How to Fix Mobile Data Automatically Connects / Turns On

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Mobile Data Automatically Turns On Fix : This problem arises when your Data connection is ‘on’ and you are switching off WiFi connection. So that phone automatically switches to the mobile data network and consumes your mobile data.Another reason for this problem is third party apps in your phone when you install any third party apps from play store then it asks for permissions and we don’t read it carefully we just accept it and continue, some of these apps gets the permission to change your system setting so that they can also turn on the mobile data automatically if you have turned it off. The following processes can be followed when trying to fix the mobile data automatically connects issue on Androids Phones:

Mobile Data Turns On Automatically

How to Fix Mobile Data Automatically Turns On Android – Best Fixes

Method – 1 : Change Phone Settings

  • Initially Switch off your phone and reinsert the SIM and restart. Go to Setting >Data Usage>Cellular Data and turn off the cellular data. Or you can Directly do this through notification bar by sliding it. (For Android 4.0+)
  • It’s possible that the phone is trying to download over-the-air update to recently released Android 6.0 (M). Check in Settings -> About phone -> System updates to see if there’s an update available, and download it over Wi-Fi instead.
    • Check Facebook, Google + Photos settings to see whether photo upload / sync is enabled. The phone might be trying to get images from Picasa. Also check Market settings to see if apps are updating themselves automatically.

Method – 2 : Factory Reset your Phone

Note – Take Backup of your important data and reset your phone.

    • To reset your phone, follow these steps. Go to setting>backup & Reset>Factory Data Reset>Yes. You can also do this by Turning off your phone and then restart it by simultaneously pressing power and volume buttons you will get a boot menu in this select “Reset Factory Setting” and reset your phone.

*You can also use some third party Apps to monitor your data usage like : My Data Manager (Click Here to Download) and 3G WatchDog (Click Here to Download)

My Data Manager Key Features :

  • Simple to setup and simple to use.Know what apps are using data with automatic monitoring of your app data usage.Set usage alarms to avoid overage charges and “bill shock”.
  • Track historical app time and app usage using easy to understand visualizations. Ensures you are using your ideal data plan and maximize how you use your data. Save money by using your plans more effectively.

3G WatchDog App Key Features :

  • Monitors your Mobile Internet (4G/3G/Edge/GPRS) data usage. Shows a status icon (green/orange/red) in the notification bar. It has a detailed report page.
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