Adapter “Local Area Connection”is ICMP flooded Avira : FIXED

The Adapter “Local Area Connection” is ICMP flooded Avira FIXED : Avira Antivirus is a very Popular and Renowned Antivirus owned by millions of Users World Wide.Avira Provides you the Best Protection against Harmful Incoming threats,Viruses,Malwares etc keeping your PC or Laptop Secured from being damaged or Hacked.Avira is available in Different Versions i.e Avira Free Antivirus,Avira Premium Security Suite and Avira Internet Security.All these Versions ensures that your PC Remains Protected 24/7. Top Best Free Antivirus of 2013 I have been Using Avira for past 2 years and Currently I am Using the Avira Internet Security 2013.I am very much satisfied with the Protection that Avira Provides But from past few months I started Encountering a Strange but Popular Error ‘The Adapter “Local Area Connection” is ICMP flooded Avira’ Initially I used to get it very rare i.e 2-3 times in a month.But In past few weeks I am frequently getting this message and the Most Frustrating part of this Error is that Your Internet Connection gets cut off for a brief moment whenever the Message Pops up. I am regular Online Gamer so this Error causes a lot of trouble for me by disconnecting me from the Game in every 10-15 minutes.After Searching Deeply about this Error I somehow managed to find a solution for this problem though the solution is not fully working and reliable for each and every user but for me it helped a lot really.Therefore You can also try the Solution given below hopefully Your Problem also get solved.Lets get Started with understanding what Actually does ICMP Flooding Attack means.Read the Guide on How to Fix Adapter “Local Area Connection” is ICMP flooded Avira Error.

What is ICMP Flooding Attack ?

Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) is also termed as ping attack in which one User tries to Overload the System by Bombarding with Ping Packets in attempt to do DoS (Denial of Service Attack).In Simple Language ICMP Flooding Attack refers to the Situation when attacker tries to Send Huge Traffic to the Victims System so that it cannot allow the Permitted Network and thus blocking the network and its connections.

Screen shot of the Adapter “Local Area Connection”is ICMP flooded Avira :

Adapter "Local Area Connection" is ICMP flooded Avira

 Fix Adapter “Local Area Connection” is ICMP flooded Avira Error : Steps to Follow

Avira tries to Prevent these ICMP Flooding attacks through its Firewall and thus we receive the Message ‘The Adapter “Local Area Connection”is ICMP flooded Avira’.Usually these warnings occur due to Router or Network Settings but don’t worry You can try the Following Given Solution to Fix the Issue.

  • Open Your Avira Antivirus Panel or Dashboard.
  • Switch to Avira Firewall as shown below in the Image.

Adapter "Local Area Connection" is ICMP flooded Avira

  • Set Your Firewall Security Level  to Medium.
  • Click on the Gear Icon to Open Firewall Configuration.
  • Expand Firewall and Select Adapter Rules -> Click on ICMP Protocol as shown below.

Adapter "Local Area Connection" is ICMP flooded Avira

  • Now Here Change “Assume flooding if delay between packets is less than 50 ms”  to 20ms.

Adapter "Local Area Connection" is ICMP flooded Avira

Note – If 20ms doesn’t work out for you then change it to 5ms.

  • That’s all and You are all done.

For More Information – Visit Avira Official Website

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  1. Thanks for this – not a major problem but annoying all the same.
    Thanks again for you fix.

  2. Thanks for this info i will try it


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