folder. So that’s why you all see UpdatusUser folder and it is verified because I also own a laptop running of Nvidia optimus technology.

How to Remove UpdatusUser folder in Windows - 1

How to Remove UpdatusUser folder in Windows 8.1/8/7/XP : Best Ways

Therefore after reading above you have now got a brief idea about UpdatusUser folder and you can now see that this has nothing to do with internal windows settings so you are free to remove this UpdatusUser folder without any hesitation at all. So if you are willing to get rid of this UpdatusUser folder then just follow the below given simple methods and you will be on your way to safe removal of UpdatusUser folder.

Method –  1 : Check for Nvidia Update / GeForce Experience Component

As i said above this is used for updation and is therefore basically provides an update service for Nvidia control panel so by removing the Nvidia Update or GeForce Experience component you can remove this folder from your system. What you have to do is just Go to your Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Select Uninstall a Program -> There search for Nvidia update or GeForce Experience -> That’s it just select that component and click on uninstall to remove it successfully from your windows sytem.

How to Remove UpdatusUser folder in Windows - 2

Method – 2 : Removal of UpdatusUser Account from Accounts management

If you are an experience user you may go for the manual removal of UpdatusUser account from the system Users management dashboard which requires simple tweaking through Computer management.

  • Open RUN Command box and type compmgmt.msc in the box and Hit enter as shown below in the screen shot.

How to Remove UpdatusUser folder in Windows - 3

  • Here Go to Local Users and Groups ->  Users -> On the right hand side you will see UpdatusUser -> Just select that user and delete that user.
  • That’s it you will asked for conformation just conform your selection and you will no longer see that UpdatusUser folder in your system.

Method – 3 : Manually Deleting UpdatusUser folder by taking Ownership

Well if after trying the above solutions so you still face the same issue you can follow the manual removal procedure which will just require the folder ownership so that you can be eligible for deleting that folder because such folders can’t be removed like others. So for this you need to take ownership of that particular folder and thereafter you are free to delete that folder.

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