How to unlock every Vampire Survivors character

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Character unlock conditions in Vampire Survivors range from “just play the game” to “you’re never finding this without a guide.” Luckily, here’s that exact guide to help you unlock every character in Vampire Survivors! This guide includes the secret characters, which requires unlocking the Secret Menu first, as well as the DLC characters.

As a side note, all of these characters can be unlocked with a special password spell, but you must unlock the ability to use spells first if you want to use that unlock method.

Base characters

Antonio: You start with this guy. Have fun!

Imelda: Purchase with gold.

Pasqualina: Purchase with gold.

Gennaro: Purchase with gold.

Arca: During any run, level up the Fire Wand to rank 4. Then purchase with gold. Spell: noneladonna.

Porta: During any run, level up the Lightning Ring to rank 4. Then purchase with gold. Spell: vivaladonna.

Lama: Survive any run for at least 20 minutes and end it with some percentage of Curse higher than the base, then buy with gold. Spell: superladonna.

Poe: Get Garlic to level 7 then buy him in the shop. Spell: strongestcharacter.

Clerici: Recover over 1,000 HP cumulatively (does not have to be in one single round), then buy her. spell: faschiuma.

Dommario: Get over 5,000 gold in one level, then buy. Spell: bioparco.

Krochi: Defeat 100,000 enemies in all runs, then buy him. Spell: accidenti.

Christine: Level pentagram to 7, then buy. Spell: crystalmakeup.

Pugnala: Find her coffin in the Mad Forest level, and then buy her with gold. Spell: flymetothemoon.

Giovanna: Find her coffin in the Inlaid Library, then buy her. Spell: thetwoassassins.

Poppea: Find her coffin in the Dairy Plant, then buy her. Spell: feldschlacht.

Concetta: Find her coffin in Gallo Tower. You have to enter a secret passageway through a mirror on the left. Then you can buy her with gold. Spell: ifeellovevenus.

Mortaccio: Kill 3000 skeletons across all runs, then buy him. You can also enter a special code in the main menu: up up down down left right left right escape enter. This is a variation on the classic “Konami code.”

Cavallo: Kill 3000 Lion Heads in any mode, then buy him. Spell: yattapanda.

Ramba: Kill 3000 Milk Elementals in any mode, then buy her. Spell: carramba.

O’Sole: Kill 3,000 Dragon Shrimps, then buy it. All variants of Dragon Shrimps count towards this — except for boss versions, Bone Dragon, Flame Dragon, and Serpentine Skeleton Dragons. Spell: reset. dasd

Ambrojoe: Kill 6,000 Stage Killers and Elite Stage Killers (combined), then buy. Spell: languorino.

Gallo: Acquire the Infinite Corridor weapon by evolving the Clock Lancet, which requires having Silver Ring and Gold Ring at max level, then purchase the character. Spell: waitreaction.

Divano: Acquire the Crimson Shroud weapon by evolving the Laurel with Metaglio Left and Metaglio Right fully leveled, then purchase the character. Spell: quandolodicelui.

Zi’Assunta: Open her c offin in Cappella Magna, then purchase. Spell: paradigmshift.

Sigma: Complete the entire Collection tab, then purchase her. (Her price will be set to zero.) Spell: allatonce.

Legacy of the Moonspell:

These characters require you to have purchased the Legacy of the Moonspell DLC.

Miang: Find her coffin in Mount Moonspell, then buy. Spell: shounenheroine.

Menya: Evolve the Silver Wind weapon with a max level Pummarola. Spell: youngatheart.

Syuuto: Evolve the Four Seasons weapon with a max level Candelabrador and Spinach. Spell: itsnotaneclipse.

Babi-Onna: Evolve the Summon Night weapon with Echo Night and Duplicator levelled up to completion. Spell: vogue.

McCoy-Oni: Evolve the Mirage Robe weapon with a max level Attractorb. Spell: ionicoionico.

Megalo Menya: Defeat 100,000 enemies in a single level while using Menya. Spell: elamadonna.

Megalo Syuuto: End 100,000 enemies in a single level while using Syuuto. Spell: takeashower.

Gav’Et Oni: Kill 6,000 Kappas cummulatively. Spell: chevolano.

Secret Characters

To get these characters, you have to unlock the Secret Menu. Do so by killing Sketamari in the Bone Zone map. It’ll appear as a question mark on the map. Sketamari drops the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane. You only need to collect this relic once to unlock the secret menu.

Exdash: type “x-x1viiq” quickly into the main menu screen or as a spell to unlock. There is also a chance to unlock him whenever you collect a Little Clover, which increases with every clover you pick up.

Toastie: Have Exdash unlocked via spell or main menu code, then Kill the Stalker, the Drowner, or the Trickster. Toastie will flash for a moment on the bottom-right just like the classic Mortal Kombat gag. When he shows up, press Down and Enter quickly. If you hear a chime, he’ll be unlocked. You have to use the down arrow key specifically — the S from WASD doesn’t work. If you unlocked Exdash via clovers, Toastie will not appear. Spell: tramezzini (still requires Exdash to be unlocked.)

Smith IV: Have both Exdash and Toastie unlocked, then type “spam” in the main menu. After doing so, you have 30 seconds to complete the next steps. Then type “spam” again in the character selection screen and once more in the stage selection screen. Once you enter the run, type “humbug,” which will unlock him. Spell: maybeimastallion.

Random: Not a random-select button, but an actual character. Opening a coffin for the second time on a normal stage will unlcok Random for purchase. Spell: igottagettotheedgeofsoul.

Marrabio: Have the Yellow Sign relic unlocked, which requires you to collect it from the Holy Forbidden stage. Then enter Mad Forest and pick up Skull O’Maniac and Pummarola items from the level, or get them as a level-up bonus. Then there will be a trail of pie (literally, the pie food pickup) that leads you to Morrabio, who you must defeat. He’ll also slowly walk towards you once the pies start appearing. He’ll appear in the shop after being defeated. Spell: fettinepanate.

Avatar: Requires you to have beaten The Directer. Then go into the Inlaid Library on Inverse Mode, and go right until you meet the Trickster (and kill him of course). Walk up to the piano near him and press the D, A, A#, G and C# keys. For the non-musically inclined, it’s the second white key, sixth white key, fifth black key, fifth white key, and first black key in that order. You’ll be in a new area with nine coffins — open them until you find Avatar Infernus and battle him. This will end your run and allow you to purchase Avatar in the shop. Spell: kalvasflam.

Minnah: After unlocking the Yellow Sign, go to Dairy Plant and grab the cheese which will be visible on your map. This spawns seven werewolves; kill them to unlock Minnah in the shop. Spell: foldinthecheese.

Leda: Go to Gallo Tower as a character with high speed movement. Go downward until the music changes to wind noises. The letters should also change to “IAMALIVEHERE.” Keep going down until you meet Leda and defeat her to unlock her. Her HP bar is massive so it may take a while. Buy her in the shop afterward. Spell: iwillneverletyouforgetaboutme.

Cosmo: Rerquires having the Yellow Sign as well as having already unlocked Zi’Assunta. Go to Cappella Magna as a character with no eggs, and get Peachone and Ebonyt Wings as weapons. Go north and find a Nduja Fritta Tanto; collecting it spawns Cosmo. Collect him to unlock him in the shop. Spell: lhovistoio.

Peppino: Go to Il Molise and attack the plants with Celestial Dusting which will heal them. After healing them for 100,000 total Peppino will be unlocked in the shop. Pros recommend using O’Sole as the doggy doesn’t take damage from plants. Spell: pinociampino.

Trouser: Go to Moonglow, grab all stage items, and max them all out. This is actually a bit tricky as you have to exit the run manually once you max everything out; if you play ’till the end of the run, it’ll use up your Tiragisu. Buy him in the shop for a lot of gold. Spell: earrivatolarrotino.

Missingno: With the yellow sign, go to Green Acres with Hyper and hurry activated. Go southwest until new enemies spawn; kill 128 to unlock Missingno. Spell: rightninetyseven.

Gains: In The Bone Zone, go north until you see a ring of flowers. The ring of flowers is special and heals hte player; if you stay in the ring for ten consecutive seconds you’ll hear a jingle which unlocks Gains for purchase.

Gyorunton: Survive 15 minutes in Boss Rash using only one weapon, then purchase him in the shop. Spell: secondevolution.

Red Death: Kill Death. You might need to follow a guide to get this done. Spell: ablasphemousmockery.

Scorej-Oni: Walk to the right on Tiny Bridge to meet the Oni and beat him. Spell: notsureitsthunder.

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