How to Make Windows 7 Genuine Using Command Prompt

Have You Ever thought of Making Windows 7 Genuine Using Command Prompt Directly Without Using any Activation Crack or Loader ? – So Today Here in this Post I am Going to Tell you a very Simple Procedure to Make Your Windows 7 Genuine Using Command Prompt.Because of the High Cost of Original Windows 7 Not Everyone Can afford to buy Original Microsoft Windows 7 So they Prefer to Use Cracked or Pirated Versions of Windows. How to Turn Off Keyboard Typing and Vibration sounds in Android Because of the Use of Pirated Copy of Windows they often face the Error “Windows 7 is not genuine” and because of this they are Unable to Change the Desktop Background Settings and Control Panel Settings.So Here is A Step by Step Guide on How to Make Windows 7 Genuine Using Command Prompt Without Using any Activation Cracks.How to Download Files From Scribd FREE

How to Make Windows 7 Genuine Using Command Prompt : Steps to Follow

    • First of all You need to Open Cmd ( Command Prompt ) as an Administrator.To Open it as an Administrator Type cmd in Start-menu and then Right Click on the Cmd and Select Run as Administrator as Shown below in the Image.
  • Now Type the Command SLMGR -REARM in cmd as Shown below in the ImageHow to Make Windows 7 Genuine Using Command Prompt
  • Press Enter and Wait For Few Seconds
  • Next a Message Dialog Box Will open Specifying Command ‘ Completed Successfully.Please Restart the system for the Changes to Take effect ‘ as Shown below in the ImageHow to Make Windows 7 Genuine Using Command Prompt
  • Restart Your Computer and You are all done.Now You are Free of the Error ‘Windows 7 is Not Genuine’

Note – You Must Run Command Prompt as an Administrator Else this Method Will Not Work

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Make Windows 7 Genuine Using – Remove WAT Utility

* If You don’t want to Use Command Prompt To Activate Your Windows Then You Can Download Remove Wat Utility to Completely Remove Windows 7 Genuine Notifications and Make it Genuine

Visit Here To Learn and Download Remove WAT Utilitly


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166 thoughts on “How to Make Windows 7 Genuine Using Command Prompt

  1. It is not showing that the window 7 is geniune

  2. Mujuni Frank says:

    It worked perfectly but the desktop background can not still change

    • If You are Facing this Problem…Then Try the Remove WAT Utility Tool given at the Bottom of the Post….It will Fix Your all Windows Activation Issues…

  3. It worked……………….THNX A TON

  4. It worked perfectly… and when u restart it will show black desktop background so we have to change it manually by going in personalize option 🙂

  5. is this remove that notification permenantly…

  6. Hi Pakaj,

    After running this command, can I update my windows 7 from MS site without any fear. My windows is already activated but as of now, I can’t update it because my OS will not pass the validaton test.

    Thanks in advance.

    • You can Update Your Windows Only if You Have a Genuine Windows 7 Registered with a Genuine Key else you can’t update your Windows

  7. anurag mathur says:

    nice ,
    dear pankj
    pl send me link for safely download Remove Wat utility for make window genuine

    • Hii Anaurag , Check Your Email I Have Sent You Working Download Link For Remove WAT Utility and Also Updated in the Post….

  8. hey i did command line activation but in a month or so it again goes back to windows not genuine. then i did this activation several times n now its asking for a product key. what shud i do?

    • If You are Having Problem with the Command Prompt Method then Use the Remove WAT Utility Remove tool to Make Your Windows 7 Genuine Completely it will fix all your Activation Problems….See At the Bottom of the Post to Download Remove WAT Utility…

  9. it worked perfectly and thaaank you very much.

  10. Thank you!! It worked…..I just want to know how long it will remain like this??

    • It will Remain as Permanent….If You Face any Problem Try the Remove WAT Utility it will Permanently Fixes Your Problem…..

  11. good job

  12. Thank you very much, it worked perfectly, you are a savior! my windows changed to non genuine when i dropped it somehow! haha 🙂 thanks!

  13. Ajay Sharma says:

    HI pankaj,
    WAT utility worked now it is not showing “windows not geniune” message….…BUT when i restart my pc it is showing black desktop background,in the personalize option i can only change windows background colour but its wallpaper is not changing.
    So how to remove this black wallpaper’s problem???????????????

    • After Installing Remove WAT Utility All Windows Personal Customization i.e Setting up Background all Problems are Resolved There might Be Some Problem while Installing the Remove WAT Utility in Your Windows So Again Reinstall it….If it Still Doesn’t Fixes Your Problem Use Windows Loader…I have Sent You a Download Link For Windows 7 Loader at your Gmail Id….

  14. Hey,

    i Just wanted to ask that if there is any way to update my PC After using RevomeWAT because it says there that “Do not update Windows after using removeWAT”

    please Help

  15. I cant do it.
    it says that “Access denied- the requested action requires elevated privileges.”
    i did with my administrator but still it didn’t worked. -_-

    • Run Command Prompt as Run as Administrator and if Your are Facing Problem then Use the Remove WAT Utility Tool to Activate Your Windows….

  16. Ashutosh Singh Rana says:


  17. Thanks lot yr…i sufferin from this problem past few days…u save my money..thank u very my windows is genuine..

  18. Fabian Marcelo says:

    Error 0xC004F025 Access denied the requested action requires elevated privileges

    • Run Command Prompt cmd as RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR Else it will show you this error….Just Right Click on CMD and Select RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR….If You are Having Difficulty Using this Method You can Try the Alternative Method Remove WAT Utility Given at the Bottom…

  19. C:\Windows\system32>SLMGR -REARM
    ‘SLMGR’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.

    • Make Sure to Run Command Prompt cmd as RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR Else it will show you this error….Just Right Click on CMD and Select RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR….If You are Having Difficulty Using this Method You can Try the Alternative Method Remove WAT Utility Given at the Bottom…

    • In case of this error “slmgr is not recognised as an internal or external command” etc CHECK if your slmgr.vbs is actually named slmgr.vbs.removewat,

      open command prompt as mentioned
      type dir slmgr.*

      If you see in listing slmgr.vbs.removewat, then type ren slmgr.vbs.removewat slmgr.vbs

      Now, you should be able to use the slmgr -rearm command! 🙂 That was the problem in my case.

  20. hey!!!!! plz send me link of remove wat utility i have tried wth the above links bt it shows somethings else .pdf thats why jst send me links

  21. please send me the links like Windows 7 Loader and Remove WAT Utility


  22. Thq…. successfully done

  23. yar it not working it shows like the requested action requires elevated privileges

    • Run Command Prompt cmd as RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR Else it will show you this error….Just Right Click on CMD and Select RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR….If You are Having Difficulty Using this Method You can Try the Alternative Method Remove WAT Utility Given at the Bottom…

  24. hey i just wanted to know does the above processes that you have stated…..
    does it harm the pc or it shuts any of the applications or features of the windows 7 to become unavail????????????

  25. Thanks Bro. It’s really working!

  26. thxx brother…………..

  27. yeah. it really works. thank you man

  28. thanks Pankaj………its works

  29. worked..but still this non genuine windows can harm my laptop or not?shall i hav to buy oiginal?plz help

    • If You can Afford to Buy an Original Copy of Windows 7 then you Should Buy it….By the Way it is safe to Use…

  30. how much ram is usable in 4gb ram normal hcl i5 laptops?

  31. Hey! It worked before but know instead of showing C:\WIndows it shows C:\User and because of that it doesn’t work, what should I do?

    • You Must Run CMD AS Administrator to Get Access to C:\WIndows and then type the Command….if you face any Problem with this Method Try Using the Simple One Remove WAT Utility Method…

  32. great job….thanks alot…

  33. thanks………..

  34. AWESOME!!!

  35. Fritz Zondervan says:

    Thank you for your fast response with the link and for the warning. It is working fine now!
    Thank you very very much!

  36. Pawan Solanki says:

    Hi Dear Pankaj,
    It’s work perfectly.
    Thanks a lot

  37. thanks dear it’s work perfectly 🙂

  38. it’s working man , genius

  39. Bharat Jadhav says:

    It works thanks…..

  40. thanks…’s working

  41. Hi Pankaj
    Does this method of activation works for windows 7 professional

  42. It is simply great but one problem after cmd my desktop has not shown any writing format but it screen become black but when i change it it is ok now.thanks

  43. parvez khan says:

    hey its work … very thanks to u …

  44. Thanks for method.

  45. sharad mahajan says:

    thank you it really working

  46. Is it update compatible if we use wat removal utility

  47. Ashutosh kasyap says:

    i used your cmd command and it works.I want to say thanku for it.
    my pc and net is working slowly. please help me.

  48. Anandakumar says:

    Thank you Pankaj.

  49. Sanskar Das says:

    Thank you very much! It really works! 😀

  50. It’s Really helpful… THANK YOU…!!

  51. Great job my friend, your trick works well.

  52. Too good, yaar. I cant believe it worked beautifully.

  53. Abshir Mohamud says:

    it worked perfectly and really you helped me,1000 Thanks to you Pankaj Kumar.
    You are Professional

  54. Sanjeet Sampang says:

    …. GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. gooooood wrk….ATTA Boy

  56. thanx bro WAT worked on my windows 7 Enterprise ….

  57. Dharmendra Kumar says:

    Hi Pankaj…

    its good friends, working perfectly

  58. thanks!!!!

  59. thanks so much mr Pankaj Kumar i followed exactly as you wrote and everything works as well. i am really great full. i appreciate that.

  60. aswas jayaprakash says:

    it is awsome

  61. It’s really working!thanx Pankaj Kumar

  62. it does really work….Thanks

  63. its awesome its working cool and thanks a lot

  64. Bharat Malla says:

    Thank You very much it helped. It doesn’t work sometime. To have a full control you have to run cmd through administrator.

  65. Perfect! Thx a lot. Worked smoothly


  67. are amazing…

  68. Hey, its such a brilliant trick…thanku so much……is dis same command work 4 windows7 ultimate????

  69. Dewashish kumar says:

    Thank You

  70. GREAT!!!
    thanks a lot man!!!

  71. thanks really worked for me

  72. Worked, thank yousoooo much””,,,,,,,!!!!,!

  73. Thanx a lot, it’s working great..

  74. Thank you so much dear, it solved my problem.

    Best Regards.

  75. thanx dear…. U really Help me out.
    It was so annoying to see “windows is not genuine” everytime I Power On my Laptop.

  76. Thanks Dear its working.

  77. Thanx Bro.

  78. Worked great! Nice and easy thank you so much!!

  79. Thnks Bro this trick worked for me . Is my Computer Now 100% permenantly Activated ?

  80. Hey! Thank You so much! It works! The notification is gone
    However..when i restart Windows I get the notification that It is not genuine and i need to buy it. But the notification is gone i,e “your copy is not genuine”.
    Comments? 🙂

  81. Khairullah Khliq says:

    Thank you Pankaj Kumar!!!
    Although, I couldn’t do the “Command Prompt” method, but I have downloaded the WAT remover exe and installed, so its working smooth, the message (this copy of windows is not genuine) is disappeared and desktop background is also constant.

    Hope it won’t harm anything

    Thanks again

  82. thank you!! it working!! 🙂 i hope after restart my pc again it still permanent and wont harm anthing

  83. wow man good work keep it up

  84. OK , I got it very Thankyou.

  85. Ronak Agarwal says:

    Thank You….So much SIr…I’ve been facing this problem for more than a month but i did not know it had such a simple solution…Thank You so much… 🙂

  86. You’re such a genius! Thanks a million

  87. Thanks Its Really Working
    Thank you Vry Much………..

  88. Thank you very much. It works fine.

  89. thanks a lot man…it works fine.

  90. well done…………it worked

  91. This works excellent… when the maximum number of rearms hasn’t been used. Now, I need to find another way to make my Windows genuine. This works… but not forever.

    • Yeah you are right…To get permanent Results use the Alternative method via Remove WAT Utility Tool…..Thanks

  92. Thnxx dude… it really works…. i was stuck with win 7 loader for over a month ,,, but your trick worked and i got rid of this problem just within seconds ….

  93. super dude it works…

  94. thanks

  95. fazil patankar says:

    Thank u sooooooo much… thr ws a problem wth windows cz of its update I searched on many sites bt ur site gav a software cz of which I ws abl to fix the problem thank u admin…

  96. Mayank Rashiya says:

    Hey, i tried in cmd but i got Error:0xC004F025 Access denied:the requested action requires elevated privileges in WINDOWS SCRIPT HOST box .. So how can i solve this error ?

  97. Muhammad Azfar Abrar says:

    thanks its works bro

  98. ya ur ideas are really working thanx 4 it .

  99. God bless you .. really that’s so benefit .. Thank you a lot

  100. Great work bro. You are very helpful. Thanks again.

  101. Dear Man
    as per your cmd it works but after 90 days it again comes so please tell me the permanent method to make the window genuine.

    • Sorry for the inconvenience but yeah it works only for 3 times…I have just mailed you the permanent fix..Please try it…Thanks

  102. very clean and perfect….. without downloading any shit can do this with the command……
    thankyou very much for the command keep on posting new stuff

  103. Thanks bhai, it really works.

  104. Is there any data lose if i do cmd prmpt. Because i should get backup

  105. Its amazing………

  106. Thanks it realy works
    love u!

  107. After restart the window you need to follow these steps:
    1. Open command prompt with administrator
    2. Type slmgr -ato
    3. Hit Enter
    4. You have completed all the steps.


  108. After using this command is there any changes in my computer? I’m worried that my files will be gone after trying this. Thank You 🙂

  109. Can I make my genuine again? I have rearm it once, now I want to use it again? Is it okay?

  110. I have formatted my ideapad u310 nd I installed an crack activated windows7 ultimate, I have the product key of my genuine windows 7 home basic is there any method so I can use my product key to make it genuine. ..
    Please help

    • Now you can’t use your Home basic key on Windows 7 Ultimate. Either use the Cracked version if you wish to use Windows 7 Ultimate or install fresh copy of Windows 7 Home basic on your system and activate it by the Genuine key that you have.Thanks!

  111. It’s working now…thankssss

  112. baljinder singh says:

    i got error like “access denied – your requested need elevated privillage” while going to make window genuine using cmd

  113. spawnkiller says:

    It really works, but we Americans take everything so literally. I actually typed out the word space instead of just hitting the space bar.

  114. Thanks. It worked on my computer. Just wanted to know whether it will prompt again for activation of product. I have shutdown the auto update option.

  115. Hi bro thank you very much it works 100% but it shows “30 days to activate”

  116. Thanks I really solved my activation problems.

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