How to Switch between Intel Graphics and Nvidia : FIXED

How to Switch between Intel Graphics and Nvidia ? – Today in most of the Laptop’s or Notebook’s you will often find two Graphics processing units out of which one is Intel HD Graphics which act as a Integrated Graphics chipset and another one is Nvidia working as Dedicated Graphics Processor but have you ever thought how these two Graphics processor works in the Same laptop and How to Switch between Intel Graphics and Nvidia Graphics depending upon the requirements ? – Therefore here in this article I am going to tell you the basic idea behind using two graphics card in a single notebook.The technology that is used in such laptop’s is referred as Nvidia Optimus Technology that is a computer graphics hardware power/performance optimization technology that switches between the two graphics processing units depending upon the resource load generated by the system applications in order to provide either Maximum Performance by using Nvidia Dedicated Graphics Processor or Saving Battery life by drawing minimum power by Using Integrated Intel Graphics chipset.These two graphics units works together providing Great battery life and great performance by intelligently optimizing your laptop providing outstanding graphics performance you need, when you need it, all the while extending battery life for longer enjoyment.

Benefits of Nvidia Optimus Technology :

The major reason behind implementing Nvidia optimus technology was to deliver great performance without compromising the battery life by extending the battery life therefore with Nvidia Optimus technology whenever you are gaming it automatically switches to Nvida so that the Performance is high and when you are performing normal tasks it makes use of Intel HD Graphics which draws less power and thus saving battery life.

  • Nvidia optimus technology is completely automatic that switches between the two graphics processor automatically depending upon the needs.
    • With Nvidia Graphics you get upto 10x better performance.

How to Switch between Intel Graphics and Nvidia – Detailed Guide

Basically nVidia optimus technology itself switches between Intel HD Graphics and Nvidia Graphics depending upon the application requirements but there are some cases when you require to force some applications to use your preffered choice graphics processor either the Powerful Nvidia or Your Main Integrated Intel HD Graphics.You will also find some games using your Intel HD Graphics chispet instead of using Nvidia graphics processor hence delivering poor performance therefore in such cases you need to manually switch between Intel Graphics and Nvidia which you easily do by following the below given step by step instructions.

Steps to Follow :

  • Go to Your Nvidia Control Panel.

Note – To Open Nvidia Control Panel Right Click on the Desktop and Select Nvidia Control Panel or alternatively you can also open it from the Nvidia tray icon present at the taskbar.

  • Here Go to Manage 3D Settings and Select Global Settings as shown below.

How to Switch between Intel Graphics and Nvidia - 1

  • Under Global Settings you will find Preferred Graphics Processor.

How to Switch between Intel Graphics and Nvidia - 2

  • Here You can Select From ‘High-Performance Nvidia Processor’ or ‘Integrated¬† Graphics’

Note -The above mention settings are for Global which means all the tasks will be carried out with the preferred graphics processor therefore if you want to have these settings for specific programs just select ‘Program settings’ and there select the program and the preferred graphics processor for that program.

How to Switch between Intel Graphics and Nvidia - 3

  • That’s all and you are all done.

Conclusion :

You must keep in mind that there are some programs or applications which doesn’t support this Nvidia Optimus technology which means that such applications will run on Your Main Integrated Intel HD Graphics thus delivering integrated performance.

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