How to Permanently Remove Games from Steam Library

If you are into digital video games, then you must be aware of Steam by Valve. Steam is the largest and most popular source for the gamers. The company provides the digital copy of the games at a discounted price. Since, you need to download the games from the Steam server, you will be saved the disk and the packing cost of the game. Nevertheless, I am still a big backer of games on physical storage devices as the Internet connectivity is not so great everywhere and the size of the games have been increasing which has reached more than 30GB for a single game. So, to download such large size games you not only need a faster Internet but 100 GBs of bandwidth as well. Nevertheless, steam is still a great option for those who have access to faster Internet and have unlimited bandwidth.

Remove games from Steam Library

Normally, Steam offers games on discount than the other stores as the game are digitally available, but during the festive season, you can get games with discount up to 75%. Another advantage of steam over the conventional game store is that it can offer new but the less popular games as well. Not all the developers can shun big amount of money for the marketing of their games. Hence, services like Steam can serve the purpose as it would be easier to promote your game on the digital platform.

Coming back to the topic, most of the time when Steam offers games on huge discount, the avid gamers would just try to grab as many titles as they can. Because, Steam usually offers a big discount during Black Friday or the festive season only.

Now suppose that you have purchased tons of games and added them to your Steam library, but some games on the list didn’t live up to your expectation. What would you do with them? There is no point in keeping the game in your Steam library when you are not interested in it. The best thing you would like to do is permanently remove games from Steam library. In other situation, you may have played few games again and again and now there is nothing much to do with the game then also, you would like to permanently remove games from Steam library.

Until few months ago, Steam didn’t have any option to permanently remove games from Steam library. However, the company has recently added a delete feature that allows you to remove games from steam library easily. So, in this post, I will show you how to remove games from the Steam library.

How to Permanently Remove Games from Steam Library : Steps to Follow

    • Open Steam Help  and login to your Steam account. Now select the game that you want to remove from the Steam library. Under What problem are you having the product, select “I want to permanently remove this games from my account.”
  • Next, click OK, remove the listed games from my account permanently. That’s it! You have successfully removed games from Steam library. Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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