Lenovo K3 Note Common Problems and Fixes

Lenovo announced the launch of Lenovo K3 Note few months back. For the given price tag, the Lenovo K3 Note comes with an impressive set of specifications. The smartphone runs on Android 5.0 Lollipop OS out of the box. Even after having a long lasting battery and a powerful processor, the Lenovo K3 Note is not immune to the problems. In today’s article, we will be discussing the common problems and fixes for Lenovo K3 Note.

Talking about the specification, the Lenovo K3 Note runs on Android 5.0 Lollipop OS. Under the hood, it has been powered by a 1.7GHz Octa-core processor paired with 2GB of RAM. There is a 13MP primary / rear camera at the back. The 5.5-inch Full HD display of the device has been backed by a 3000 mAh battery.

Even though the specifications are impressive, the Lenovo K3 Note users are complaining about some common problem including the heating issues, camera issues etc. The heating problem is said to be because of a bug in Lenovo K3 Note’s battery, though. So, today we will be having a look at the common problems and fixes for Lenovo K3 Note.

Lenovo K3 Note

Lenovo K3 Note Common Problems and Fixes : Top Issues with their Appropriate Solutions

1 – Fix Heating Issues in Lenovo K3 Note

Almost every Lenovo K3 Note has been complaining about one problem and that is the heating issue in the device. The Lenovo K3 Note heats up if you try to browse the web over 3G or 4G network. This is can also happen if you try to play any graphic intensive game on the device. You may think that heating is common while playing games on mobile or while browsing the internet over 4G, but here the heating issue occurs only after few minutes of the use.

Lenovo has not yet provided any permanent fix for the heating issue. However, you can try below-given methods to reduce the heating on your device. To do this go to Settings > All apps > Media storage > Force stop. Once you force stop, the heating will be reduced to an extent.

If this didn’t fix the issue then you might have to reset your device. Few users on Lenovo Forum have confirmed that resetting your device has fixed the heating issue for them. Before resetting the phone, make sure that you have taken a full backup of the phone data then reset typing  ####7777#.

The heating issue seems started to occur after the firmware update released by Lenovo for K3 Note. In case you are facing heating issue near, earpiece while making a call, then you might have to wait until Lenovo releases a new firmware update to fix this bug.

2 – Fix Invalid IMEI Issue in Lenovo K3 Note

Few Lenovo K3 Note users who imported their phone from other countries such as China to their country have reported Invalid IMEI issue after trying to flash custom ROM to their phone. There could be several reasons for the invalid IMEI error. However, the solution is to create “IMEI.back” file using the IME_Tool and restore it to your phone.  We have found a tutorial on XDA forum which can help you to resolve this error. Follow this link to know how to do it.

3 – Fix WiFi Issue on Lenovo K3 Note

Some Lenovo K3 Note users have reported that they are facing WiFi issue on their phone after updating to the latest 296MB update by Lenovo. A permanent solution for this error would be a firmware upgrade by Lenovo to fix this error. However, here we have few workaround to fix WiFi Issue in Lenovo K3 Note.

  • If you are facing WiFi issue on the phone then simply turn it off and turn it on. Now, try to connect to WiFi network and you should be able to connect successfully. You might have to do this every time you want to connect to WiFi hotspot after disconnecting it.
  • Second workaround it so clear WlanBindingLocation data. To do this go to Settings > Apps > All > find the app WlanBindingLocation and clear all the data.

Lenovo K3 Note

Few users have reported about getting a black screen when trying open the camera app. Even though this problem may not be common, yet there are two reasons for this problem. The first reason could be third party camera app and the second reason could be faulty camera unit of your Lenovo K3 Note.

  • Uninstall any third party camera app that you have installed on your Lenovo K3 Note and perform a soft reset.
  • If the soft reset didn’t work, then you might have to visit your dealer for the replacement.

In case you are facing this problem after updating your device, then you might need to wait until Lenovo releases an official fix for this error.

So, these are the most common Lenovo K3 Note problems and fixes. You can share your thoughts and other fixes you have found in the comment section below.

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129 thoughts on “Lenovo K3 Note Common Problems and Fixes

  1. i have a problem in my K3 note, bought recently through flipkart..the phone was working fine but suddenly, now USB is not detected…whenever, i attach to the AC charger or charge with USB connected to laptop, it is neither getting charged nor USB is detected…
    But if i switch off the phone, now the phone gets charged… i have not been able to identify what the bug is about? i have factory resetted and also the battery was removed several times..however, the same problem is occuring….
    Hope, i can get a solution from this portal

    • Since you have recently purchased the smartphone I would recommend you to get it replaced from Flipkart itself under 30days replacement warranty instead of facing the trouble of visiting service centers…You might be having some sort of internal hardware issue because if it was a software issue it would have been fixed after resetting…Thanks

      • Pankaj,

        I am facing the issue of my phone not getting recognized or charging. But my phone is out of warranty. Can you please advise a different solution. I have checked the hardware part. It seems ok.

        • Hi Sudhir…I can’t say much on your issue as per your comment it seems hardware part is okay..I would still suggest you to visit a reputed Mobile service center…Also try factory resetting your phone but before that make sure to take backup of your phone data..If it doesn’t work out please try visiting mobile service center..Thanks!

    • try changing usb cables… if it has a high resistance internally or even if it is a damaged lead (not visibly) then it may output low power to charge device; hence why it works when off but when on the phone uses more power than the cable is giving it so still drains flat just takes longer or perhaps the same. bottom line: find your old phone cable or old cable that fits and also try a new usb wall socket adapter (if you use a usb plugged into a wall socket adapter. hope this helps

  2. Please give me a reply. lenovo k3 note google playstore unfortunately has stopped, gmail is not responding, you tube also same problem

  3. Adityarup Sarkar says:

    I bought my k3 note from flipkart in July. For first 2 weeks it worked absolutely fine but it has developed a few bugs since. First is, at times the screen display worsens drastically, at random. The contrast gets very low, there’s light leaking from the corners. It appears as though the screen is broken. But then it gets alright automatically after i charge it for a few hours. The second problem is something that began yesterday. Pressing the power button is not immediately lighting the screen. I am having to press it 4-5 times, and even then it takes about 10 seconds to light up. Please help.

  4. Dear I think I have some setting issue with my phone, I brought it two month ago and then all apps are downloading but from last few days no app is downloading. All apps after clicking install and the appears “accept condition” then its keep on connecting but it never starts downloading the app just show trying to connect. While rest of network applications runs well and I have tried to gone through settings but could not fix the issue. Can any body suggest me what to do as I am not able to download any app for which these smart phone are made. 🙁

    • Try to Clear your Google Play Store Cache…Also try to delete and relink your Google Account with your Android Device and check if this fixes your issue or not…

  5. Muna Kumar Sahoo says:

    I brought lenovo-k3-noteby flip-kart,but some problems created
    1-battery issue low life 4-5 hours,when net work,
    2-Network issue,don’t found net works both sim.Airtel & Tata Docomo.
    Please solve issue Lenovo Company.

    • Even I am facing the same problem . Due to weak network reception , it most of the time shows x mark which is very very annoying thing.

      • I too have the same problem. Did you resolve it?

        • yeah..I was facing the same problem i. e. poor network reception. But my phone was in warranty so I got my phone repaired at service center a free of cost…Now no signal reception issues….they changed its mother board

  6. My lenovo k3 note mobile shows that screen shots couldn’t captured due to no memory available…but my memory is still free about 3 GB..how can I solve it

  7. Anshul vashishtha says:

    My phone sometime stopped working and any app isn’t working how solve this problem iuse16gbmemorycard

  8. Abhimanyu singh says:

    My touchpad does not work for sometime only after two minutes of use. Heating problem is also prominent. Keyboards do not work.

    • If you are getting this problem more frequently then I would suggest you to visit your nearest Lenovo Service Center for resolution…BTW if you are good at Technical then you can also try to resolve it via updating your Android or Lenovo sofware…Thanks

  9. hi,
    I bought Lenovo k3 note from alixpress 4 months before.
    Every thing was ok but now I have sound problem, when I put head phone and play mp3 or mp4 songs its ok, but sound output is very less through speakers, what could be the issue. Please tell how to resolve the issue.

    • If there is sound issue from your Phone speakers then you should consider visiting your nearest Lenovo Service Center because the issue more likely seems to be of Hardware…

  10. Battery drains within no time. if wifi / data connec turned on its worse.
    Do we have an update to fix this problem or any other fixes which could help fix this problem.

    • For how long you are facing the issue ?

    • go to play store and get a resources monitor/task manager/CPU task killer etc and see what area of your phone is under load or what app is using your phone aggressively int he background, then force stop it…if it isn’t a required component of the system or one that you make use of then, root the device, get a system app deleter and remove it from the system. Should help you out.

  11. Hi,

    I recently bought this phone from Filpkart. This phone heat up very badly in few mins. I’ve seen few shares in facebook that phone is bursting am now worried this much heat may burst my phone. Please advise should I use this phone or throw to junk.

    • If heating is too much then I would recommend you to visit nearest Lenovo Service center as soon as possible…They will definitely resolve your issue..Thanks

    • A bursting phone sound like an inflating battery stressing the chassis of the phone until it cracks open, this is almost definitely a battery issue; if confident look up a phone battery online and then disassemble the phone and replace the battery yourself, if not send it back and get a replacement, refund or try flashing a custom rom (operating system) to see if the change of system will remove the problem area of the system that causes such heat (in case the heating issue is a system bug with looping code in the background etc rather than a physical issue (hard to tell the difference just by looking without disassembly of both the system and phone lol)

  12. Manas Sengupta says:

    I’ve bought this model through Flipkart recently. Today since morning the screen is not responding any command. Only on-off switch is working. What is the remedy? Please help me.

    • Since you said you have bought it recently then its the best time that you should get it replaced from Flipkart as soon as possible under the 30 days return policy so as to avoid future issues…

  13. Its been 2 month I had purchased lenevo k3 note all was working good but now if I press volume button up PR down certain kind of scratch sounds come.. Not only for volume up down but also if any sound like ringing tone,notification that scratchy sound come.. Do help me

    • I think you should contact your nearest Lenovo Service Center…

    • speaker issue… had it with one of my phones…I took it apart cleaned the speaker contacts and put it back in, in reverse it worked… then another time I got issue again it turned out to be the operating system coding for audio… self fix: flash a custom rom or perhaps find the stock rom online and flash that again; also try a factory reset, if not send it back and tell them to send a thoroughly quality checked replacement.

      If you take apart the phone also try bending the speaker contacts up a fraction; like 1/4 of a millimeter is all it needs; just to make sure the terminals are touching properly.

  14. I bought my lenovo K3 note from flipkart just yesterday… My data plan is not working for d installed apps like WhatsApp n fb.. BT its working for preinstalled apps… I factory reseted d phone BT still it persists.. What could b prob ??

    • Please try using with some different SIM and check if that works out or not…Your issue looks more like of a software bug…Try doing some tweaking and hopefully this issue should be resolved…Else get it replaced from Flipkart…

  15. I brought lenovo note k3 recently..while i am talking on call it becoming heat upper part of the body within 5 mints and my ear also becoming heat due to this..can u plz suggest wat to do?..

    • If you are experiencing heating while calling then you are having some hardware defect…So please contact nearest Lenovo service center…Do not use phone in this condition this can really damage your ears if it is heating too much…

  16. Hi
    I bought this lenovo k3 notes a month before. It was finely working for the first month.. But now am facing an issue like mobile gets shutdown often even when the battery is full. Only if I charge the mobile I can able to switch on it again. Please resolve my issue

    • You are facing hardware issue most likely so it is better to visit your nearest Lenovo Service center…Software update won’t be much of a help…

      • sound like a damaged battery..had this issue before on multiple phones…swap the battery or send it back. One other fix is to take the battery out and give it a charge using a 1s lithium charger as this would charge the battery perfectly and my also bring it back to life. If you don’t understand the 1s lithium charger then it is probably too much to take in and do so would be easier to send it back; unless you like a challenge and want to spend more money on chargers for one use; if you already own one then you know what i’m talking about.

  17. I am facing an issue with Lenovo k3 note in connecting to network.Due to this I can’t make any call,not getting 3G or 2G.If signal came there will be only one bar. I changed sim slots,tried another sim still its not connecting to network,while the same sim works well with other mobile phones…please please help to solve this problem as soon as possible or thinking to replace the phone.

    • If you re facing this issue recently check for any software update that you have done on your phone or installed some apps….If you haven’t done all this then your phone might be having some hardware defect…Now a days I have seen lots of new phones with SIM Connectivity issues…..So check first and if you aren’t able to figure out…Try to visit your nearest lenovo service center and they will definitely provide you appropriate solution…Thanks

      • I am also facing the same issue.
        Network signals getting off. I tried to change SIM slots also but only one bar of Airtel is showing.
        Other sim is telenor and when I search for network telenor 2G is giving error that unable to connect to selected network.

  18. Hi.., need some advice for the problem with my k3 camera.., it seems that the auto focus is not working hence the results are blurry images..
    Is there some way I can get this fixed manually by myself without having to go to the service center?..
    Thanks in advance for the advice..

    • Blurry images are as a result of poor lens clarity or lens failure…So what you can do is try clearing your lens manually and if that doesn’t result in any improvement…You have to visit Lenovo Service Center…

    • step 1: root device: step 2: check to see if bootloader needs unlocking (cheap and chinese phone so maybe not) step 3: flash custom rom (or stock) step 4: test camera app, look online for rooting and flashing custom rom to k3 note…THIS WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY HOWEVER!

      rom is the name of the chip that the operating system is stored on in your phone and also all the coding and files that make you camera work and everything else too. To flash a custom rom would wipe the original coding and replace it with new modified and optimized version made by third party (not manufacturers) a stock rom is made by manufacturers and probably what you phone is running now if not it will probably be the updated version for your device. you can flash what ever ones you want as long as it is for YOUR PHONE (K3 note) the new code shoudl fix any issue the camera has if it was to do with the system.

      It is still possible, that even when successful it may not fix the camera as it may be the camera that is faulty, if so find out the camera module used in the phone and get a new one online; should be easy, then take the phone apart and replace yourself. but definitely try system rom first, if you set on forget service centers completely. Hope it helps.

  19. I cant download any application from google play,please help

    • Please Make sure that your Google Account is linked with your Device….Also if it is linked and still facing the same issue then first try clearing Google Play Store cache and relink your Google Account credentials with your device….

  20. Someone help me pls, contacts storage space is getting increasing day by day, don’t where to stop the process, due to that whenever we try to dial any numbers from contacts, its taking 10sec to fetch the contact…

  21. Please give me a reply.my new lenovo k3 note google playstore, gmail is not opening. Enter my mailid (it’s seems some problems kindly try after sometime) it’s displayed.. How is it solve my problem help me

    • First please try to clear the cache of all your Google Play Store, Google Services etc. All Google related services by going to Settings -> Applications -> All then selecting the Google Playstore and then clear cache option…Repeat the same for other Google Apps…After this try logging into your Google Account once again….

  22. Hi i have missed OTA first update from lenovo k3 note please help me how i get that update back

  23. Hi I am using Lenovo K3 since August. I am facing the problem of data connectivity even though i have active 3G pack from Reliance. As Reliance is sharing the network from Aircel, the network shows roaming but the charges of calls and data are same as regular charges. I always find difficulty in connection of data on roaming mode even after setting all the things on phone. Please help me to through this problem

  24. My WiFi connection is getting lost during processing that is while gaming ..please help me to solve. Also facing issue of hang.
    and not getting ram

  25. i have bought the phone on 8th Aug. After just 25 days i am facing touch issues in which i have to press the keys 5-6 times to get the response as the display freezes completely….i went to the lenovo service centre but they said we cannot accept your complaint as it occurs only for a very short duration and we aren’t able to witness it.

  26. whenever i restart my phone or switch on my phone the unwanted photos are coming in the gallery the photos are like stickers in messenger and the photos will be in 3000 can u fix my problem please…

  27. khadarmohiddin says:

    Hi I brought lenovo-k3 note by flipkart Oct 2015,my phone is very good better performance, after 2 month some technical problem 1.network issue low signal bath sim are bsnl airtel signal up_and down , please solve my problem lenovo company.

  28. Krunal Ajmeri says:

    I bought K3 note from flip kart. I didn’t made any changes in contacts. Contact numbers are not visible. If anyone call me, Unknown number comes on dialing screen, though number is saved.

  29. I’ve bought this model through Flipkart 4 months back. last two month some times the screen is not responding any command,and automatically blinging and skipping,very difficult to touch and follow,because if i touch one option suddenly it skip to other option,,,and leters moving without touch the screen. What is the remedy? Please help me.nw iam saudi arabia.

  30. Hi m having problem with my lenovo k3 note.can’t download anything though space is remaining.. Also problem with touch..sometimes I can’t write single sentence..keypad not working properly

  31. Hello All, my k3 note display not visible , just blank screen . I tried all basic troubleshooting options still not on. Phone is on and it’s ringing . … Complete display gone …can you help ? Any tips ?

    • If the display is not working despite your troubleshooting then you should better visit your nearest Lenovo Service Center…..

  32. Naveen Karthikeyan says:

    h!….folks….iam the user of Lenovo k3 note….i have not able to connect my phone to pc for transferring the files….only it is getting charged when i plugged in the cable….but i have noted that it is getting connected and can able to transfer the files when i connected my phone to my friend’s pc….but not in mines….iam using windows 8 ….is there any issue on that….iam hopeless…..i dont have any clear idea ….so pls i request yu to say something about this current issue….Thank You….

    • Have you tried using different data cable ?…Sometimes changing the data cable often fixes the issue…

    • when connected to friends PC, did you use a different cable, if so your cable is a USB POWER cable wheras his is a USB DATA cable, data cables can charge and send data but power cables can only charge and not sync data; one of the deceptive and ignored issues many fall for with cheap cables. one of your data wires inside the usb cable may have also come loose.

      try a different cable, then try different USB port, then look online for a “k3 note usb driver” and install it on your PC I believe one of these will fix it. try in this order and you should be smiling again 😀

  33. Anoop Sivarajan says:

    i am using lenovo k3 note.i use smart switch mode .but now its not getting connected to mobile data.but wifi is working .i tried switching it on and off several times,but the issue remains.can u suggest me a solution

  34. Hi, I bought my lenovo k3 note from flipkart before 10 days. But after two days I am facing heating issue. When I am talking with some one I feel like my ear is burning.what I need to do.

    • Since its just 10 days old you can better replace your Smartphone by calling Flipkart so as to avoid future headache….

    • CUT the back off your phone, SCREW in a small fan, RAM an extra large battery for it next to it, then buy new trousers with bigger pockets to fit your massive monster in. 😀

      jokes aside, try a resource monitor/task killer/temperature sensors app on your phone to see what application may be causing heat and quit them maybe uninstall them and also check the temperature sensors app to see where the heat is coming from.

      An app CAN cause heat as it become non responsive and then just tries to recovers itself by looping its code around again and again and again a million times looking for a response from somewhere or a way to move forward, this make your CPU work overtime and then it get hot and here we are. 😀

  35. In my lenovo k3 share it app is slow as comparing to other k3 mobile’s wt is the problem

  36. I recently bought the Lenovo K3 Note from the online sale in India.
    I am currently have Vodafone network and I am facing problems using the data connection (3G) on the phone.

    When i switch on data connection, i always have to remove bettry and then restrat my phone to connect to data connection. I cannot connect to internet without removing and reinserting my bettry.

    • try switching data on, making sure wifi is off, then switching data off then on again without restarting phone may bypass your issue.

  37. Hi i am using lenovo K3 note from 4 months . I am currently having vodaphone network .I am facing problem with phone calls .Even though my phone is ON to the caller it says that the number u are trying to call is switched off ,and even i cannot make a call. I have to restart my phone every time i have to make a call. Is there any solution for this problem .bcoz i am missing som of important calls.

  38. Hi I brought lenovo-k3 note by flipkart Oct 2015,my phone is very good better performance, after 2 month some technical problem 1.network issue low signal bath sim are aircel, vodafone, airtel signal up_and down , please solve my problem lenovo company.

  39. My game working fine with my WiFi but when I switch to mobile data game didn’t run on mobile data saying check your internet connection

    • go to settings, apps, all, then force close game, restart phone, then launch game again with wifi disabled BEFORE starting. might fix your problem

  40. I bought Lenovo K3 note in October 2015. I am facing Network and Wifi connectivity problem. How can this be sorted.? Kindly advise.

  41. I bought lenovo k3 note 4 months ago. Today suddenly the touchpad stopped working. I could not even open my pattern lock. Thus, I am not even able to reset my phone. Please tell the solution ASAP

  42. My lenovo k3 note heats up very quickly. Once it starts heating then the complete mobile lags. When i play high end grapic games my mobile restarts automatically. Is there any way to fix these issues.

  43. I bought Lenovo K3 note 1 day ago. When I touch on Home key or back button led light is not coming. Please help me to solve the issue

  44. I have purchased k3 from flipkart last week. The problem is battery draining very fast. If screen awake for 5 min 1% of battery drains even when the brightness of the Mobile is fully low. Is it a common issue or fault in mobile? Is their any solution for this. Plz help bro

    • Yes, Battery drain is a common problem. Remove all the unnecessary apps and keep it in Superpower mode when not using the internet

  45. I bought lenovo k3 note just 7 days ago, now I’m unable to download anything, the downloading starts but it wont complete.

    Any fix for this?

  46. I bought lenovo k3 note just 7 days ago, It will be connected to wifi but can’t download anything.
    Any fix for this issue,Please help me.

  47. I have problem with power off button ,not working and I am unable to lock or unlock my device… Plz help me

  48. I bought lenovo k3 note 4 months ago and since 10 days mobile is not catching up the network for both the sims… both the sims are showing no signal…..at the same time if i keep the sims in another mobile then the sims are showing good signal….if the network it self is not there then what is the use of this mobile??? Please help me…

  49. I have purchase Lenovo mobile on Sept-2015 month till jan phone working properly but when inset 2 sim phone was working very slowly and Pressing the power button is not immediately lighting the screen. I am having to press it 4-5 times not star and remove the battery than phone was working Please help.

  50. I have been using for past 6 month ,
    1) when i connected to bluetooth headset , answering the call by hitting the button in bluetooth headset. but the same blurtooth headset is working fine with another phone.
    2) when connected to bluetooth i couldn’t type , the keypad is not poping up
    3) how to configure the numbers in the first row and below the alphabets in the keyboard layout.

    Thanks in advance

  51. I bought new lenova k4 note recently , Wlan itself not able to turn on . Is there any solution ??

    tried all possibility 1. turning on and off 2. Airplane mode 3. clearing data

  52. Dear friend I’m using lenovo k3note .in my phone now hang while open some application like twitter, ucbrowser..And also my Dolby atmos doesn’t work properly…
    Can you give suggestion to resolve this. Issue..

  53. while dialing number, some time i used to get the “called from out-of-network” error from lenovo k3 note mobile, after restarting mobile then i can make call else i can’t make any call, please let me know the solution to fix this issue.

  54. Hi,
    My Lenovo K3 Note is repeatedly restarting while in a call or browsing the net. Can you suggest any remedy.

    Thanks in advance.

  55. Purchased lenovo k3 from flipkart during Dashara 2015 festival. has heating issue and battery drains quickly. Now phone has network issues. Has sim detection problem in both sim slots.Flipkart refuse to replace replace faulty phone.

  56. Hi.
    My lenovo k3 note is 2week old. I charge the battery +-24hour. Battery arrive 99% after 2hours and stand 22hour on 99%. I tested it 4 times with powered on phone ( all bacground apps are killed) and with powered off ( if battery reached the 99% then stay on 99% and charging charging). I tested with original charger, then with other charger. If i see on battery info max battery capacity is 1000mAh. Battery drain dramaticaly. I very sad with this situation.

    Thanks for your help.

  57. I’m facing issues, in Internet…
    1. Using my Tata docomo (I.e. no. 8866xxxxxx) 2G/3G… All other apps are working fine including like Facebook, whatsapp, Twitter all.. But it’s not working for Browser like Chrome and UC browser

    2. Using my Tata Docomo (I.e. no. 8460xxxxx) all apps including Chrome and UC browser working fine but any any messenger app like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, hike is not working…

    3. Using Airtel internet there no issue… All apps are working

    4. Keyboard issues,, sometimes keys are working very slowly…

    5. Heating issue…

    Please suggest now One upgrade is available of Marshmallow (1.6 GB)
    Should I upgrade, will it resolve my all above problem…
    Please answer

  58. I bought lenovo k3 note from flipkart.. Now I tried to upgrade it to marshmallow, it is very slow on upgrading I think the WiFi is slow on this mobile, is it please tell me how to resolve it..or i should return it

    • Please check with others if they are also facing the same issue post upgradation to marshmallow…I don’t think your device needs replacement as it might be having software issues though not sure…First check with other users…

  59. I brought lenovo k3 note last Jan… The back button & home button aren’t working properly… Now m managing with the RAM clearance button ly… Please do help me out to fix this problem…

    • I think you should better try visiting your nearest Lenovo Service Center. Seems some sort of hardware issue. Thanks!

  60. Hi, I am facing a problem, After updating 6.0 I am not able to find out my contact numbers in Lenovo K3.

    Pls give me the solution.

  61. Hi presently I have purchased lenovo k3 note I am facing internet issue…
    Using my Tata Docomo 2g network all apps including Chrome and UC browser working fine but any any messenger app like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, hike is not working…

    Using idea 3g network internet there no issue… All apps are working.
    This is my problem
    Pls answer me.

  62. jahir hussain says:

    touch screen works automatically in my Lenovo K3. without touch any app it will run the options. how can i slove this issue

    • First of all check after removing any Tempered glass or screen guard applied on your screen. If you are facing this random auto clicking issue for a while and still continue to face after removing tempered glass or screen guard then this signifies a Faulty Touchscreen digitizer on your Lenovo K3 Note which needs to be replaced as soon as possible. Kindly visit your nearest Lenovo Service center and they will certainly help you to get your issue resolved. Thanks!!!

  63. data connection issues..
    internet is fine with wifi….with data pack only some apps are working with very slow speed but I am not able to use any browser like hrome,UC etc.
    plz fix it out.

  64. I am having a very bad experience with my Lenovo K3 Note phone. System update notification came to upgrade it to Marshmellow . I responded. Whole night the phone switched off and on on its own and then in the morning I got a notification that Unfortunately , the Com.android.com have stopped. The pop up is always on the screen, the phone is switched off, though I can see all the applications on the screen behind the pop up. There are two options on the pop up. OK and Try to solve this. I am pressing them, but nothing seems to be happening. Its a real pain. Please advice me what is to be done

  65. My lenovo k3 note have recently have a problem that when I’m using in any app it automatically come back and going to other app.I can’t go on any work.even after resetting my phone this problem is not changed

  66. I bought lenovo k3 note 30 days before.I like this phone but now when I am using internet my touch screen becomes unsensitveunsensitve.How can I fix this problem?

  67. I too faced lot of problems in Lenova K3 note.
    1) cannot type: lags, slow, have to press 4/5 times for each alphabets to type, need to press hard, sometimes right side bottom keypad not working.( keys p,l,m and delete).
    2) can’t scroll pages up down, very slow, sometimes right side touch scrolling not working.
    3) network issues: only one bar or x signal,

    Broke my head.
    Don’t know what to do.
    Purchased in oct 15.
    To type this also I suffered.

  68. Hello my lenovo k3 note’s home and back button is not working BT the recent button is working ..pls help me how can I fix it

  69. Hi,

    This is in regards to my Brand new handset Lenovo K3 Note Black Colour which i have purchased on 29th Dec 2015, i am facing Heating Issue and Battery draining quick while surfing net in the handset, Kindly do the needful as soon as possible.

  70. I am using lenovo k3 note since sept. 2015.. Now I upgraded it to marshmallow, the WiFi is slow and disconnecting automatically periodically. i m facing this problem only after upgrading. please tell me how to resolve it..

  71. I am using lenovo k3 note since sept. 2015.. Now I upgraded it to marshmallow, after connecting to PC with data cord, device is not detected on PC but charging is there. I m facing this problem only after upgrading. please tell me how to resolve it..

  72. Hi,

    I purchased lenova k3 note 5 months back. Now I am getting problems in speakers like when I get any incoming calls the caller is not able to hear me but I can hear their voice also for outgoing it is working good.

    Please provide me a solution

  73. The ear piece mode in my phone is not working at all. Brought it thru flipkart by some as gift for me last month.. though I started using it just day ago n found that ear piece mode is not working only speaker mode works during calls.. tried upgrading to new version.. did factory reset as well.. no use.. any suggestions pls

  74. White lines are formed on the sides of the display after 5min of data using. These white lines extends from sides as I use this for an hour or more. Is this a display problem or any other software or hardware issues.

  75. I’m using lenovo k3 latest Android version 6.
    In my mobile the issue was found when I upgrade my mobile into android5 to Android 6.
    The issue found in my phone my phone was I didn’t receive any of the social network applicatio’s notification (like Facebook,whats app,messenger,hike..etc) at the top of my notification bar.Only I received notification from this app when I open this application. So what can do for this issue….?

  76. I have facing network problem while staring data connection. pls suggest changes in setting

  77. Neeru Singh says:

    Hi, I bought lenovo k3 note 2 months ago , from flipkart and now it’s back n home keys are not working. Please tell me what to do

  78. Sirisha Choudhury says:

    Back and Home buttons are not working in lenovo K3 note but the menu button is working. What should be done?

  79. Pankaj,
    Upto now my phone is working very well .there is no complaints but from two days when I am attending any calls I am getting the voice of others but they are not audible my voice incoming voice is Good but outgoing voice is not working .could u pls help me how to fix this problem

  80. Flash is not working properly under 40 present charge in taking photo and battery drain 100 to 10 in 1hour some time screen change its colour

  81. I am getting the problem of wifi connectivity issue in-between the seconds dropping and picking the wifi

  82. I’m getting the problem of black light display problem.problem get started while charging in low voltage…I tried another display too

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