How to Fix Slow Keyboard response in Ubuntu : Key Delays

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Ubuntu is basically a open source software platform that has become quite popular in all the new laptop models reducing the overall cost of the laptops as the customer’s don’t need to go through the old compulsion of buying genuine windows along with a laptop thus saving few bucks. Apart from these ubuntu is also used by thousands of developers for testing and development purpose. I have also ubuntu on my friend’s hp laptop and my overall experience was both good and bad. First of all it was quite difficult to work on ubuntu as i am quite used to the Microsoft windows but later on i enjoyed using ubuntu and is quite fast and doesn’t get affected from viruses etc easily. During my usage what i found was that earlier my keyboard keys response was very fast and good but later on i started facing poor or slow keyboard reponse or you can say propagation delay between key stroke’s and the result on screen thererfore i started searching about the issue over internet and i did found some good results and information which i thought of sharing here so as to help all those users who are also having a difficult time adjusting to ubuntu and facing slow keyboard reponse in ubuntu. So just read the following given instructions and follow them properly in order to fix delayed keyboard response in ubuntu.

How to fix Slow Keyboard response in Ubuntu : Key Delays Fix

What is more interesting to know here is that this issue has nothing to do with your device hardware rather it arises because of internal ubuntu settings and has become quite common these days. What actually happens in this case is that you have to keep press and hold the key for about a second in order to make them work. Also the behaviour is common for all the keys except for three keys namely Numlock, Capslock and Scroll lock which clearly indicates that there’s no hardware issue within your system. Follow the below given instructions on how to fix slow keyboard response in ubuntu or keyboard key press delay.

What is the reason for Key delays in Ubuntu ?

The most common reason for key delays in ubuntu is the introduction of Slow keys enable/disable feature which gets enabled by holding SHIFT KEY for more than 8 seconds. So usually this becomes the reason for slow keyboard responses in Ubuntu which can be easily fixed and therefore you can follow the below given instructions.

How to fix Key delays in Ubuntu : Slow keyboard response in Ubuntu – Steps to Follow

  • Go to your Ubuntu system settings by clicking the gear icon on your ubuntu desktop menu.
  • Here Under System settings -> Go to Universal Access as shown below in the screen shot.

How to fix Slow Keyboard response in Ubuntu - 1

  • Here Under Universal access -> Navigate to the Typing tab -> Here you can check your Slow keys settings and set them accordingly.

How to fix Slow Keyboard response in Ubuntu - 2

  • That’s it and now you will no longer have the same delayed keyboard response issue in Ubuntu. This method works for all ubuntu versions Ubuntu 13, Ubuntu 14etc

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