Counter Strike Left Hand Problem FIXED : Switch to Right

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Counter Strike is a very popular First person shooter game especially when it comes to Online multiplayer gaming contests. Since its release in 1999 by Valve corporation it has managed to sold over 25 million units worldwide which is good enough to prove the popularity of Counter strike among the gamers. Counter strike offers a very entertaining and addictive game play where you can join either the terrorist team, the counter-terrorist team, or become spectators and choose the mode of game-play basically available in three different modes i.e Bomb Maps, Hostage Maps and VIP Maps.

Though it’s been over decade since its release but Counter strike still stands a special place among all the games released till now which is quite fascinating to see and if you are a true gamer then I am pretty sure you know understand the importance of having counter strike installed in your system. Even I also use to play Counter strike till date and try to participate in various online multiplayer gaming contests and in almost every online gaming contest you can find Counter strike game in the competition list. Couter strike 1.6 version is quite popular and widely used version in Counter strike LAN Gaming contests organized at college or national levels. Recently I got a mail from one of my readers having trouble while playing counter strike where the issue was of counter strike left hand problem. While playing the weapon holding position is on the left hand side instead of the usual right hand side and after searching over internet I noticed that there are several users asking for the same in different forums or sites therefore I finally decided to share How to fix counter strike left hand problem. Read below step by step guide on How to Fix Counter Strike Left hand problem.

Counter Strike Left Hand Problem fix

How to fix Counter Strike Left Hand Problem : Switch to Right Hand

  • Run Counter strike Proceed to Gameplay and Press the ~ button on the keyboard above Tab button to Open the Developer console.
  • Here Type the following Command during your game play

cl_righthand 1

Note – If ~ keyboard button doesn’t open the developers console don’t worry run counter strike Go to Options > Keyboard > Advanced Options Check ‘Enable Developer Console’ and select a keyboard shortcut of your choice to open developers console.

  • That’s it and your weapon will be switched to right hand. Enjoy gaming with Counterstrike 🙂

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