How to Install Bluestacks in 1GB RAM : FIXED

Most of the android lovers can now easily enjoy all their favorite android apps and games on their Windows PC without spending extra money on purchasing expensive android smartphone’s or tablets just for the sake of running android apps or games.I have already discussed in my previous articles much about the Bluestacks App Player and its quality features so i am not going to discuss much about bluestacks right now and the focus will be straight on the ongoing issue that is how to install bluestacks in 1GB RAM.

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Basically Bluestacks is a very heavy application that requires powerful system resources for its proper functioning and operation so user’s who don’t own such system often face situations like problem installing bluestacks due to sufficient memory and graphics card memory but don’t worry there is a solution for every problem and so as for this issue also.Check below to learn how to install bluestacks in 1GB RAM.

How to Install Bluestacks in 1GB RAM – Steps to Follow

Its quite simple to install bluestacks in 1GB RAM and doesn’t require much technical knowledge to do this you just need to tweak some internal settings of the Bluestacks Installer so that it can bypass the 2GB RAM Verification test and is thus successfully installed on the system that is having less than 1GB RAM so here below is the step by step procedure that you need to follow so as to allow the installation on bluestacks on system with 1GB RAM.

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Note – Don’t use the split installer just download the offline installer as mentioned above

  • After installing Orca Just Go to the Bluestacks offline installer that you haved just downloaded from the above given link
  • Right click on the Bluestacks Offline Installer Setup file and Select Edit with Orca as shown below

How to Install Bluestacks in 1GB RAM - Step 1

  • Go to LaunchCondition > Select “Installed OR PhysicalMemory >=1024” condition > Press Delete > Select OK.

How to Install Bluestacks in 1GB RAM - Step 2

  • Go to InstallExecuteSequence > Click on “CheckMsiSignature> Press Delete > Click OK

How to Install Bluestacks in 1GB RAM - Step 3

  • Click on the Save button icon and that’s it you are all done.

How to Install Bluestacks in 1GB RAM - Step 4

  • Now try Installing once again bluestacks from the saved Bluestacks Offline Installer and hopefully this time your bluestacks will be installed successfully without any issues.

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  1. It installs to my 1gb ram laptop…but it’s not working…after launching it, it only says “initializing”…I’ve waited for hours and nothing happened…please help 🙁

    1. Can you please tell me which graphics chipset you are having ?

    2. enable virtualization of your computer bios.. watch it on how to enable virtualization..

  2. thanks for this thing

  3. great,it work now.

  4. Can I install on intel graphics chipset?

    1. Yeah you can but only on the latest chipsets….

  5. · Edit

    thanks, its working now

  6. will it work on NVIDIA.

    1. Yeah it should..

  7. I click right on bluestack offline file but there are not edit with orca…. Help me


  9. Bluestack shows only initializing. Plz help my chipset is Intel(R) G33/G31 Express Chipset Family

  10. Thank it working

  11. Thankyou sooooooooooooooo much pankaj bhaiya i am 14 years old and now i can play clash of clans in pc thnx sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much yoooooooooooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!


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