How to Use Keyboard as Mouse by Using Numpad ?

This is one of the most Interesting trick to try and use to which most of the users are still not aware .It is pretty useful sometimes to Use your Keyboard as mouse especially during Mouse failure issue or you have an urgent need for mouse work but you can’t arrange a new mouse therefore in such cases you can always try to use your computer keyboard as your mouse.Though this will not give you the same feel and ease as provided by mouse but still with its help you will be able to carry out your urgent work.So Here below is a detailed step by step procedure on How to Use Keyboard as Mouse.

How to Use Keyboard as Mouse – Steps to Follow

To Convert your computer keyboard into mouse you need to go through a sequence of steps that are listed below and be assured that this will not harm your system.

  • Wait and You will See a Dialog box

 Use Keyboard as Mouse - Step 1

  • Just Click on Yes and Your Keyboard will be now transformed into a Working mouse that you can easily you to move your cursor over the screen.

Note – Your Numeric Keypad will be used for moving the Cursor over the screen so here below are the General Instructions on How to Control Mouse Pointer movement by the Numeric Keys

Pressing 5 Will Act as Left Mouse Button

Press * and then Press 5 Will Act as Right Mouse Button (To Use 5 back as left mouse button Just Press / Key)

Press 0 and Navigate your Pointer to Select Text

Hold Ctrl to Speed Up and Shift to slow down the Cursor Movement.

  • To Get More Customization options for setting up the mouse keys and pointer movement speed etc Just Select the Option Go to the Ease of Access center to disable the keyboard shortcut as displayed on the Dialog Box after pressing ALT + LEFT SHIFT + NUMLOCK


Use Keyboard as mouse - Customization

Note – To Disable this Mouse Functionality Just Press ALT + LEFT SHIFT + NUMLOCK Once again

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