How to Remove AVG Antivirus Completely – Windows 7/8/XP/Vista

AVG Antivirus is one of the Top rated Premium and renowned antivirus that keeps your system free from all kinds of viruses,malwares or threats 24/7.AVG now comes with Internet security features that ensures that you always stay safe regardless of what you are searching or what sites you are accessing on Your Internet Browser because now most of the major threats come from spam or malware sites but now with AVG Internet Security installed on your Windows PC or Laptop you don’t need to worry anymore about your safety.

The process of Installing AVG Antivirus is quite easy and simple like other antiviruses but it suffers from a major drawback that arises while Uninstalling AVG From your system.I have been using and praising AVG antivirus for past few years but owing to its Uninstallation issues it becomes quite frustrating and irritating if you want to Install AVG Antivirus on a new system because you don’t your all new system to end up facing problems in-case you want to remove AVG Antivirus and install some other antivirus.Therefore if you are one of those who failed to remove AVG Antivirus from your system after trying repeatedly.Follow the below given procedure to get familiar with How to Remove AVG Antivirus Completely from your PC.

How to Remove AVG Antivirus Completely Windows 7/8/XP/Vista

Reasons to Remove AVG Antivirus Completely :

One of the major reason behind removing AVG Antivirus completely from your PC is to allow installation of other antiviruses because you can’t keep two different antiviruses on the same system that’s why complete removal is a must.

How to Remove AVG Antivirus Completely from System : AVG Remover Tool

AVG by its own provides a free utility for safe and complete uninstallation of AVG Antivirus from your system known as AVG Remover tool.With this tool you can easily remove AVG Antivirus anytime without facing any issues.

What Does AVG Remover tool removes ?

AVG Remover tool removes all your personnel AVG User settings thus eliminating all AVG Files from your system including registry entries and installation files ensuring no trace of AVG is left on your system.

Note – Make sure to Finish all your work and save your important data before running AVG Remover tool because in the process you will be prompted to restart your system.

That’s all in How to Remove AVG Antivirus Completely from Windows Using Official AVG Removal tool but still after trying the above given procedure you face any difficulties feel free to ask by commenting below……

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