WordPress shows HTTP Error when uploading images

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Adding images to your WordPress website post is essential as it improves the overall aesthetic of the post and also provides a way to visually represent something. However, some users may get HTTP error when uploading images in WordPress. This issue can be extremely frustrating and leaves people very puzzled – don’t worry, I’m sure the below solutions will work for you.

There are multiple causes of this problem. In most cases, the image is the problem and not an incorrect configuration on the website, so we’ll start with the easy & common solutions first.

1. Changing File Extension

One of the very common fixes is changing the file extension. Certain extensions could cause a problem, so try converting your file format from .PNG to. JPEG or vice versa and see what works out.

2. An apostrophe in the image file name

Double check to see if you have an apostrophe (symbol ‘) in your image file’s name. It can potentially give you the HTTP error when uploading images. For example, if your image file name is “john’scat.jpeg” it can trigger the HTTP error because of the apostrophe. So try removing it in case your image has it.

3. Lowering Image Size

Conflicts with Content Area Size can result in the HTTP Error too. If your content area size is not compatible with image resolution the error could get triggered. For example, if your content area size is 750px and your image resolution is 1440×1080 the HTTP Error could be triggered, so try changing the resolution to a more suitable size, something that actually fits.

4. Plugin Issues

If the HTTP Error pops up after installing a new plugin, delete it. Certain Plugins can trigger the error.

5. Image Optimizer Plugin not configured properly or causing issues

If you have an Image Optimizer Plugin that isn’t configured properly, it could potentially trigger the HTML Error when uploading images in WordPress. Make sure your settings are correct, and if they are, try disabling the plugin.

6. Theme Problem

Try changing the theme of your website to a common, free WordPress theme and try. If you don’t encounter the error while using the default themes, the theme you were using has problems and you should consider either changing the theme or contacting the theme developers to fix the issue.

7. Incorrect File Path

Incorrect file paths for saving images can trigger the HTML error. Go to WordPress Settings, then Media, and take a look at what location are uploaded files stored at. It should be something like this – /home/username/public_html/wp-content/uploads If not, correct it.

8. Increase your PHP Memory

Insufficient PHP Memory can trigger the HTML Error while uploading images. Go to your wp-config.php file and add this code –

define (‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’64M’)

Your hosting provider may or may not allow you to increase the PHP limit, so talk to your hosting provider’s support in case they don’t allow it.

9. Outdated PHP version

Make sure your hosting provider is using the latest version of PHP, or at least more than PHP 5.2.4+


So there you have it, solutions to the HTTP error when uploading images. If you have another fix, let us know in the comments and we’ll add it to the list, with credits.

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