How to Enable USB Debugging in Micromax Android ?

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How to Enable USB Debugging in Micromax : Micromax is the leading Indian mobile maker and has been doing great in Indian market with the launch of some high end and budget oriented device launches. Micromax devices are good device for the money you spend on them. Since almost all the Micromax devices runs on Android, you can always make most out of it. Android devices can be rooted to gain full access to the device. Rooting has several advantages including ability flash the custom ROM, latest version of Android OS that is not available for your device etc. Rooting requires you to enable USB debugging on your Micromax device. Moreover, to enable USB debugging you should enable developer option in your device. This article covers the steps involved to enable USB debugging and Developer option in Micromax. Check for detailed step by step instructions on How to Enable USB Debugging in Micromax Android Devices.

How to Enable USB Debugging in Micromax

Note: Enabling USB Debugging is  same on Android 5.0 Lollipop and Android 4.4 Kitkat as well as Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. Therefore, if you are running of the above-mentioned Android version, you can follow below given steps to enable USB Debugging.

How to Enable USB Debugging in Micromax Devices ? – Steps to Follow

As I said earlier, before you can enable USB debugging on your Micromax device, you should enable Developer Options. Here is how to enable Developer Option in Micromax.

  • Tap on Setting from the apps menu and Scroll down to page and tap on About Phone. Next scroll down and find the build number. Now you have to tap 7 times on Build Number to enable Developer Option. Once you see “you are now a developer” message, you can proceed with next set of steps.

  • Now again go back to Settings from the Apps menu. Tap on About Phone and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Under about phone, you should find Developer Option. Tap on it to open it.

  • Next, find and enable USB Debugging under Developer Option. There you go! You have successfully enabled Developer Option in Micromax device and enabled USB debugging in Micromax phones. You can anytime disable USB debugging from Settings > About Phone > Developer Option and disable USB Debugging option.

It is always recommended to keep USB Debugging disabled on your device. Enable it only if necessary or if you are planning to root your device.

Supported Micromax Handsets :

Micromax Bolt A068 , Micromax Bolt A075 , Micromax Bolt A089 , Micromax A091 Hero, Micromax A102 Canvas Doodle 3 , Micromax A113 Canvas Ego, Micromax A114 Canvas 2.2, Micromax A114R Canvas Beat, Micromax Canvas Tube A118R, Micromax A120, Micromax A121, Micromax A177, Micromax A26, Micromax A34, Micromax A350, Micromax A36,Micromax A46,Micromax A71, Micromax A74,Micromax Bolt A064, Micromax A065, Micromax A069, Micromax A082, Micromax A092, Micromax A093, Micromax A104, Micromax A105, Micromax Unite A106, Micromax A108, Micromax A109, Micromax A113, Micromax A115, Micromax A190, Micromax A28, Micromax A290, Micromax A300, Micromax Nitro A310, Micromax A315, Micromax A34, Micromax A37, Micromax A40, Micromax A46, Micromax A69, C200, C210, MT500, X085, X084, X086, X088, X089, X096, X097, X098, X1i ULTRA, X1i Xtra, X251, X253, X254, X258, X264, X273, X279i, X281, X282, X324i, Micromax A116, Unite 2, Canvas HD, Nitro, A110, A111

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