How to Play Android Games on PC – BlueStacks

Android is becoming a very Popular Operating System in Smartphones due to the availability millions of apps in the Google Playstore.The Main reason for the Growing Success of Android OS is its amazing apps and High Quality Games of which most of them are available for free.Play Subway Surfers on PC Because of these high quality apps and games you need to have a Powerful Android Smartphone to run these apps smoothly on your devices but on the same side these Powerful Android Smartphones costs a lot which are not affordable for everyone.Play Real Cricket 2014 on PC If you want to buy Android Smartphone just for enjoying the Android apps or Games therefore i am going to Provide you a Different platform to enjoy these apps just for free.Use Whatsapp on PC Here in this Post I am going to Tell you How to Play or Run these Android Games on Your PC/Computer without spending money on Android Smartphones.You can Run any Android app or game on your pc using the BlueStacks.Here below is a Step by Step Guide on How to Play Android Games on your PC using BlueStacks a Free Emulator to Play your Favorite Android Games on PC.Play Fruit Ninja HD on PC

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How to Play Android Games on PC : Steps to Follow

1 – Downloading and Installing BlueStacks

  • First of all You need to Download and Install BlueStacks on Your PC/Computer.

Download BlueStacks From Here – Windows

 Download BlueStacks From Here – Mac OS

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2 – Setting Up Bluestacks

  • Next it will ask you to Login to your Google Account as shown below in the Image.How to Play Android Games on PC/

Note – If Your Account Password is in Capital Letters then you need to Enter Your Password Using the Virtual Keyboard located at the Bottom.

3 – Searching For the App and Installing

  • After Completing the One Time Setup now Search for the App you want to Download to your PC/Computer as shown below in the image.How to Play Android Games on PC/
  • Click Install and It will start Searching the Stores and Click on the Game Icon and it will Start Downloading as shown below in the Image.How to Play Android Games on PC/

4 – Running the Installed App

  • After Installing the App Go back to My Apps tab and there it will be shown installed as shown below in the Image.How to Play Android Games on PC/
  • Click on the App to Run and You will be able to Play the Game Using Your Mouse and Keyboard.

Screenshot Showing Gameplay on PC/ComputerHow to Play Android Games on PC/

  • That’s all and You are all Done.

Optional – Guide to Use BlueStacks

BlueStacks is an Awesome Emulator to Play Your Favorite Android Games on Your PC/Computer.By Using BlueStacks You can Even use Whatsapp to chat with your Friends.Best Free Android Apps of All Time You can Easily Configure BlueStacks Settings i.e Changing Keyboard Layout,Managing Contacts,Managing Applications etc.You just Need to Click on the Gear Icon Located at the Bottom to Open the BlueStacks Settings Page where you can edit or Manage the Applications,Contacts,Keyboard Settings and Much More as Shown below in the Image.Top 10 Best Android Phones Under 10000How to Play Android Games on PC/

Note Important

It may happen that Some Android Games will Crash during Playing since BlueStacks is still in Beta Version therefore you need to wait till the Full Proper Version of BlueStacks is Released

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60 thoughts on “How to Play Android Games on PC – BlueStacks

  1. I hav windiows 7 with 1gb ram but it shows error that it need 2gb physical memory so what should I do

  2. Excellent blog..keep it up..!!!

  3. dsn’t working in my pc. its showing (error 25000. bluestack currently doesn’t recognize your graphics card . it is possible your graphic drivers may need to be updated . please update them and try installing again.) please tell me what i do?

  4. How about playing games with a keyboard? I find it really hard to play alot of the games with just the mouse. Also, most games are not joystick supported. Thanks!

  5. I’m also struggle to play android games using keyboard, it seems they are not keyboard support or there is another way to set that on the bluestack, if there is any way to do that help me with.

    • Try Changing the Keyboard Layout Settings in Bluestacks maybe that will Help You…Click on Settings then Go to “Change Keyboard Settings” and Select “Keyboard Layout Settings” to change Your Default Keyboard Layout Settings….If I find any New Solution to this I will Update you soon…

  6. How to play temple run on PC – Bluestacks using keyboard

    • You can Simply Set Your Keyboard Controls…By Default They are as Follow :
      1)To Move left -> Left arrow key
      2) To Move right -> Right arrow key
      3) To Jump -> Up arrow key
      4) To Slide -> Down arrow key
      5) For Left Tilt -> Z key
      6. For Right Tilt -> X key

  7. this is cooool…and very useful…good work…

  8. jashan boparai says:

    Can you please tell me how to play subway suffers in bluestacks?

    • Just Search For Subway Surfers and Install it and Then Run it and Play…You can Also Download and Play Subway Surfers in your PC Without Using Bluestakcs Also..

  9. I am having problem whule installing bluestacks.. It says Graphics card not found…. and i dont have graphics card in my system.. so what should i do now to install it??

  10. subway surfer does not supprted on my bluestack. what sholud i do???

  11. but i want to connect it with facebook….

  12. how to use wechat on my laptop?

  13. hey,Pankaj I am unable to install nvidia software on my pc.what are the requirment for installing it?

  14. spandan patil says:

    i not have internet on my pc.i took bluestacks from friend.can i play apk files still being offline

  15. ERROR : This Application requires windows SP3. Iam using windows SP2. I cant uninstal my operating system because iam using SAP software in my laptop..

    • Why Don’t You Upgrade your Windows to SP3 By Downloading the SP3 Update Package…But Make Sure to have a Genuine Windows…

  16. Benny Singh says:

    Yup! its a great software …..
    simply make users to use any app or game in PC if they don’t have any AndroidOS device or they wanna have a big screen experience……….

  17. nice software its working…!!!

  18. 1gb of physical memmory is required. what does it mean , what is physical memmory and how can i run this setup

  19. Ajay Ingale says:

    i am having problem wile installing blueatack it says ?This app requires at least 2 gb physical memory.

    • You Must Have at least 2GB of RAM to Run Bluestacks so Please Upgrade Your RAM if You want to Install Bluestacks on Your PC Also Graphics Card is Required…..

  20. hi good guide but i have a question when i open Temple run it lags
    is there any fix ?

    • It is because of Your PC Specifications….Increasing Your PC Specifications is the Only way to Fix the Lag….

  21. Onewinged Angel says:

    I have tried to change the keyboard settings, but I can’t find the menu to change the button configuration… And when playing minion rush, don’t know how to tilt the “device”.

    Thnx for helping

  22. i have download and try install BlueStacks. Begin install have some blocking then pop up because of my antivirus (Bit Defender). What i must do now? can u help me for it….. Plz

  23. hi thx for this bluestacks..

    my only question is how can i play inotia 4 using keyboard ?? XD

    thx for helping us..

  24. it is necessary to have mobile device connected to our Google account… i have no android device in my Google account…now what will i do…???

    • Yeah Bro it is Necessary to Have Your Mobile Device Connected to Google account because eventually all the apps will be downloaded from Google Playstore……

  25. Thank you Pankaj.

  26. i cannot play is too slow,stops off and on…says problem in application try again…what could be the solution?

    • It is happening because of your old PC Configuration or unsupported hardware…..The only way is upgrade your PC Hardware….

  27. ihave click install.. thenn.. have three icon.. 1mobil market, amazon apps, playstore.. what should i do.. ??

  28. is there any other emulator that can emulate the whole features of android?

  29. Hey Pankaj! Thanks for the info on your blog.

    I’m having a problem with Minion Rush. The app crashes after it downloads content from the net on the first run. Do you know how to solve this problem? I am unable to play minion rush…

    • I think you should try installing Minion Rush by downloading the APK File and I hope this fixes your crash issue….Else there might be some compatibility issues regarding your system or bluestacks…Thanks

  30. Tamal.aryean says:

    i have 3gb ram i can use whatsapp or viber easily in BlueStacks but when i open a game like temple runor angry bird than nothing happen all thing is dark only hear sound… what can i do now?

  31. Hey pankaj I installed bluestacks from my mobile and I dont have internet connection in my pc soo can I install bluestacks in pc without net connection

  32. Hello Pankaj!

    Im using windows 8 with the latest Bluestack version, i also had updated my graphic card and i have 3gb RAM.

    Why a game called “Brave Frontier” is running very slow/ laggy?

    Either way, any games, is not running properly…

    What can i do?

  33. Thanks for the wonderful tutorial and now exploring it now.

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