Bluestacks Loading Problem Stuck on Screen FIX Windows

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Recently after Installing Bluestacks App Player on my Windows 8 laptop I was facing a very strange problem that is Bluestacks always stuck on loading screen and doesn’t progress further even after waiting for hours though I haven’t faced such issue while running on my Desktop Windows 7 PC but after searching for the issue over internet I found that i am not the only one to face this Bluestacks loading problem there are other users too struggling with this endless bluestacks loading screen problem therefore I went on searching for a proper solution to fix bluestacks loading problem and most surprisingly i did found a very simple solution that I am going to share with you so that you can also fix this loading screen issue.

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How to fix Bluestacks Loading Problem – Best Fix

The basic solution to fix bluestacks loading screen issue lies within the User Account control access but before we proceed to those core steps it is better that you are using the latest bluestacks app player and all the additional supporting software’s like .net framework as mentioned below.

Step – 1

  • First of all make sure that you are having the latest version of Bluestacks installed on your system.

Step – 2

After making sure that you are having the latest Bluestacks Android emulator and all the necessary software’s installed on your system but still facing the same loading screen issue then it is the time that you should try the following fix that will completely remove the root cause of your problem.

  • Go to the Directory C:\\ProgramData if your Windows is Installed in C: Drive

Note – It is ProgramData not Program files if you don’t see any ProgramData folder in your drive just check the option to view Hidden files and folders.

  • Now find the Bluestacks Folder there and Right Click on that folder and Select Properties.
  • Under Security Tab -> Click on the Edit Option as shown below.

Fix Bluestacks Loading Problem - Security Tab

  • Select Users and Under Permission for Users -> Select Full Control and -> Check mark the box Allow as shown below.

Fix Bluestacks Loading Problem - Full Control

  • That’s it now hopefully you will no longer face the same Bluestacks loading issue anymore.

Note – If your problem is still not resolved after trying the above fixes there are most likely chances you are having some hardware incompatibility issues like too old old graphics chipset or insufficient available memory.

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  1. Thanks, upgrade to this new version 2.11.301. Let’s see how it works. The above I had it got stuck loading and did not work well. The new version I like because I can upload images directly from windows previous version could not

  2. hi
    u have given the solution for win7 can u give me same solution for win xp. I have installed bluestack successfully but when i open its stuck to loading only. I have win xp. I have install dot net frame 4 also.
    Hope u give some solution. I dont have graphic card.

    1. Hii friend…Can you please tell me which Windows XP version are you using i.e Service pack 2 or Service pack 3 ?

      1. hi pankaj i am dhruv actually i amrunning windows xp service pack 3 but when i right click on bluestack folder there is no security bar showing there only 3 they are—general….,, sharing and customize please help me its important

        1. Hi Dhruv…Please check here maybe this can help you out Thanks!

          Best Regards
          Pankaj Kumar

  3. Just changed the destination of installation folder! Set it as “C:\Program Files” instead of “C:\Program Data” that is proposed and defined as default location!
    This fixed my problem of “Bluestacks Initializing”

  4. Thanks a lot, its working now

  5. None of these solutions did not work for me!
    My solution:
    1) Go to the link:
    and save the file!
    2) Start “BlueStacks-ThinInstaller.exe”!
    – The first window you will see after starting the Installer is a “Welcome window”
    3) Press “Continue” button on the lower right corner of the window!
    – The window with name “Installing BlueStacks”(on top of it) will appear in front of you.
    4) In the center of the window “Installing BlueStacks” you will find the field “Select Bluestacks Data Location”. by default it contains “C:\ProgramData”, erase it and fill the next string – “C:\Program Files”.
    5) Press “Next”!

    1. i tried your installation file. it says need 2gb free space

  6. i resolved my problem when i joined this page, Thanks for 🙂

  7. changing destination folder from program data helped ty

  8. Tried the above steps but still the same problem…..
    Mine windows 7pc 1gb ram

  9. Edit with orca software
    1. Right click on your bluestack installer than select edit with orca
    2.go to change sequence delete 2GB RAM condition
    3.go to execution sequence delete signature
    5. Install it it will fix the problem

  10. Thanks. This is really helpful and solve my problem.

  11. Thank you so much. It’s really working now. I am so happy.


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