How to Test your laptop AC Power Adapter using Multimeter ?

If you are using a laptop then there are fair chances that you might face issues related with charging at some point in your life where you might encounter situations in which you need to verify whether there is an issue either with the DC Charging Jack of your laptop motherboard or with your laptop AC Power Adapter though there are rare chances of getting a motherboard defect as it is often observed that most of the charging issues are concerned with Poor or defective faulty laptop AC Power adapter but before you arrive on a conclusion it is better to first check your laptop ac power adapter using a multimeter which is quite easy and simple procedure instead of checking the whole motherboard internally.

Possible reasons why you need to test your laptop AC Power Adapter :

  • Your laptop is not charging properly facing regular issues.
  • Your laptop doesn’t boot directly with power adapter alone.

Pre-requirements :

  • A regular multimeter or voltmeter.
  • Laptop AC Power adapter that you want to test.

How to Test your laptop AC Power Adapter Using Multimeter – Proceed with given steps

Multimeter is a versatile tool which is widely used for testing electronic equipments or components with a little basic knowledge of electricity and related parts which makes it a must have tool for everyone that can save you a lot of money by manually checking the faulty component and replacing it with a new one.Most Surprisingly it is very inexpensive and useful tool to have.

  • Connect the Red Positive (+) wire and Black Negative (-) in the multimeter as shown below in the image.
  • Now Check your Laptop AC Power Adapter for its Voltage or Current Output values as shown below.

How to Test your laptop AC Power Adapter using Multimeter - Step 1

  • As the Voltage coming out of the charger is purely DC so set the Voltmeter voltage level to DC Side which is usually on the left side on multimeter for a value of 20V or above if your laptop charger is having 19.5 Volts as shown below.

How to Test your laptop AC Power Adapter using Multimeter - Step 2

  • Connect your laptop AC Power adapter to the mains AC Supply and switch on the Power button.
  • After successfully plugging the laptop charger Connect the Red probe or wire inside of the Charger point and Black probe to the outside of charging point.
  • Check the readings on your multimeter if it is around 19-20 Volts then your charging is perfectly fine else if there is no readings on your multimeter or readings fluctuate rapidly then it is an indication of faulty ac adapter.

How to Test your laptop AC Power Adapter using Multimeter- Step 3

Note – The Voltage readings on multimeter depends on the output voltage as provided by your laptop charger so first check the voltage values on your ac adapter and then compare it with your multimeter readings as discussed above

  • That’s all and you are all done.

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