How to Fix Invalid Server Certificate Error in Google Chrome

How to Fix Invalid Server Certificate Error in Google Chrome: If you use Google Chrome and facing invalid server certificate error in Google Chrome then here is a quick for it. The Invalid certificate error in Google chrome mostly occurs when you try to access any secure sites using HTTPS including Facebook, Twitter, Gmail etc. This error is not limited to Google Chrome browser. In case you are facing the same error in Internet Explorer and Opera browser then also try below given suggestion to resolve this error.

The reason behind this annoying problem in your Google Chrome browser must be incorrect date and time in your computer. Usually, whenever you have set incorrect date and time in your system, your web browser throws this error while accessing secure sites. What happens is that, in Desktop CMOS battery is responsible for keeping the time correct even when the system is shut down. However, when the CMOS battery is dead, your BIOS settings will be restored to factory default including the time and date on your computer which will be restored the manufacturing time and date. Now when you restart your computer and try to access any secure website you will see the invalid certificate error in Google chrome.

How to Fix Invalid Server Certificate Error in Google Chrome

Apart from this, when install new hardware or make any changes to the hardware, the date and time is changed without your notice. And when you try to access any secure website, your Google Chrome web browser throws this error. Now to fix this all you have to do is change your date and time according to the current local time. Here is how to do it.

How to Fix Invalid Server Certificate Error in Google Chrome : Steps to Follow

  • Close Google Chrome browser before you proceed with below given steps.
  • At the bottom of screen right-click on date and time shown in the task bar.
  • Next, select Adjust date/time from the context menu
  • Next, select Change date and time button and correct the date / time and time zone according your local time.

Once done, apply the settings to save it. Alternatively, click on Internet Time tab, click on Change Settings and select Update Now button. However, do note that you need to have working internet connection to do this.

Once you have set correct time and date, try accessing the website you were trying to access and getting error and see if this resolves the error.

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