Download Huawei Mobile Partner for Windows 7/8/8.1/XP/Mac

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Huawei is world’s leading telecommunications equipment maker known especially for its usb data cards or usb modems or you can say usb dongles. Huawei is a Chinese company with its headquarters located at Shenzhen, Guangdong. Huawei has been offering telecommunications services since its inception in 1987 and has received very good positive response from its customers and the government of china. Now in the era of Internet, data card’s have become a necessity for most of the people around the world especially for the working employees and for travelers and about 90% of such people use Huawei Internet data card’s not only because they are easily available but for their high performance internet connectivity and speeds even in the remote or harsh areas where mobile signals are quite weak but thanks to their powerful usb data card’s that makes internet experience enjoyable without any pause. Therefore if you are having Huawei Internet data card then you need to install Huawei Mobile partner on your Windows or Mac system before you can connect to Iternnet so here below is the latest huawei mobile partner that you can download for your Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows XP, Ubuntu or Apple Mac OS.

Download Huawei Mobile partner for Windows : Check below

Huawei Mobile partner is the official Huawei’s driver software for its USB Data cards or dongles lineup. It provides a medium to connect to different mobile networks via Huawei USB Modem and has support for premium functions like SMS messaging, Phone Book and bandwidth statistics graphs. Huawei regularly keeps updating their Mobile partner to provide support for the latest internet usb modems as well as adding additional feature’s. The latest Huawei Mobile partner comes with Huawei HiCloud (Cloud+), improve data usage statistics, all new user interface, WiFi direct and much more. You can download huawei mobile partner for Windows from below.

  • Get Huawei Mobile Partner for Windows

Alternatively :

You can download Huawei Mobile partner from the official Huawei website by selecting your product and model as shown below

Download Huawei Mobile Partner

Supported Huawei Data Cards / Dongles :

AP02HW, B3000, B594, B593s, B593s-601, B593u, E1100, E153Du, E155, E1550, E156, E158. E160E, E161B, E169, E170, 1708, E173, E173B, E173Cs, E173Gu, E173Ls, E173s, E173u, E173z, E1750, E1752Cu, E1762, E77u, E180, E1820, E1823, E186, E188s, E2010, E303, E303Bs, E303Cs, E303Fs, E303i, E303Ms, E303s, E303u, E3121M E3131, E3131As, E131s, E3236, E3251, E3256, E3276, E3276s, E3331, E3372, E352Ls, E352s, E352u, E353, E3531, E3531i, E353Au, E353s, E353Tu, E353u, E353Ws, E357, E367u, E368, E369, E372, E732u, E393u, E397Bu, E398, E398u, E5172As, E589u, EC1270, EC1270, EC156, EC1561, EC159, EC176, EC177, EC178, EC179, EC182, EC306

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