How to Use Normal Gamepad as XBOX 360 Controller ?

Gaming Industry has shown huge growth since past few years especially the games associated with Windows Platform and the evolution of XBOX 360 from Microsoft brought a new revolution in the gaming field out of which one of the most eye catching and innovative feature of XBOX 360 was the introduction of a completely redefined Gamepad known as XBOX 360 Controller. XBOX 360 Controller is indeed one of the best gaming controller that i have ever used with an ergonomic design and sturdy build. Though honestly speaking i don’t own a XBOX 360 controller but i have personally used it playing games for hours with XBOX 360 Controller and I really liked it very much but the only problem with buying XBOX 360 Controller is its expensive price that has not only kept me away from purchasing XBOX 360 but a lot of gamers who dreams to have XBOX 360 Controller but finally end up purchasing some local made Normal Analog USB Gamepad Controller. Getting a normal analog controller is not a bad idea but it suffers from a major disadvantage that is support for latest Games because if you are gamer then you might have noticed the fact that almost 90% of the games released now a days comes with a support for XBOX 360 Controller and for such cases you have a difficult time using normal usb gamepad therefore today here in this article I am going to share How to Use Normal Gamepad as XBOX 360 Controller.

How to Use Normal Gamepad as XBOX 360 Controller : Steps to Follow

Converting a normal USB Gamepad to XBOX 360 Controller is quite simple and you don’t have to do any technical hardware operation you just have to download and install ‘Xbox 360 Controller Emulator’, a free software that will emulate your gamepad as an X360 controller. Follow the below given steps one by one to learn How to Use Normal USB Gamepad as XBOX 360 Controller.

  • Extract the contents of the downloaded .zip file and Run x360ce.exe file.

How to Use Normal Gamepad as XBOX 360 Controller

Note – Make Sure that your normal USB Gamepad is connected to your system.

  • That’s it click on create file when prompted to create ‘xinput.dll’ and ‘x360ce.ini’
  • Now you can easily configure which buttons you would like to use in correspondence to XBOX 360 Controller and once done save, apply and ok.
  • After successful configuration copy the two files ‘xinput.dll’ and ‘x360ce.ini’ to the Game Executable directory.
  • That’s it when you will the run the game next time it will start detecting your normal gamepad as XBOX 360 Controller.

For more detailed step by step procedure You can Watch the following Video Tutorial :

  • Video Tutorial on How to Use Normal USB Gamepad as XBOX 360 Controller  Source : Techy Geeky Nerdy

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