Five Reasons to Become Cisco CCNP R&S Certifiedand Valid Exam Dumps to Assist You

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Starting the topic, networking for the internet is the sole tool that makes our daily communication easy. Without proper communication, the globe could not have been transformed into what it is today because well-grounded messaging between people is the mother of businesses and ideas.

Hereby, Cisco is a renowned company globally known for its amazing contributions to the world of networking. Think of the famous routers and switches that we use in our daily activities, well, most of them are developed by the Cisco corporation. In addition, Cisco is the leading vendor for networking certifications with the levels such as CCENT (Entry), CCNA (Associate), CCNP (Professional), CCIE (Expert), and CCAr (Architect).

In order to understand how Cisco Cisco CCNP Enterprise Exam Dumps validates professionals’ skills and knowledge through its certifications, let’s dive into the details of the CCNP R&S credential and see how one can earn it.

How to Gain CCNP R&S Credential

So, CCNP Routing and Switching is a professional-level certification that validates a candidate’s prowess when it comes to planning, implementing, verifying and damage control of local as well as wide-area enterprise networks. It is also designed to enable professionals to collaborate with specialists on tasks such as advanced security, wireless, voice, and video solutions. Striving candidates are required to pass the following exams to earn the desired CCNP R&S credential:

  • 300-101 ROUTE assesses your routing skills and knowledge in advanced IP addressing and securing Cisco routers that are linked to WANs, LANs and IPv6.
  • 300-115 SWITCH is concerned with certifying switching knowledge and skills in planning, verifying and configuring the implementation of complex switching solutions that use Cisco Enterprise Campus Architecture.
  • 300-135 TSHOOT focuses on assessing candidates’ skills in planning and performing regular maintenance on complex switched and routed enterprise networks. It also tests applicants’ ability to utilize systematic ITIL-compliant and technology-based approach to perform network troubleshooting.

Following the Cisco recertification policies, these exams are planned to be replaced by February 24, 2020, but stay calm as Cisco will give you credit for the work performed, and announce the new exams that the candidates will be required to pass. So, instead CCNP R&S badge, you’ll have to get the CCNP Enterprise credential and pass only two exams. All the details about the upcoming changes you can find on the Cisco official website.

Why Become CCNP R&S Certified?

You may know that certifications and bootcamps play an important role in every career, and it is important to get a certification relevant to your area of expertise. If you haven’t yet made your mind to get certified, these 5 reasons are going to compel you to start your journey towards earning the CCNP R&S credential.

  1. Technology Is Dynamic

Everything keeps changing in the technology industry. This is because business and social trends are rapidly evolving to make things easier every day. Therefore, to stay competitive in the IT market, to be visible to your potential employers, you need to possess the most updated skills and knowledge. The best way for that is to become Cisco certified. The certification means that you are a real professional that is able to take part in solving real-life problems using the modern technology.

  1. Increase Employment Chances

Speaking more precisely, who gets employed? The hiring managers do not recruit anyone during the interviews. In most scenarios, only 5 to 10 percent of candidates are picked and the rest are left to try other available opportunities. The secret is that HRs usually consider specialists rather than generalists. This way, having a certification from Cisco proves that you are a skilled specialist when it comes to networking. For instance, CCNP R&S showcases your advanced knowledge and skills when it comes to routing and switching.

  1. Consolidate Leadership Skills

Although the CCNP R&S credential focuses a lot on routing and switching technologies, it also equips you with the ideal expertise to lead networking projects. In most companies that deal with the installation of routers and segmentation of switches, performance metrics such as milestones, scope and budget are exclusively done by CCNP professionals in routing and switching. Therefore, this certification gives you an edge to take lead in a team of technicians and other employees.

  1. Stand Out from Crowd

Since CCNP R&S is a professional credential under the Cisco certification program, it is not always easy to achieve since you are required to have attained a relevant badge and pass the associated exams. Therefore, you can easily get noticed when you attend a job interview because very few professionals succeed. In addition, Cisco is globally recognized as a giant when it comes to networking.

  1. Step Up to Advanced Certifications

It is always a desire for every scholar to attain the highest qualification or success in his or her career. Accordingly, CCNP R&S forms a strong foundation towards advanced certifications such as at CCIE and CCAr levels.

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Future Career Prospects

  • Network Engineer
  • System Administrator
  • Network Administrator

According to the PayScale website, CCNP R&S certified network professionals earn a basic salary that is estimated to be around $94,000 per year.


Networking is one of the most vibrant fields in the IT industry. This means that it is important to gain advanced knowledge and skills to configure, install and troubleshoot routers and switches and so, gain the essential CCNP R&S credential.

Make up your mind now and start the preparation with exam dumps from the productive ExamSnap website and you’ll succeed in your certification exams!

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