LeEco Phones – Common Problems and Fixes

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At an event in New Delhi, LeEco launched their smartphone LeEco Le1s with a price tag of Rs.10,999. Already, the launch of the phone was seen in China in the month of November. It comes with the Helio X10 Turbo processor that offers an enhanced gaming and multimedia experience. Having a 13 megapixel camera, Le1s comes with ISOCELL and blue glass infrared filter. It is also known to sport the fastest fingerprint recognition technology in the world. The most outstanding feature of this phone is its type-C port that enables fast charging.


Some common problems faced by LeEco Phones – Check Below How to Fix LeEco Phone Issues

After the launch, the company got millions of orders from customers owing to the enhanced features that the phones carried. However, the issues are quite irritating for the users. Some of them don’t have easy and quick solutions. So we bring to you some common problems and fixes of the phone.

Issue 1- Overheating Issue

This is a very common problem faced by majority of the users. Mostly it is seen in all devices. This arises when games are played for long, several apps are used simultaneously and videos are watched for long. This damages the internal hardware of the phone.

Fix– All you need is restarting the Android phone and waiting for few minutes till the temperature drops. Try to install some helpful apps such as Battery temperature Guard as well as Cool Down Phone. They would definitely help in keeping the temperature low and would maintain it.

Issue 2- App Crash problems

Many users face app crash issues. This is mainly due to using several apps at once.  The below fix can definitely help in solving the problem:

Fix– Do not use many apps simultaneously. If the problem still persists, go to Application Manager in settings and get the data and cache cleared.

Issue 3 – Whatsapp Font and Freeze problem

Majority of users complain about font and freeze problem in Whatsapp Messenger. Complete text is not visible when they use Whatsapp. Some text misses out and this is definitely quite irritating. Some also complain about Whatsapp Freeze issues.

Fix – If font issue is being faced, then font size must be reduced in Whatsapp Settings. For doing so go to Settings > Chats and Calls > Font Size. Then opt for ‘Small’ option.

Issue 4 – Wi-Fi Bug / WiFi Connectivity Issue

Some users complain of having a Wi-Fi bug in the smartphone. The bug is quite irritating and nasty.

Fix –The phone must be switched to Flight mode. Then after some time, get it turned to normal mode. After that, get the Android device restarted. If the problem is still existing, custom experimental ROM must be installed.

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