Best Sites For Indian Stock Market Analysis 2016

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When you get employed and start earning money then it becomes very important that you start saving your hard earned money and get it deposited in a safe place like Banks but the actual problem with Banks is that you don’t get much Interest on your savings unless you create some sort of Fixed deposit account. Moreover in FD’s the rate of Interest for most of the Indian banks lies anywhere between 7-9% which is okay but not that good especially if you have big dreams or want to make more money. Therefore people who can take little bit of risk often move towards Investment in Stock Markets or Mutual Funds which are subject to market risk but the returns are quite higher even 50-60% annual returns if you are an experienced Investor or lucky to have purchased some good stocks. Check below for Best Sites For Indian Stock Market Analysis 2016.

Best Sites for Indian Stock Market Analysis 2016

Best Blogs for Indian Stock Market Analysis 2016 : The only problem with Investment money in Stock or Share market is that there is no guarantee that you will get a fixed return unlike in banks where they give your Fixed return of money if you Invest in FD’s. Therefore if you are beginner or new to stock market Investment then you shall first get your concepts clear regarding equity, share allotment, dividends etc. and start with Investing small amount of money and the best way to help yourself out is to follow Business news based channels like Zee business, TimesNow, CNBC TV18 read newspapers like Economic Times, Business Standard and most importantly follow Popular Stock Market Websites or Stock Market Blogs. So here below I have shared some of the Best Sites for Indian Stock Market Analysis 2016 that you can start following and thus reducing your losses.

Best Sites For Indian Stock Market Analysis 2016 | Best Blogs For Indian Stock Market Analysis

Currently there are lot of websites or blogs available online that share information regarding Indian Share market or Sensex live updates but the problem that customers often face is that which site to prefer or trust because Investment planning is a very critical part and no one want’s to get his hard earned money put on stake by Investing wrongly. Therefore it is highly recommended that whenever you read articles related to Finance, Money Savings or Investment planning you read it from trustworthy source or popular blogs which are in market for a very long time. So if you are an Invester then you might be looking for some trusted sites for Indian stock market analysis that can provide you with reliable stock tips, accurate fundamental analysis and Technical Analysis of stocks.

1 – Money Control

No matter whether you are new to stock market or an experienced Investor, Money control blog is a must follow if you want to get updated with all the latest Financial happenings and what’s going around the world market. Money control has everything from Financial Tips, Mutual Fund analysis, Daily Stock Buy/Sell updates, Updates regarding Commodities, Property and much more. You can Stock Fundamental and Technical analysis as well on Money control.

2 – Equity Master is yet another popular website for Indian share market analysis where you can get quote for every stock with it’s detailed analysis and Buy or Sell recommendation. Track performance of stocks on the basis of Sector i.e. FMCG, IT, Banking etc. Most importantly Equity Master has a learning platform to improve your understanding of stock market or stock technical analysis etc.

Best Sites for Indian Stock Market Analysis 2016 - Equitymaster

3 – Google Finance

Not too many know about Google’s own financial website that has information about almost every stock and that too across World markets viz Shanghai, Sensex, Nikkei 225 etc. I even got to know about Google Finance when I was attending a Stock Technical Analysis from ICICIDIRECT initiative. Though it requires you to first have complete understanding about What is Technical analysis, what are the different type of Technical indicators and how to apply these technical indicators on different stocks for their accurate analysis.

Best Sites for Indian Stock Market Analysis 2016 - Google Finance

4 – India Infoline

Indiainfoline is a very good website for analyzing stock performance, peer analysis and technical analysis for future stock value predictions. It shows you detailed description about each stock quote like Stock holding, Historical Data, Peer Comparison, Sector Performance, Technical indicators and much more. Decent website for a quick analysis of any Indian Sensex stock.

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