How to Increase SITI Broadband Internet Speed : Best Ways

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How to Increase SITI Broadband Internet Speed : SITI Broadband claims to provide good Internet speed to its subscribers at the time of installation. But, when you test the actual the speed of your SITI Broadband, you will be surprised find out the actual speed which would be way slower than claimed by your ISP. Nevertheless, this is not something only about SITI broadband, because almost every India ISP service providers do this while attracting the customers. Fortunately, if you are facing the slow internet speed from your ISP, here is how to increase SITI Broadband internet speed using the below given steps. Even if you are not a SITI broadband user, then also you can make use of these little workarounds and tricks to increase Internet speed. Follow below given methods to learn How to Increase SITI Broadband Internet Speed.

How to Increase SITI Broadband Internet Speed : Best Ways

Before you proceed, make sure that you are not misinformed about the speed of your Internet connection.  For example if your ISP has promised 2.5 Mbps speed then you should get around 250 KBps. That’s right, 1 kbps = 1 kilo bits per second and not 1 kilo bytes per second. Still if you are not satisfied with the speed you are getting try any of or all the below given methods to increase your internet speed. However, do note that there is no way you could increase your internet speed to more than  allocated by your ISP. But, these tricks will help you to utilize your internet speed to the fullest.

Test your Current Internet Speed 

Yes, before you try below given tricks and tips, make sure to note down your current internet speed using any good internet speed tester. Use any service like

Method 1: Use 100% of your SITI Broadband Bandwidth 

The first and the most effective tip would be to check whether you are using the 100% of your broadband bandwidth. By default Windows holds 20% of your bandwidth for system requirement including Windows update. So, if you can stop all these services you can surely get your internet connection boosted.

To do this, Press Windows Key + R to bring up the run Window. Or search Run in Windows search bar and open it. In Run window, type in gpedit.msc and hit enter.Under Group Policy window, open Computer Configuration > Administrative Template > Network > QoS Packet Scheduler > Limit Reservable Bandwidth  > click on Enable and type in 0. Once done click OK to save the settings.

How to Increase SITI Broadband Internet Speed

Method 2: Change your DNS Server Settings

At times slow DNS server can also cause slow internet connection. Now to resolve this, you can use any public DNS server like and The aforementioned is Google’s public DNS which you can use for almost any DNS server. You can change the DNS server either from IPv4 protocol settings or use any DNS software like DNS Jumper.

How to Increase SITI Broadband Internet Speed

Method 3: Use IDM (Internet Downloading Manager)

If you can browse at decent speed, but are facing slow speed while downloading then you should opt for any good Internet download manager. We would recommend IDM (Internet Download Manager) over any other Download Manager at any time. IDM allows you to download contents with better speed by downloading it in several parts at a time.

Method 4: Check if any updates are running in the background

If you have bought a new PC or laptop and are facing slow Internet speed, then the possibility is that Windows is updating essential updates in the background which would definitely decrease your Internet speed. Any such program which can decrease your internet speed is Anti Virus program. They are tend to reduce your internet speed when being updated. So by following the above given methods you can try to increase your SITI broadband internet speed.

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