How to Boost and Increase RAM in Android Phone / Tablet

How to Boost and Increase RAM in Android Phone / Tablet : Google Android is already been the Best Mobile OS Platform till Now and is now Becoming more and more Popular after the Quick Releases of Android based Smartphones or Tablets from Various Manufacturers.Now a days almost 90% Latest Smartphones or Tablets are Running on Google Android OS.Android Devices are Available in the Range between Rs 4000 to Rs 40000 + But Since everyone Cannot afford to Buy these Expensive Android Smartphones or Tablets Equipped with Powerful Processors and High Capacity RAM therefore most of the Users go with Mid Range Android Smartphones or Tablets and thus later on Suffer from the Problem of Low RAM.I am too Using an Android Smartphone and suffered from this Problem for past few months But Now I am not facing this Low RAM Issue with my Android Smartphone after Finding a Great Solution for this Problem. How to Install Android Apps on SD Card Directly Without Rooting So Today I am Going to Share with you an amazing trick that will Let you Boost and Increase RAM in Android Phone or Tablet.I have Seen Lots of Android Devices Running Slow due to lack of Sufficient RAM and thus Facing Problems while Performing Multitasks,Playing Heavy Games and much more.Running on Low RAM Proves to be Very Frustrating and Irritating for each and every Android User even leading to Quick Shutdowns automatically but now no more shut downs or hanging problems.Just Read the Instructions Carefully on How to Boost and Increase RAM in Android Phone / Tablet.

Requirements For Increasing RAM in Android Phone/Tablet :

  • SD Card of Class 4 or Higher.

Note – SD Cards with Poor Speeds cannot be Used.

  • Android Smartphone or Tablet
  • RAM Expander Application

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How to Boost and Increase RAM in Android Phone / Tablet : PAID

As Discussed Above Having Low RAM Limits the Capability of Using Your Android Smartphone or Tablet therefore I am here with a Quick Solution to Fix this Low RAM Problem Forever Permanently Using RAM Expander Application.Therefore Lets get Started by getting familiar with RAM Expander Application that will help us to Boost and Increase RAM in Android Phone or Tablet.Read below for more information on How to Boost and Increase RAM in Android Devices.

About RAM Expander App :

RAM Expander is an Awesome that Increases Your RAM by Converting a Part of SD Card Memory into RAM that can be further Used as Virtual RAM for boosting Your Android Mobile or Tablet Performance.Therefore it is recommended to have a Memory Card with Higher Capacity greater than 4GB for best Performance.Though it is a Paid App but very much useful for Your Android Smartphone.

How to Boost and Increase RAM in Android Mobile

RAM Expander Key Features :

  • Easily Converts Your SD Card into RAM.
  • No Limitation on SWAP Partition.
  • Features Widget for PNP Swap.
  • Easy to Use with Autorun feature.

How to Use RAM Expander to Increase RAM of Your Android Device :

  • Before Buying this App you must Check your Device Compatibility with RAM Expander App therefore Use the Testing App before buying RAM Expander – Install Testing App ( Recommended)
  • If Your Android Device is compatible with the Above App then proceed Further.
  • Download and Install RAM Expander on Your Android Phone or Tablet – Download RAM Expander
  • Select Your Language after Installing RAM Expander.
  • Now Create a SWAP File by clicking Swap Activ and Enable it.
  • After Completion just click the Grey Box and Activate SWAP
  • That’s all and You are all Done.

How to Boost and Increase RAM in Android Phone / Tablet : FREE

If you don’t want to Purchase RAM Expander app or cannot afford to buy it then don’t worry here is another Simple method for you for Boosting and Increasing RAM in Your Android Device.You just need to Optimize RAM in Your Android Phone and it can be done by Using Popular Apps like RAM Booster,Memory Booster etc though you will find hundreds of apps that claims to Increase RAM in Android Devices but here I am Providing you with Tested and Verified Apps that really helps to Boost and Increase RAM in Android Phone or Tablet.

Smart RAM Booster

Smart RAM booster is a very Popular Android app for Optimizing RAM which Works by Killing the Low priority Processes or by Allocating Memory for High Priority Tasks.The Amazing part of using Smart RAM Booster App is that it is Very Small and light weight application with a very clean User Interface.RAM booster comes with 4 Different Modes : Aggressive, strong, medium and gentle.

How to Boost and Increase RAM in Android Phone

Download and Install Smart RAM Booster on Your Android – Install RAM Booster

Memory Booster

Memory Booster is another Popular RAM Optimizer for Android Devices which is Available in Both Free as well as Paid Version.It is Designed to Rectify the Problem of Memory Related Issues on Android Smartphones and Tablets.It Optimizes Your Android Device Performance by Preventing Memory leaks caused by different Applications and Defragmenting Your Memory.Premium Features like Real time Memory Monitoring and its status,One Click Memory Optimization plus much more.

How to Boost and Increase RAM in Android Tablet

Download and Install Memory Booster on Your Android – Install Memory Booster

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