EVGA’s behemoth of a 2200W PSU can power 7x GTX 1080 Ti GPUs – Crypto Miners Dream!

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EVGA has just showcased it’s new SuperNova 2200 P2 Power Supply at CES 2018, featuring monstrous amounts of wattage and high efficiency with a rating of 80 Plus Platinum. EVGA was telling people at CES 2018 that its new power supply can power up to SEVEN GTX 1080 Ti GPUs. With proper multi GPU SLI Scaling (usage of multiple GPUs to run games), you could run anything you please at 8K Resolution, Ultra Settings.

It’s not supported by American & Canadian Household Outlets, as it requires a 220V Outlet. If you are from a country which uses 120V Power Outlets, you’ll have to use a Step Up Transformer like the ACUPWR Transformers. These can be bought from Amazon here. What these transformers do is convert 110-120V Range Power Outlets to 220-240 and vice versa, at a flick of the switch.

Specifications & its use?

Checking the Specification Label on the EVGA SuperNova 2200 P2 PSU reveals that it has a total of 188.3A of output on the +12V Rail, and 24A on the two +3.3V & +5V Rails. It takes an of 200-240V. This amount of power is so monstrous that it will easily run 7x GTX 1080 Ti GPUs. Its TDP is 250W, so 7 x 250 = 1750W which is well below the 2200W rating of this PSU. In terms of efficiency, the PSU offers 80 Plus Platinum Certified Rating which is top of the line, promising extremely efficient energy use. The SuperNova 2200 P2 also features a fully modular design, with lots of PCI-E 8 pin connectors which miners will appreciate. It has an industrial look giving it a sleek finish as well.

But why such monstrous amounts of power in a power supply? Gamers probably won’t be using it, because you can’t actually pair up 7x GTX 1080 Ti’s in SLI to play games. It seems that EVGA had cryptocurrency miners in mind while making in power supply. Miners require high-efficiency power supply units and a lot use multiple power supplies to supply power to their multi-GPU setups, but with the EVGA 2200 P2 2200W PSU they will be able to supply power to their GPUs with the lesser amount of power supplies, sometimes even one if their mining setup is not that big.

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