How to Hide and Lock uTorrent from System Tray, Startup

uTorrent is one of the best and fastest client to download torrent files to your system without any issues. Moreover it is a very light weight application and doesn’t utilize too much system resources which means that it can be easily run on most of the systems even the old systems too. But you may often face situations when you are running uTorrent on Public PC or a multi user system and want to make all your uTorrent stuff or downloads private hidden from other users and in such circumstances it becomes necessary to hide and lock uTorrent from other users from accessing therefore here below is a detailed step by step tutorial on How to Hide and Lock uTorrent from System Tray or Startup.

How to Hide and Lock uTorrent from System Tray or Startup : Steps to Follow

  • Open your uTorrent Client and Here Click on Options -> Select Preferences as shown below.

How to Hide and Lock uTorrent - 1

  • Now here Select General from the left hand side and uncheck the boxes shown below in the image.

How to Hide and Lock uTorrent - 2

  • Click on the ‘Boss-Key’ box and then select any key combination you want for your boss key e.g. ALT + Y or anything you’d like.

Note – Please avoid using combinations used by Windows such as CTRL + C or CTRL + R etc because if you choose these combinations then Boss-Key will take over this Combination.

Locking uTorrent:

Now to Lock uTorrent from other users Just Check mark the box ‘Use Boss-Key Password’ and set your secret password. If it is enabled when µTorrent is in Boss Key then uTorrent will also be locked to those without password. This password will be required only when you want to open uTorrent while it is in hidden mode.

How to Hide and Lock uTorrent - 3

Hiding uTorrent:

After following the above steps and adjusting locking features it’s the time to hide uTorrent completely from other users and to do so follow the below given steps.

  • Open RUN Command box and type regedit to open Windows Registry Editor.

How to Hide and Lock uTorrent - 4

  • Now Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER>Software>Microsoft>Windows>CurrentVersion>Run
  • Here locate uTorrent key and right click on it and Select Modify.

How to Hide and Lock uTorrent - 5


  • Add the following line at the end: /HIDE as shown below in the image.


  • That’s it and you are done.

Note : Important Must Read

Now since you have set your uTorrent client not to load during startup and remain hidden, therefore it will not show up on ‘Taskbar’ and now to access uTorrent just press the Box Key combination that you have entered above followed by entering the password you defined earlier.

Though you must note that it is not the safest method to completely hide or lock uTorrent from others because other users can still gain access to uTorrent by running the Task Manager and Closing the current running uTorrent and starting a new uTorrent application because the new application will no longer having the property of boss key and the password you assigned earlier.

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