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Having a Paypal account is the first step towards making money online or if you are planning to start an online business. We are already much aware of services like credit card or debit card that is used for making payment online but what if we want to receive payment of our work especially from International clients then we need to make use of special money transfer services like Paypal, Google wallet though the online internet banking services provided by the Indian banks has helped a lot in easy online money transfers but still most of the International client’s don’t prefer this Wire transfer rather they make use of services like Paypal for making payment to their employees and is indeed a great and safer approach. Paypal account is best for Indians if they are to receive payment from overseas. Therefore here I am going to provide complete tutorial on how to create paypal account in India but before we move on let’s get familiar with what is paypal account and how paypal account works. Check below instructions on how to create paypal account in India fully verified.

How to Create Paypal Account in India

What is Paypal Account ?

Paypal is basically an International online payment system that serves the purpose of online money transfer similar to that of traditional check or money orders. It is one of the world’s largest internet payment companies. Paypal is just like an online bank account and the procedure of creating a paypal account is just like that of creating an onine bank account. With a fully verified paypal account you can easily send or receive payments either from another paypal account or credit card. Paypal is really a great way of receiving online international payments. If you are concerned about security issues of your paypal account or money theft then let me tell you it is one of the safest mode of online payment without having to worry about any sort of hacking attempts. Follow below given instructions on how to create paypal account in India.

How to Create Paypal Account in India : Requirements of Opening Paypal Account

  • You must have a valid email address of your own.
  • Have a valid PAN card number of your own.

Note – If you don’t have your own PAN card you can use your parent’s PAN card number but make sure that if you use your parent’s PAN card number then you should use your Parent’s name in the Paypal account holder name because the Paypal account name and PAN card name must be same.

How to Open Paypal Account in India : Steps to Follow

  • In order to create a free paypal credit account you have to go through a series of steps after which you will get your paypal account opened. Here below are the step by step instructions on how to create a paypal account in India.
  • Next select the country as India and there select “An account for Individuals” and click on Get Started if you want to create a personal account.
  • That’s it now you will be asked to enter your personal information details like your name, email address, nationality etc.
  • After filling the complete details you will get a paypal account of your own which you can start using for sending payments via credit card or debit card though in order to receive the payments you need to link a bank account to your paypal account, add PAN card details and Purpose code.

Linking Bank account with Paypal Account :

  • To associate a bank account with Paypal account you need to provide your Bank account details like Account name, Account number, Bank IFSC Code etc. and after you are done linking your Bank account with your paypal account you need to complete the verification process.
  • In order to verify your Paypal account, Paypal will send you two small deposits in your bank account after few days which you need to note down them and login to your Paypal account and enter these two small deposits in the verification box.
  • That’s it after verification and complete approval of paypal account you will be eligible to both send or receive payments.
  • That’s all in how to create paypal account in India and if you still have any doubts left you may feel free to ask by commenting below…Thanks

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  1. As you said, linking of PAN number is mandatory will all the transactions we do using this account will be tracked by PAN number? and while giving the paypal acount details to anyone in order to receive funds, if we link up with family member PAN, then will the sender verify the account holder name? For eg: My name is AAA and I created a paypal account with my family member’s name BBB and I link BBB’s PAN number. I have worked for some other overseas person and he needs to send money via my paypal account. As my paypal account name and my name is different, will it create any issue to the sender as the names are different? Please confirm


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