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Have You Forgot Pattern Lock in Android ? Want to Recover or Reset Pattern ? – Don’t Worry Just Read this Post and get Your Problem Solved within few minutes.Every User wants to have Maximum Privacy for its Smartphone so that no one can steal his or her Personal Important Data like Phone Contacts,Messages,Photos or Videos etc and thus to Maintain Privacy we would like to Setup a Password,PIN or Pattern Lock in Our Android Smartphones or Tablets.Pattern lock is all new Security Protection available in Devices like Android Smartphones,Tablets or even in Laptops.It is the Best and Easiest method to Lock Your Smartphone and thus Preventing its Unauthorized access without Your Permission. How to Install Android Apps Directly to SD Card without Rooting Having a Pattern Lock on Your Android Smartphone or Tablet frees you from the tension of Remembering Your Password every time since remembering a Pattern is lot easier than remembering a Password But Still sometimes most of the Users Forgot Pattern Lock Android Devices and thus can’t access their own Smartphones or Tablets therefore if you are one of them who has forgot the Pattern Lock then don’t worry I will help you solve your Problem by Unlocking Your Forgot Pattern Lock Android.Pattern Lock is also Available in Windows Phone and Apple iOS Devices.

What is Pattern Lock ?

Pattern Lock is all new protection method that lets you lock your Device through a Pattern which means that to unlock your Device you need to Correctly draw the Pattern in order to gain access to Your Device. How to Download Playstore Apps Directly to PC Pattern Lock is the best method for locking your Phone instead of Using Password or PIN because it is easier to Forget Password or PIN as compared to forgetting Pattern.Pattern Lock is now available in Android,Apple iOS,Windows Phone and even in laptops too.

Pattern Lock

How to Unlock Forgot Pattern Lock in Android – Steps to Follow

If You have Forgot the Pattern Lock in Your Android Smartphone or Tablet and are worried about unlocking your Device then Just Follow the Below Given Instructions Carefully to Unlock the Pattern lock in Your Android Device.

Note – Internet Connection is Required to Unlock Forgot Pattern Lock in Android which means your Android Device must be Connected to Internet else this method will not work.

  • First of all Draw any Wrong Pattern 5 times Continuously
  • Draw it Until You get the Message “You have incorrectly drawn your unlock pattern 5 times. Please try again in 30 Seconds” as shown below in the Image.

 Forgot Pattern Lock in Android - Step 1

  • Now You will be able to See an Option “Forgot pattern” as shown below in the Image.

 Forgot Pattern Lock in Android - Step 2

  • Here Just Click or Touch on the “Forgot pattern” Option.
  • Next You will asked to Enter Your Google Account Details as shown below in the Image.

 Forgot Pattern Lock in Android - Step 3

  • Here You need to Enter that Google Account that is Associated with Your Android Device.
  • After Successful Login You will See an Option to Reset Your Pattern Lock.
  • That’s all and You are all Done.

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  1. After so many times when we log in to with our google id sometimes it refuses to unlock.Then the solution is to update or change device software

  2. You are right…
    But what if our mobile data or WIFI or both is turned off in Mobile…..Then not working…

    Say me I have one solution just go to CWM recovery menu and reboot..

    but give me easy way..!!


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