Wi-fi Error in Android – FIXED Working

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Wi-fi Error Android – FIXED Working : If You are Using an Android Smartphone or Tablet then you must have Used Wi-fi For Sure.Wi-fi is a Technology That Allows Electronic Devices i.e Mobiles,Tablets or Laptops to Exchange Information or Data Through a Wireless Medium therefore Wi-fi can be Defined as a Wireless Local Area Network(WLAN)in Simple Words.So If You have any Wi-fi Device than it Means that it can Connect to Internet Directly by Using any Wireless Network Access Point For Accessing Internet.Wi-fi Technology has Become So Popular Now-a-days that You can Find it in almost all Devices like Smartphones,Laptops,Cameras,Tablets or Even in Desktop PC’s with WLAN Support in the Motherboard.Here We are Talking About Using Wi-fi on Android Devices.Recently I Faced a very Strange Wi-fi Error in My Android Smartphone Samsung Galaxy POP So I searched the Error on the Internet and was surprised to found that it’s not Happened in My Smartphone Only But There are lot’s of Users Already Facing this Wi-fi Error in Android Devices.The Wi-fi Error is that the Android Device Doesn’t Let the W-fi Option as ‘ON’ thus Keeping it ‘OFF’ which doesn’t allows you to Use Wi-fi Feature on Your Android Device.So If You are Facing the Same Wi-fi Error in Android then Don’t Worry You are now at the Right Place to Get this Wi-fi Error Fixed By Following the Below Step by Step Guide on How to Fix Wi-fi Error in Android Smartphones or Tablets.

  • Error – Smartphone Doesn’t Let Your Wi-fi to be ‘ON’ or You can’t Find Any Connection Even After Turning Wi-fi ‘ON’

Solution : Wi-fi Error in Android – Different Ways

Method -1 : By Reloading Your Wi-fi Drivers

This is the Best Way to Fix Your Wi-fi Error Simply by Reloading all Your Wi-fi Drivers Again.Generally this Kind of Wi-fi Error Occurs Due to Corrupted Drivers therefore it is better to Reload Your Wi-fi Driver Regularly to Make Sure that Your Wi-fi Connection Works Properly.

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How to Reload Wi-fi Drivers in Android Devices ?

  • Open Your Dial Pad and Type  “*#*#526#*#*”
  • That’s all and Now You will See a Message ‘Driver loading successful’ as shown below in the Image.

Wi-fi Error in Android

Note – If You Don’t See the Message “Driver loading successful” and Instead of that you see “Driver loading unsuccessful” then Try the Below Steps

  • Open Your Dial Pad and Type  “*#*#526#*#*”
    • Here Click on Options and Select Rx
  • Next Select Channel 9 and Click on Start
  • That’s all and Now You Can Enjoy Wi-fi without any Error

Wi-fi Error

Method – 2 : Using Wi-fi Fixer App

If You don’t want to be Technical to Solve this Wi-fi Error in Your Android Smartphone then there is Simple Alternative Option For You By Using Third Party Application Known as Wi-fi Fixer.How to Enable USB Debugging on Android Devices This is a Free App that will Fix All Your Wi-fi Related Problems.Download Wi-fi Fixer App and Fix Wi-fi Error in Android.

Wi-fi Fixer

Method -2 : By Cleaning the Device Cache

Sometimes this Wi-fi Error is Easily Fixed By Just Cleaning or Removing Your Device Old Cache Completely.Wi-fi Error Occurs Through Old or Corrupted Cache therefore Clean Your Android Cache either Manually or Using Cache Clear.How to Play Android Games on PC Using Bluestacks I will Recommend You to Use Cache Clear to Clear Your Device Cache it will Also Improve Your Android Smartphone Performance too.

Cache Cleaner

Cache Cleaner to Clear Device Cache – Download Link

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