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*Well I would like to make it clear this is not a paid or sponsored review. I am just sharing my live experience with Squidix Hosting after trying out all the popular web hosting companies i.e Bigrock, Hostgator, GoDaddy, Bluehost VPS and Dreamhost as well. So checkout below my own personal Squidix Review.

My Personal Experience with Other Web Hosting Companies :

I initially started my blog 2 years ago with a simple shared hosting plan from Bigrock India hosting which was doing quite well in the starting days and it carried on doing for around 8-10 months until the my blog started receiving good amount of traffic. Most disappointing situation was that one day around midnight they suddenly suspended my blog from their server without any prior notifications or anything else but luckily I was online at that moment so I immediately reported about this but still I had to wait for approximately 12hrs before the site went live again which finally led me to discontinue the services of Bigrock.

*Though I understand that it is not possible to handle large amount of traffic on shared web hosting but suspending the site without any notifications is really a big mistake that can’t be ignored and everyone should take care of their blog if they are hosted on Bigrock because you never when you too get hit by the surprising suspension of your website.

Present scenario of Bigrock India is still not that good with very pathetic technical support and poor servers so unless you are trying to make a static website it’s my strong recommendation to avoid Bigrock not matter for how cheap you get their services.

After Bigrock I moved to Bluehost VPS Server after checking their good reviews over different popular websites. I can’t comment whether they are paid reviews or not but after trying out Bluehost VPS of year I do believe that most of them are paid reviews. Bluehost support is though very much better than most of the hosting companies thanks to their 24/7 live chat support. The disappointing fact about using Bluehost VPS hosting was their frequent downtime and that can span for anywhere around 4hrs-18hrs. I have experienced numerous downtimes of 4hrs, 8hrs and most dissapointing one that was around 20hrs. The problem about these downtimes is that you lose all the effort that you have invested in building traffic on your blog. Moreover you can understand if that’s the state of Bluehost VPS then what would be the state of their shared hosting plans. I doubt they should change their 99.99% uptime guarantee terms. Even if you demand for compensation in terms of free one month renewal or etc offers they will deny upfront.

Regarding to Hostgator, Dreamhost and Godaddy they are also not that good if I share my experience of shared hosting on their servers. Even if your site is not having any traffic you may experience site loading issues because of poor shared server configuration.

*Site loading speed and Site Uptime are one of the key factors that affect Google Search engine rankings so if you are passionate about your blog it is important that you should switch to some reliable web hosting company and I have found out Squidix Web hosting is just the right company. Read below about Squidix Review.

Squidix Review Personal Experience : No Paid / No Sponsored Review

I came across Squidix Web Hosting Company from Crunchify.com who had shared the same experience with other hosting companies and later on moved to Squidix Web hosting and the results were amazing as I found out from talking personally with Cruncify.com Admin after which I decided to move my 2 years old blog to Squidix Web hosting.

So I submitted an online query at Squidix.com to assist me in getting the best hosting plan as per my site needs and thanks to the Sam Barrow, CEO of Squidix Web hosting Company who provided me with Semi Dedicated Server plan for just 40$ per month and that too offering free site transfer facility. What I liked about the Squidix Web hosting is all their staff from CEO to other support memebers everyone is very much co-operative and ready to help you in best possible manner. As of now I have come across Sam Barrow and Lawrence Wright who are quite amazing persons with a very strong technical background of site and server maintenance. So as far as they are there you don’t need to worry anything about your website.

I am also using Squidix Shared Web hosting plan for my other niche blogs which costs me only 5$ per month and their performance is just liked that of VPS or Semi-dedicated servers very fast site loading and response time. Moreover no matter which hosting plan you opt for they will provide you with free migration services.

Also I have never seen a company as transparent as Squidix Web hosting as they can show you their server Up time status graphs if you wish to check them or are having any doubts regarding their server Up time. Below I am sharing you with a screenshot of their Server Uptime proof.

Squidix Shared Hosting Server Graphs

Squidix Review

*I know it’s quite difficult to make a move to switch your entire website to a new hosting provider but you shouldn’t worry about all this while moving to Squidix as it’s been in this been since 2009 and is currently hosting thousands of websites with happy customers.

So If you are looking to move your website to a new host then I strongly advise you to give Squidix Web hosting once chance and I bet you won’t be disappointed.They offer the trial plan also if you are very much concerned about their servers.

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  1. Hello Pankaj,

    I came across your site by mistake and liked it. Of course I am not a techno savy like you and I read that you use SQUIDIX HOSTING FROM USA as your web host.

    I do not know much about web hosting. Pl guide me if I shd go for SQUIDIX and ask them to do web hosting for me.

    Awaiting your favourable reply



    1. You should definitely go for SQUIDIX Hosting…You can use the live chat option and they will arrange proper web hosting account for you….


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