Fix Windows Update Error 80072f78, 80090305, 8009033f

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Well if you are using an original copy of Microsoft Windows then you might be tempted to keep your Windows updated whenever new windows updates rolls out which is indeed a very good step. Even Microsoft also recommends to keep your Windows updated frequently with new updates that are being rolled out in order to get new functionalities and features along with stable performance. That’s the reason why everyone and Microsoft officials recommend to use original windows copy to keep yourself updated with latest windows updates and that too absolutely free of cost.

Fix Windows Update Error

Even I am also using original Windows 8.1 64bit edition that came pre-installed with my HP laptop and always try to keep my windows updated as soon as new update rolls out but recently while trying to update my Windows I ended up facing strange Windows update error 80072f78 and after going through extensive search over Internet I found that I am not the only one facing this Windows update error there are many others who were facing Windows update error with codes like Windows Update error 80090305 or Windows Update error 8009033f etc. At the end I was able to fix my windows update error 80072f78 by applying the below mentioned fixes and therefore I would also recommend you to follow the below given steps if you face these same Windows update errors.

How to Fix Windows Update Error 80072f78, 80090305, 8009033f : Best Fixes

First of all you must understand that every system has its own configuration and internal windows file settings therefore there are likely chances that the solution that worked for someone else might not work for you so in such cases you must try to keep patience and try to follow the alternative fixes if your issue is not resolved by one fix. Therefore here below I have mentioned a series of fixes in order to priority that you should try to apply on your windows system in order to get rid of these annoying windows update errors and hopefully this will fix any sort of issues related to your windows update downloader.

Fix – 1 : Check your Internet Connectivity

First of all make sure that you are having a good internet connectivity and the connection between your system and windows update servers is not interrupted. If interrupted then close the Windows update, wait for 10-15 minutes, and then try to run the Windows update again. Check if that fixes your issue, if not then you might be having some sort of programs like firewalls or antiviruses that are trying to block access to windows update servers so in that case proceed with the following fix.

Fix – 2 : Check for Firewalls, Antivirus

As I mentioned above if you are able to access your internet connection other than updating your windows then there are chances that some software’s i.e antiviruses or firewalls are blocking access to windows update servers. So What I would recommend is to disable any kind of antivirus installed on your system like avira, avg or especially ESET Nod 32.

  • To disable your Windows firewall Go to Control Panel -> System and Security -> Windows Firewall -> On the left hand side you will see an option to Turn Windows firewall On or Off as shown below.

Fix Windows Update Error

  • That’s it after disabling all other third party antiviruses and Windows firewall try to run the Windows update again and check if you are able to update your windows or not. If yes, then that’s a good news just let the update process complete after that you enable your antivirus and firewall.

Fix – 3 : Check your System Date and Time

Also it has been observed that users running systems with incorrect system date and time were found facing these sort of Windows update error which was later on fixed simply by changing the system date and time to original current date and time in the BIOS Settings. So if your system is having incorrect system date or time please correct them and then try to run your Windows update again and hopefully you won’t face the same error.

Fix – 4 : Make Changes to Internet Explorer settings

  • Open your Internet Explorer -> Click on the settings button at the top right corner -> Select Internet options -> Navigate to the Connections tab -> Select LAN Settings -> Here under Proxy server just check the box “Use a proxy server for your LAN” and leave the Address field empty and Port : 80

Fix Windows Update Error - Internet Explorer Proxy Settings

  • That’s it save the settings by clicking on Ok button and try running the Windows Update again and check if this resolves your issue or not.

Fix – 5 : Windows Update Troubleshooter

Well still after trying all the above given fixes your problem persists then what you are left with is Microsoft Windows Update Troubleshooter official tool that claims to fix all issues related to Windows update.

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