How to Redirect Gmail to Google Inbox : Step by Step Tutorial

Redirect Gmail to Google Inbox : Google recently launched its newest service called Inbox for the Gmail users. This is the result of Google’s promise of providing best and much required services in a better way to make their life easier. Inbox is said to be the next generation of email service with improved feature to enhance the users experience. Users can use both the inbox and Gmail for managing their emails. After the launch of Inbox most of the users who tried it started to use Inbox as their daily driver instead of Gmail as it provide more features than Gmail. Now if you are one of them who choose Inbox over Gmail, this guide will help you in redirecting Gmail to Inbox.

How to Redirect Gmail to Google Inbox

What happens is that sometimes mistakenly we go to Gmail instead of Inbox. Now what you can do to avoid this is that tweak the settings in your Inbox settings so that whenever you open Gmail it will redirect you to Inbox instead.  By doing this you will able to handle your emails, task list, reminders etc directly from Inbox. Here is how you can redirect Gmail to Google Inbox with ease.

How to Redirect Gmail to Google Inbox : Steps to Follow

  • Login to your inbox account from using your web browser and your Google account.
  • Once you are in, click on the Menu icon (top left side of the page) and select Settings from there.

  • Under Settings tab, there are several options, but for this tutorial, we will go with Other tab.
  • Now you have to check the box, which says Redirect Gmail to Check the box and you are done.
  • Now whenever you try to access Gmail accidentally, you will redirect to aka Inbox. In case you want to open Gmail, open Inbox,  go to the bottom of the page and click on Go to Gmail.

In case you want to revert the changes and disable Gmail redirection to Inbox, then simply follow all the above steps and disable it by unchecking Redirect Gmail to box.

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