Different Ways to Boot in Safe Mode in Windows 8.1/8/7/XP

Safe mode is an essential feature that Microsoft provides with all of its Windows operating systems which is nothing but a diagnostic mode of your system OS intended to fix most, if not all problems within an operating system. Safe mode comes very handy especially in case of Windows failure because there are many cases when the Windows doesn’t boot into normal mode which can be easily fixed by booting into safe mode where the windows loads  bare minimum of core drivers and windows components only. Therefore if you are looking for a way to boot in safe mode in Windows 8.1 or Window 8 or Windows 7 or Windows XP then check out the below given different ways to boot into safe mode.

How to Boot in Safe Mode in Windows 8.1/8/7/XP: Best Ways

  • One of the best and preferred ways of booting into safe mode is to Press F8 at the time of computer start up when the BIOS Screen is displayed. Therefore Keep Pressing F8 Key continuously before the Windows logo appears and then you will see different boot options to choose from like boot in normal mode, safe mode, safe mode with networking, debugging etc.

Note – If in case you fail to get the boot options screen because of improper timing of F8 Key then no need to worry restart your pc once again and try to follow the same procedure once again.

  • If you are in running state of Windows then Press Windows + R to open RUN Dialog box and type MSCONFIG command and hit enter after which will show you the System Configuration screen and from there navigate to the Boot tab and Under Boot options Check mark the box Safe Mode. That’s it and now next time when you start your system you will boot into Safe mode.

Boot in safe mode in Windows via MSCONFIG

  • You can also use your respective Windows Installation Disc or Recovery disc to boot into safe mode.

Optional Special Method of Booting into Safe Mode Only for Windows 8.1/8

  • Open Windows Charms Menu and Select Settings -> Go to Change PC Settings -> Update and Recovery and from here Under Advanced Startup Click on Restart Now button as shown below.

Safe mode advanced startup

  • After the restart choose Troubleshooting -> Then Advanced Options -> Start up Settings ->  Here Choose Safe mode and Click on restart.

Alternatively – To fasten the process Just Keep holding SHIFT Key and Click on Restart from Power options and then after restart you will see the Advanced startup screen.

  • That’s it and now you will logged in safe mode.

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