Micromax USB Modem Not Working Windows 8/8.1 FIXED

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USB modems are now becoming more popular way of accessing Internet these days as compared to the physical wire based ADSL Internet setup. The best part of having USB modem is that you can have internet access anywhere from your Home, Office or even while traveling offering high data transfer speeds as well. USB modems offers great convenience and easy to carry facility. What you have to do is just connect your USB modem to the USB port of your system and within a matter of few seconds you will be connected to Internet depending upon your cellular phone carrier. Also now in the market there are different USB modems available and one biggest appealing thing about the latest USB Modems is that you can now use different cellular phone carrier service in single USB Modem data card. Micromax is offering such USB Modems and one popular USB Modem is Micromax 353G which works absolutely fine with Microsoft Windows 7 but there are some issues reported while using it with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 therefore here I am going to share how to fix USB modem not working issue in Windows 8 and 8.1 permanently.

How to fix Micromax USB Modem not working Windows 8/8.1 – Step by Step Guide

If you are experiencing issues while using your USB modem on Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 then here below is a simple and easy step by step guide that you can follow in order to fix USB modem not working issue. What you have to do is to just follow the below given steps carefully.

Note – The following steps are fully verified on Micromax Modem and are supposed to work for all the Micromax modems as well as other modems. Supported Micromax models includes Micromax MMX 210g, MMX 377G, MMX 352G, MMX 353G, MMX 310G etc

  • First of all it is important to remove any previous version of modem application that has been installed earlier.

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  • After Unininstalling previous version Open the Modem Installation files and set the modem_installation.exe and show_modem.exe compatibility mode to Windows 7

Note – To Change the Compatibility Right Click on modem_installation.exe and show_modem.exe and Select Properties -> Navigate to Compatibility Tab -> Under Compatibility mode check the box Run this program in Compatibility mode for Windows 7

  • Now Install the modem application and restart your system.
  • After successful installation go to the Installation folder directory

x64 bit OS – C:\Program Files (x86)\MMX353G 3G USB Manager\Driver\Win7_64

x32 bit OS – C:\Program Files\MMX353G 3G USB Manager\Driver\Win7_32

  • From here Copy the file cmnsusbser.sys and paste it to C:\Windows\System32\driver directory and replace the old files if prompted to do so.
  • Now go back to installation folder and right click on cmnsmdm.inf and cmnsser.inf and click on Install.
  • That’s it now just restart your system and hopefully this time you no longer will face the same.

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  1. How to run the micromax modem 210 in windows 10 ?and it procedures

    )Before install open the setup file(all the .exe files)–>right click–>properties–>compatibility–>ena… ‘run this program in compatibility mode’–>select Windows 7
    2)Install the MMX3G software it shows Install Drivers…FAIL! and promote you to Restart your PC.
    3)Restart and change the compatibility mode for MMX210G icon in the desktop same as the step 1.
    4)And go to the c:\program files(x86)\MMX210G 3G USB MANAGER\driver\Win7_32\
    here you find the following files and do the following methods.
    i) mmx_portcfg ->right click->install—>ok
    ii mmx_wvcom –>right click–>install–>ok
    iii) mmx_wvmdm –>right click–>install–>ok

    5)Thats all…run the program you will find that network is searching and Available.
    100% tested
    Enjoy Friends…


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