How AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is Overtaking the Cloud Computing Domain

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If you are in the cloud computing domain, for sure you will be familiar with the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam. First, let’s explore cloud computing. This is used mostly for data storage and computing power for the individual user. In cloud computing, each individual is given a limited amount of space depending on their needs. Companies also use this to store their data where a lot of people use the same server. They can all have access to one cloud so they can upload any document and anyone can see.

The worth of AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification Exam

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam targets cloud computers and other individuals looking for an experience with the system. The Cloud Practitioner exam has become very popular as it offers a wide range of skills that can help professionals validate their knowledge and have proof that they are indeed one of the best in the industry.

That is why cloud computers are tending towards the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification exam. Companies are looking for sharp minds like the
Cloud Practitioner certified professionals so that they can help the company in touching the height of excellence.

Responsibilities of the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certified Professional

It sounds simple when we deal with small storage space by using our computers or phones but dealing with a whole system where hundreds of people use one cloud to store data can be very challenging. Not everybody can do this job. There are a lot of responsibilities of an AWS certified Cloud Practitioner certified professional and we will be discussing what they do in order to make the system function flawlessly:

·         An individual must be organized and can expand, add and improvise the technology for the users.·         Cloud computers must know how to reduce costs without compromising the whole system and their privacy.

·         Must also know how to properly deploy device and location independence that will make access easier through a web browser.

·         Have the skills to maintain the applications of each user so that it won’t be hard to navigate the system.

·         An AWS certified Cloud Practitioner person know how to centralize the cloud for its many users without costing much.

·         He knows how to configure the cloud so that it can reach its peak loading capacity without having any trouble.

·         How to utilize the system so it can be used to its maximum capacity without costing much?

·         An AWS certified Cloud Practitioner person must know how to monitor the performance of the system and figure out solutions for the problems they will be facing.

·         The individual must know how to increase the productivity of the cloud even if the users are using the same data.

·         The individual must know how to improve the security of the whole cloud system to protect all of the data stored and all of its users.

·         All of these are required so that an individual can be a cloud computer. These are very serious responsibilities and a single mistake can really be a huge problem for the whole company.

·         Also, the AWS is being recognized and used by companies and organizations worldwide. They are a growing business and have set the standards of what a professional’s skill and knowledge must be in the IT industry.

How to Prepare for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam?

Take classes and training. You can find them online or attend a physical class led by an instructor. These classes will teach you all about what will come out of the exam. They will have a study guide that will give you a clear vision about the test so you can fully prepare. This way, you will be assured that you have covered all the topics.

Use AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam simulator. These exam preparation materials will be of your great use as it helps you in. These tests are also modeled after the actual test so you have an idea what it looks like. You can time yourself and see how fast you can answer and adjust your pace if you cannot reach the 90 minutes given time. You can also immediately see results and see which topics you
have a hard time with.

Video tutorials are helpful. You can manipulate the video, pause, playback or move forward so you can review. You can even follow the steps while the video is playing. This way, you are studying at your own comfortable pace and you can fully understand each tutorial you watch. Also, you can watch during break time or anywhere you like and as long as you want.

The best way to go if you have a lot of time is to enroll yourself in a class. That way you are in a community where the others around you are going through the same as you and you can help each other out so you can all pass the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner questions.

Some information about the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam

First of all, do your research thoroughly. There might be requirements to be met before taking the exam. Check if you are eligible and go straight to registering. You can choose the date of the exam that is the most convenient for you before. Choose the language which suits you best from the box of English, Japanese, Korean and Simplified Chinese.

Be sure that you are sure to take the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam. The exam will cost $100. If you fail to show up on the day of the exam, all payments and your application will be void. You will just waste time, energy and money for nothing. You will be given 90 minutes to take the exam. It is a foundational exam so you need to be prepared with all the things about it.

What you will get after earning the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification

If you have prepared, taken the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam and passed, you are now a certificate holder. You will receive a digital badge you can put up on your online profiles so that others can see your achievements. You will be invited to participate in AWS events, meet other certificate holders and get to see the faces behind the company while receiving awards for your great job done. You will have the opportunity to be given a great job position or offers with a higher salary. You can now choose the company you want to work for and train employees so that they can also achieve what you have achieved. You will stand out from thousands of applicants and can get hired on the spot.

Being a certificate holder doesn’t stop there. You will constantly receive new updates and the latest trends in technology without having to wait in line. This can be a great benefit so you can also continuously update your system’s cloud and be on top of the industry.

Recertification process for AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Personnel’s Since this title is very important and you are now carrying one of the biggest names in the industry, AWS will require you to take the recertification exam every few years. This way they are assured that you will not have any difficulties keeping up with them and that you still possess the qualities you have displayed in order for you to earn your certification.

Expenses for future examinations, both new certifications and just recertification’s, will be half off. Once you have gotten ahold of your certificate, you will also be receiving vouchers for 50% discount in all future exams as long as you have registered and added your name to the system.

Any individual that has AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification can be one step ahead of their peers. They can be the ones to train other employees to become cloud computing and they are also responsible for the proper function of the cloud. If any problem arises, they are the ones being called to find the problem and come up with a solution that will not negatively affect the company’s cloud.

There is a lot of pressure on the shoulders of cloud computers and companies will have a lot of doubts in individuals who are fairly new to the position. Even if you have years of experience, there will be mistrust wherever you go but having the certificate will shut doubts out of the minds of you bosses so you can be given a chance to prove yourself and help the company of organization


Cloud computers can really step up a notch from their mundane jobs and open new opportunities that will help them grow their careers in the industry. Whether you want to become a cloud practitioner or have experience in another field of expertise in the IT industry, you can do it with certifications provided by AWS. This is your chance to get that dream job of yours or be promoted to a better job in your company. You can now show off your skills without being doubted or look for another job in another profession easily. All you have to do is be confident in yourself, trust you can answer the questions correctly and make your way

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