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Android has always been the first choice for Smartphone buyers since its launch and seeing the recent development in android platform it seems that android will continue to lead the market in the upcoming years until something extraordinary event happens. Google has recently rolled out the latest Android OS i.e Lollipop to few of its smartphone’s and soon will be going to rolled out for all the popular android smartphone’s available out there in the market. Google has always added new functionalities and feature’s with their latest android os versions and lollipop also seems to carry majority of the features from Android Kitkat 4.4 with some all new user interface and features.

Best Screen Recording Apps Android 2015 : In the Android Kitkat 4.4 version Google came out with one of the interesting feature that allowed the users with screen casting capability i.e screen video recording while using the android device which was not available for earlier versions and this feature continues in the latest android lollipop version too. This feature is very helpful especially for all those who love creating android based troubleshooting videos for information purposes. Though going through the usual way of connecting through computer and thus recording the screen is quite hectic and also a bit difficult approach for beginners. Therefore to help you out here we are going to share some of the best screen recording apps android 2015 that will allow you to save screen recording video files on your android device itself without any rooting or else.

How to Record Screen in Anroid : Best Screen Recording Apps Android 2015

SCR 5+ Screen Recorder Free App

SCR is an awesome app for recording screen of your android device activity. With the help of SCR 5+ Screen recorder app you can record high quality screencasts directly from your android phone or tablet. SCR Screen recorder app basically works by utilizing hardware accelerated video encoding to achieve best quality screen recording on any device. Moreover with SCR Free you can record maximum 3 minutes screencasts and the SCR watermark is added to your video. Though for unlimited access without any watermark you need to purchase the app.

Best Screen recording Apps Android 2015 - SCR Recorder

Rec App

Rec is yet another popular screen casting app with the best user interface among all the available apps. Though you must note that if you are running an android device with Kitkat 4.4 OS then you need your phone to be rooted before you can use this app and for users with Android lollipop can use the app without any rooting. Rec. is a beautiful screen recording app, providing untethered, flexible and fully configurable screen recording capabilities for your Android device; neatly packaged into an intuitive user interface. Easy shake and screen switch off feature to stop your device recording.

Best Screen recording Apps Android 2015 - Rec App

Shou App

Shou is among the best screen recording apps of all though still in beta phase but it delivers exactly what it promises. Unlike other apps shou offers unlimited time and size video recording absolutely free of cost without any ads or watermarks. Like Rec App it also supports no rooting for Android lollipop and rooting for Android Kitkat 4.4 Users. Shou.TV is an amazing community for Android and iOS gamers to broadcast, watch, chat and discover new friends and awesome games anytime, anywhere.

Best Screen recording Apps Android 2015 - Shou App


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