Flipkart Flash Sale Tips Tricks | Flash Sale Scripts : Updated

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Smartphone’s flash sale has become quite common these days and almost all the new android smartphone’s are sold over online retail store like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal and that too on the basis of Flash sale purchasing mode where users need to first register themselves as part to show their interest or confirm their buying after which they go in flash sale purchase mode where they have limited time period to add the product to their card which in turn often leaves few unlucky customers without the product. So to help those users here I have shared few important Flipkart Flash sale tips that can highly increase your chances of grabbing your smartphone as soon as the Flipkart flash sale process begins. Just read the below given Flipkart Flash Sale Tips and Flipkart Flash Sale Tricks and I am sure you would benefit from all these.

Important Flipkart Flash Sale Tips 2015 : A Must Follow for Everyone

Considering the huge demand for affordable android smartphone’s it is important to take care of few rules so that you won’t miss out in purchasing your desired smartphone.

1 -> Subscribe or Register for the Sale

If you are newbie to Flash sale then you must note that every smartphone that is put under sale no matter whether at Flipkart or Amazon or Snapdeal it requires a sort of pre-registration that confirms that you are going to purchase the smartphone. This Register is often valid till 12hrs or 24hrs before the flash sale time so it is important that you register or subscribe yourself for the purchase atleast 24hrs by visiting the specific online retail store.

For Example – If the sale which usually happens on Tuesday is going to start at 12:00 pm or 2:00pm you need to register yourself on or before Monday Midnight i.e 11:59pm.

In order to Register or Subscribe for the Sale you just need to have a valid account at that particular online retail store and then you are eligible for registering for sale.

2 -> Get yourself Geared up for the Sale Day

If the flash sale is going to begin at 12:00pm then make sure you login to your Flipkart or Amazon account at least 10 minutes before so that you can get familiar with the Flash sale Interface. During this 10 minutes period just navigate to the Device Flash sale page where you will see a Timer in decreasing mode and as soon as it reaches to 00:00 just hit the Buy or Add to Card button which will scroll down for few seconds and you will soon see a successful message the the device has been added to your cart and you have time till xx:xx hrs to complete your order.

Note – Make sure that your System time is properly synced with Flipkart Time so as to avoid any sort of time issues. Close all the background applications especially those that might be consuming your Internet.

*The above two methods are the general ways or general Flipkart flash sale tips or Flipkart Flash sale tricks that everyone should take care of but it may happen in some cases despite following all the Flipkart flash sale tips they fail to buy the smartphone in time so if you are one among them then don’t worry there are few other alternatives in terms of Flipkart Flash Sale Scripts with the help of which you can easily purchase your desired device without any worries.

Alternative : Flipkart Flash Sale Scripts Method – For Advanced Users

Using Flipkart Flash Sale Script is the perfect way to increase your chances of purchasing in Flash sale purchasing mode.

Important : Must Read Before Trying

Though these automated scripts are really helpful but there is no guarantee that it will work 100% everytime so it is better to be proactive by yourself while trying to purchase the device and use these scripts in side so that if you misses the shot these scripts might help you grab your device. Thousands of users have used the same script that I have provided below and it has helped them.

How Flipkart Flash Sale Script Works ?

After you embed the Flipkart flash sale script in your web browser through which you are going to book your smartphone it will automatically click on the Add to Cart button as soon as it appears and therefore adding your device to your Flipkart cart.

How to Use Flipkart Flash Sale Script ?

Just open your Web browser either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome and Go to the Flash sale page where the timer is running and then refresh the page when the timer count reaches to 5:00 and Perform a right click there on the page -> Select Inspect Element -> Navigate to the Console tab and paste the following script there as shown below in the screen shot

setInterval(function(){ $(‘.jbv-buy-big’).trigger(‘click’); console.log(‘Dont press any key until we add the device to your cart.’); },10);
Another Simple Alternative : Use Google Chrome Auto Buy Extension

Flipkart Flash Sale Tips

If you are having difficulty using the above Flipkart flash sale script trick then don’t worry you can go for the Google Chrome Auto Buy Extension. After Adding Auto buy extension to your Google Chrome web browser you will see a small icon on the top right corner of your address bar and to activate the auto buy procedure just click on that icon. After this Go to the device flash sale timer page and refresh the page. When the timer count reaches to 00:00 it will automatically Add the device to your cart.

*With the above Flipkart Flash sale tips you can easily buy Lenovo K3 Note, Xiaomi Mi 4i, Micromax Yu Yureka Plus and many more.

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