SSD VS HDD : Head to Head Comparison

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We all are aware of HDD (Hard disk) that is used as a storage media for storing valuable data . SSD known for Solid state Drives works in the similar way as the hard disk used for storing the data but with greater accessing Read and Write speeds as compared to HDD. SSDs amazing speed and performance can put any other HDD’s on shame in the all aspects. SSD not only transfers the data at very high speed but also reduces the booting time of computer by faster accessing of the files. Recently SSD drives are found in the Ultrabooks used as primary media for the storage of Windows files in order to reduce the booting speed and increasing the performance of windows . Ultrabooks uses combination of both SSD and HDD where SSD used for booting purposes and HDD used for storing the data . SSD’s are the new revolution in the field of Storage media . SSD can significantly raise the performance of any computer with its superior reliability and Read/Write Speeds. After the release of SSD still HDD is the market leader and will remain for next few years because of their high prices as compared to the Hard disk price . You have to pay a lot of money for small capacity SSD’s . Generally SSD’s are available in different capacities like 64 GB,128 GB,256 GB,512 GB and even 1TB.1 TB is too much expensive and out of range for average buyers . If you are concerned with data transfer speeds and faster accessing then SSD’s is the best choice for you . You will notice an immense increase in data transfer speed and computer performance .

Difference Between SSD and HDD :

  • The major difference between HDD and SSD is that HDD uses spinning discs in order to read and write data magnetically whereas SSD uses totally a different mechanism. In SSD memory is not moved from place to place instead of this it uses NAND Flash memory (It is a special type of non volatile memory that does not require any power to retain its data ) technology for read and write data.
  • Faster booting time loads in seconds as compared to hard disks that used to take a lot more time .
  • SSD’s are available upto 1TB atmost capacity whereas HDD is availabe in 2TB , 3TB and much more.
  • SSD’s are way too expensive as compared to HDD which are very reasonably priced. You have to pay around 250$ for 256 GB SSD capacity which is too much expensive.
  • SSD’s dont care where the data is stored in memory or scattered anywhere unlike the HDD that used to fragment the data.
  • SSD’s have very high durability they can withstand high damaging effects ( ex. Drop from big heights) because it has no moving parts  unlike the HDD.
  • SSD’s are very compact and thin  available in 2.5 inches and can be easily carried from one place to another
  • SSD’s works very silently with no Noise effects whereas HDD tend to create a lot of noise.
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