Zync Z1000 Review: Budget ICS tablet

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Zync Z1000 Review : Affordable Tablet

Zync is offering a budget ICS(Ice Cream Sandwitch) an Android based OS tablet Z1000 reasonably priced around  Rs10,000-Rs11000 which provides a good replacement option against the Apple iPad at a very low price with great features and powerful hardware speciications.Its overall size seems to be very close to Apple iPad with naked eyes. Zync Z1000 runs on Android 4.0.4 known as ICS which can be further upgraded to the latest Android Version 4.1 Jelly Bean as claimed by the official product website.It features a huge 9.7 inches IPS LCD Capacitive Touchscreen Display with a high resolution of 1024×768 pixels ,Bright Display Top 10 Best Android Phones Under 10000 and 4:3 aspect ratio which is better than the Micromax Funbook Pro.Zync Z1000 is powered by a powerful 1.5Ghz Processor and 1 GB DDR3 RAM with an internal storage of upto 8GB which is expandable upto 32GB.It is very Well Designed with a solid built-in quality.Watching movies on this device is very good and pleasurable with a nice representation of colours.Its Viewing angles Display are not the best but good enough for its low price.Zync Z1000 features a SIM card slot for making normal as well as video calls and accessing the Internet.Web Browing is a wonder to use on this device beacuse of its large screeen display. Audio quality is very good and clear with a very little distortion at full volume.It has got both primary 2.0MP and secondary 0.3MP cameras for image shooting and for making video calls.Battery has a very good life span lasting around almost 6hours in continuous video playback powered by a powerful 7000mAh battery.Playing Games on Zync Z1000 is fun and is capable of playing almost all the latest games present in the market like Angry Birds Star Wars,Temple Run etc.Sometimes you may experience some lag while running multiple apps and scrolling isn’t that good.Full Charging takes a lot of time Top 10 Best Android Phones Under 10000

zync z1000 review
General Specifications of Zync Z1000
Operating System  : Android 4.0.4 ICS(Upgradable to 4.1 Jelly Bean)
Processor  : 1.5 Ghz Single Core
Camera  : Primary(Rear) – 2MP and Secondary(Front) -0.3MP
Display  : 9.7 inches with a screen resolution of 1024×768 pixels and 4:3 Aspect ratio
Storage  : Internal – 8GB and External – upto 32GB
Connectivity  : Wi-fi ,2G and 3G(Via SIM),HDMI,2x Micro USB

Battery : 7000mAh
*If you are looking to buy a tablet with a large screen size under Rs10000 then Zync Z1000 is the right choice for you or else you can buy Zync Z999 Plus which is having a smaller screen size.You can buy it online from Flipkart

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