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There are cases when our download’s stuck in middle at nowhere while using Internet download manager or some other downloading manager but here we are going to talk about only IDM incomplete downloaded files. What is more disappointing is when the downloads stuck at 99% and IDM doesn’t allow to resume those incomplete downloaded files leading to frustration as well as internet data wastage. Going for redownloading the whole file from scratch doesn’t sound well so if you are having the same issue where you are stuck at 90% or above that there is always a hope for playing those IDM incomplete files and that’s what we are here going to try out. So just follow the below given step by step tutorial on How to play IDM incomplete files from IDM incomplete file location.

How to Play IDM Incomplete Files : IDM Incomplete File Location

  • Open RUN Command box by pressing Windows + R Key and type %appdata% as shown below in the screen shot.

Play IDM Incomplete files

  • Hit Enter after which you will be navigate to the directory C:/Users/USERNAME/AppData/Roaming
    • Here search for the folder with name as IDM and then open DwnlData Folder -> Then folder with the User Name
  • Here you will see lots of folder each for a specific file that has download entry in IDM Dashboard.
  • Just find the appropriate folder containing the file that you wish to play and it may happen that you may find the file broken into multiple files as IDM breaks the file while downloading and joins them together into single one after full completion but yeah you may also found a single file because some websites doesn’t allowing break up of files.
  • That’s it just leave the log text file behind and try to run your desired incomplete video or audio files using VLC media player and hope fully you will be able to buffer those incomplete audio or incomplete video files.

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