Gangster Movies on Netflix | Best Top Gangster Movies on Netflix 2018

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In case you are into violence, combat and action, with blend of past, or stories about care for family and their protection, chances you are that you will love gangster movies. You can always find a good mix of all those qualities in a mob movie. And most of the times you will find yourself rooting for the bad guy due to his gallantry and chivalry. Here is a list of 20 good gangster movies on Netflix. So grab a tub of popcorn, Netflix and chill.

Gangster Movies on Netflix | Best Top Gangster Movies on Netflix 2018 – Check Below List


    1. Call Me King

    Call Me King is a story of two brothers. They are descended from previous dictators in Haiti. With vengeance in their minds for the family’s exile from power, the two brothers immigrated to the United States, and start an international gun running operation and begin working for a local mob boss. They also train well and hard in martial arts. Their end goal is to return to Port-a-Prince and win back the seat of power that was taken from them.

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    1. Force of Execution

    For decades, Mr. Alexander has been the leader of a powerful underground crime empire, but he is looking to retire. He wants out of the crime world and wants to live a normal legitimate life. An epic showdown looms as soon as he tries to go straight however, because a new drug boss eager to show his stuff decides to try and take Alexander’s seat of power.

    Force of Execution

    The new guy goes by the alias, Ice Man and he decides to start an outright crime war in his attempt to completely change the entire criminal drug underworld that has been dominated by Alexander’s men for so long.

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    1. Lucky Number Slevin

    Lucky Number Slevin is a comical movie revolving around the dilemma of a man who has been mistaken for someone else. Following a series of unfortunate events, he got annoyed and got on a flight to New York, to visit his friend Nick. Even though they were talking on the phone the day he arrived in town, Nick wasn’t at his apartment by the time Slevin got there. Selvin made himself at home and waited for Nick to come backs. After this things began to look bad for Selvin.

    Lucky Slevin

    Slevin is assumed to be Nick when the mob shows up. He is kidnapped by two thugs and taken to visit with “The Boss” who is in the midst of a war with his biggest rival, “The Rabbi.” Slevin is tasked with performing a hit on someone and given three days to do it, and things keep going downhill from there.

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    1. Hard to Get

    Hard to Get features a tempting combination of a gangster story and a love story. Skiets is a feisty girl that gets the attention of TK when she walks into a bar one night and demands a beer. Both are attractive and find each other hot, but she’s not wooed by his efforts. Instead she returns in another guy’s arms, Mugza, known to be a local thug. Although al he cares for in the whole world is his car.

    Hard to Get

    All hell breaks loose when Skiets stole the thug’s car keys and he finds out. TK steps in to defend Skiets and suddenly the two of them are on the run together in the very car that caused the problems. They run off to the city where Skiets’ beauty catches the eye of another guy, this one a dangerous crime boss.

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    1. Hoffa

    This movie is an Oscar-nominated biography of the notorious Jimmy Hoffa. Hoffa was an active American labor union leader and organizer who was famous for organizing the biggest teamster strike in U.S. history. As part of his fight to get better pay and benefits for American teamsters, he battled organized crime families and bosses, the RTA, industry management and even Robert Kennedy, who was the Attorney General at the time. Hoffa ended up in prison for many of his deeds, but then four years after being released he disappeared suddenly, and that is a mystery that has never been solved.

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    1. Falcon Rising

    John “Falcon” Chapman, a former U.S. Marine and expert martial arts master who has a buried secret and struggles due to it, and with post-traumatic stress disorder. He is on a one man mission to destroying himself with his own demons, so the U.S. State Department conveniently decides to use his destructive nature as their personal weapon.

    Falcon Rising

    Falcon’s sister Cindy gets brutally attacked in Brazil, and when he hears about it he quickly catches a flight there. He proceeds to immerse himself in the dangerous underworld of prostitution, drugs and crooked cops in an attempt to hunt down the ones who attacked her.

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    1. Close Range

    Colton MacReady is a former soldier who must save his niece when she gets kidnapped. The actions he takes to save her opens up a blood war between him, a local drug cartel and a corrupt sheriff. The sheriff and the drug lord are both bent on getting revenge on MacReady, so they devise a plan to launch an all-out attack against his family. The gang and sheriff’s crew band together to lay siege on MacReady’s remote ranch, forcing him to do everything he can to protect himself and those he loves.

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    1. Cocaine Cowboys 2

    This movie is set in southern California in 1991. The movie starts when Charles Cosby, a local cocaine dealer decides mails a letter as an admirer to a woman known as the “Cocaine Godmother”, whose real name is Griselda Blanco and she is a federal prisoner. Just months after writing his letter to her, Cosby finds him in a brand new life. In just six months, he and Griselda come close and becomes her lover and soon finds himself on top of her million dollar cocaine empire. Unknown to Cosby, the so-called Cocaine Godmother is secretly the Black Widow. She is obsessed with killing her men after she is done with them, and she is determined to do whatever it takes to make sure Cosby stays faithful. Cosby realizes way too late that he’s in over his head.

    Cocaine Cowboys 2

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    1. Whitey: United States of America v. James J. Bulger

    This is a documentary about the real life story of an notorious U.S. gangster known as James “Whitey” Bulger. Bulger was caught relatively recently after hiding in plain sight for decades, and was put on trial for several crimes in 2013.

    This story discovers the accusations and information that came out of that trial. Bulger claimed to have worked in collusion with law enforcement and the government, and claimed that there is a large and deep vein of corruption within our legal system. Many people believe his claims that he was an informant but no one can find proof. Is that because the government is trying to hide something bigger?

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    1. Rage

    Paul Maguire ran with some dangerous people back in the day. He went straight and is now a respectable, legal businessman living an everyday life. He’s happy. He has a family. But then his teenage daughter is kidnapped right out of his home, and his passivity breaks.

    Paul begins hunting down and recruiting every one of the dangerous guys he used to run around with long ago. His goal is to use everything he knows to find and rescue his daughter, no matter how bad he has to be in the process. The path is bloody, filled with revenge, and unleashes a slew of long buried betrayal and secrets.

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    1. Skin Trade

    Nick Cassidy is a police detective in New Jersey. When international gangsters kill his family he follows them to Bangkok. Once there he teams up with a local detective, Tony Vitayakui. The two of them work together to track down the leader of the gangsters, Viktor Dragovic, and stop his large human trafficking ring. Dragovic targeted Nick because he had carried out a sting operation in New Jersey, which resulted in Dragovic’s son being killed. His intention had been to kill Nick along with his wife and daughter but Nick survived and is now out for vengeance.


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    1. Chapo: el escape del siglo

    This movie is a crime drama that is based on the true story and real events. It’s in Spanish, because the story is about a renowned Mexican druglord known as El Chapo. His real name is Joaquin Guzman Loera. The movie pieces together known bits about his massive crime empire and the sensational prison escape that made international history.


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    1. Street

    Remo is the young hero in this story. He’s an amateur yet talented Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter that has grown up with a hard life. When he inadvertently antagonizes a Russian gang leader, the leader tries to force Remo to be a cage fighter for his gang. Remo resists by joining an underground fighting club and has the opportunity to work with one of the best MMA coaches around. Will he choose the path of honor or will he give in to the rough life he’s grown up with instead?

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    1. No Tears for the Dead

    Gon and his mother immigrated to America when he was a young boy. After arriving however, she abandoned him. He was taken in by the mafia and raised to be a cold-blooded, impartial hitman. He learned the skills very well and usually conducts his kills flawlessly. But then he makes a big mistake. He accidentally kills an young girl who was completely innocent, and he can’t forgive himself. Then things get even worse. His boss gives him a new kill assignment, and that target is the girl’s mother. Mogyeong works at an investment firm and is wracked with grief from the loss of her daughter, so she’s trying to get lost in work. She has no idea that she has become the center of a massive conspiracy, and that the man who killed her daughter has been sent to kill her too.

    No Tears for the Dead

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    1. Mercury Plains

    A man running away from his problems in Texas is drifting around aimlessly when he meets up with a group of teens. The guys claim to be a paramilitary group whose purpose is to fight Mexican drug cartels. They’re in an isolated part of the desert and he joins with them to help their cause. He proves himself quite well, rising quickly to become the Captain’s top gun. After a time though, the drifter starts wondering what the group is really up to. And when the Mexican police start moving in on the group, he decides that the only way he’ll be able to escape is by getting back to America.

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    1. A Good Man

    Alexander is a former special ops soldier who had his military career end in disaster when a mission went bad. Ever since, he’s tried to live quietly and inconspicuously as a general handyman. One of his local tenants and her family gets threatened by local gangsters, and this triggers Alexander’s protective instincts. He ends up in the middle of a bloody war Russian gangs and Chinese gangs. He is forced to defend the innocent family and in the process he must face his past.

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    1. A Stranger in Paradise

    Josh Pratt works for a multi-billion dollar hedge fund and is about to be made partner, when his life falls apart. The head of the company is being investigated by the SEC for insider trading.

    A Stranger in Paradise

    Josh gets forced into taking a vacation for his own good, so he ends up in Thailand to visit with his brother. Once there he discovers his brother is working with the local Bangkok mafia. Josh keeps getting shot at as he desperately seeks a way back to the life he had.

    • Watch A Stranger on Netflix – Link To Movie
    1. Meet the Firm: Revenge

    Eddie and Damien met when they were young and became feared “football hooligans” in their local neighborhood. A football hooligan is a British term for violent and destructive groups of football fans. Similar to gangs, they’re groups of them are also known as clubs and firms.

    Meet the Firm Revenge in Rio

    When one of their friends is murdered by a Russian mobster, Damien and Eddie travel to Brazil with other World Cup fan, to follow the drug dealers that are responsible for the murder. They discover they’ve met their match when they encounter the Brazilian firms controlling the world’s largest drug empire.

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    1. Toro

    Toro is a young con-man who used to be the right hand man of a brutal crime boss, Romano. When Toro decides to get out of crime and go straight, he makes the mistake of taking on one last job. That operation goes bad and that’s how he ended up in jail.

    Five years later he’s out of jail and is trying to live crime free. Unfortunately his older brother Lopez works for Romano and has been stealing from him. In retaliation, he orders the kidnapping of Lopez’s daughter Diana. Lopez calls Toro to ask for help.

    1. The Real Godfather

    This is a documentary that is mostly in Italian and the Netflix subtitles for it do not always work, but it’s a fascinating story. It chronicles a manhunt that lasted multiple decades. The real Sicilian mafia boss, or “Don” of the Corleonesi mob family was Bernardo Provenzano. He is said to have become boss of the family in 1993 but he evaded capture by law enforcement until 2006, when he was discovered not far from the town he grew up in.

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